April 21, 2008

Mixing It Up

ABOUT A MONTH back, we had an editorial meeting. Which is to say that the three of us sat around over chai and rusk at the HHS office and talked about UV, feminism, being women and other such. We took some decisions and tentatively started implementing them. Then some time back, we were approached by someone writing a book on international public relations who wanted to feature UV. Also, noted feminist writer Ammu Joseph informed me that she has written an article for Verve in which she has talked about UV — all good news that I was keen to share with you. This also gave me the impetus to share some of the changes that we’re hoping to make around here.

In a nutshell, we want UV to be more flexible and more varied — shorter pieces along with the long ones, the simple and direct alongside the complex, academic articles alongside pop culture, detailed info and brief vignettes. We know many of you enjoy the essay-type articles that have dominated the site so far, but we think it would be nice (and wise) to mix it up a bit. Over the last ten months, you may have become used to seeing a certain kind of post on UV. Be prepared for more motley colours.

The other thing that we talked about is that none of us have arrived at rigid destinations as feminists. There are questions, moments of indecision, the unfixed, the unsure, the unstill points. From now on, we hope to voice more of that on UV. What this also possibly means is more dissension. This is perfectly okay. We are not a school choir. We don’t need to sing in harmony all the time. Please feel free to argue. But please be respectful while doing so.

And if you have ideas that you want to share or would like to become a regular / guest contributor, write to me.

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