September 25, 2007

Women Everywhere

IN CONVERSATION with friends, one often comes across differing views about the state (or status) of women in India vis-a-vis other countries. These range from the slightly disturbing optimism of “the west has won its battles” to the even more disturbing “why should we complain; we don’t have it as bad as some others”. This sort of comparison can be debilitating for the movement. The point is not whether or not some women have it worse than us and how. The point is that women everywhere face different sorts of siege, struggle, censure and confinement for no other reason than the fact that they are women.

The forces that stunt or stymie our growth and sometimes, threaten our very survival, care little about age, body type, class, location and income group. For them, we are defined by our womanhood, and this definition is not to our advantage. The names and faces change from story to story — the overarching principles do not. How the specifics fit into the larger scheme of things is amply evident at the 45th Carnival of Feminists, now up at Feminist Philosophers. It’s a great way to start understanding some of the issues women are facing across the world. Go read.

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3 comments to Women Everywhere

  • Anon


    Just a suggestion for this site. I appreciate the essays that are being put up by the contributors. They’re very informative and cover a wide range of interesting issues.

    However, I don’t think the essay format is very effective for a blog. Even with my interest in these issues, I find myself skimming through the posts and tiring of the really lengthy ones. So I’m sure the essay format would discourage those readers who are just beginning to explore such issues. And you do want to attract such readers, right? No point preaching to the choir.

    I notice that your posts are much more readable, while the essays by guest contributors are most unmanageable ..perhaps because they are unfamiliar with blogging.

    May I suggest that you split the lengthy essays so readers have time to chew the ideas over? Split the essay into 2 halves, or even further into a series if necessary.

  • @Anon
    Thank you for your feedback and your suggestion. Really appreciate it. Yes, we will keep this in mind and aim to strike a better balance.

  • Allison

    Hi, i was wondering how womens status has changed in India over the years. like i know you mentioned the “west” and how we women have won our battles, which is so true, but what kind of things have the women in India won? i am so interested in this subject, and i don’t mean to offend anyone.
    Women in America have gotten their rights to just about everything, and even though sometimes they seem out of control, i love the rights we have. But i was also wondering how it would feel like to live in another country where tradition and religion are stronger, and how i would like it. So any information from you guys would greatly be appreciated, Thank you : )

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