September 06, 2007

Striking Back

THIS ARTICLE in the Guardian has some important lessons for us in India as well. Bidisha, a novelist and art critic living in London, decided to confront harassment instead of adopting the usual mealy-mouthed approach.


September 06, 2007

Laugh A Big Laugh For Me

Smile. Ah! A little more and then, yes, a somewhat twisted smile and then…just a small laugh…a sound, almost the tinkle of a bell heard far away. Yes, that’s the way most women laugh (or pretend to) in the company of men making lewd jokes or ridiculing someone. This is particularly true of women […]

September 05, 2007

Shylaja Praveen: When Despair Replaces Anger

AT 24, Shylaja Praveen’s life was ahead of her — an untrammeled space to be explored, full of possibilities and promise. That’s not quite how it turned out though. Shylaja committed suicide last month, allegedly driven to despair by continual sexual harassment by the regional head of ING Vysya Financial Services in Bangalore where she […]

September 04, 2007

Why ‘Young Feminists’?

IN CONVERSATIONS among feminists, the unspoken question is usually palpable. The conversation seeks a defining moment like the Mathura rape or similar such rallying points of the 70s and the early 80s. It assumes understanding. It demands history. It seeks common experiences and some long-ago but much cherished bonhomie and much remembered arguments. And then, […]

September 02, 2007

Remembering Siddamma

IT WAS ONE OF those rainy days at Yarakana Gadde Poodu, a cluster of houses near BR Hills in Chamarajnagar district of Karnataka. One could hope to meet Jalle Siddamma only on such rainy days when she did not go into the forest and nobody came in search of her. I made my way to […]

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