June 29, 2008

‘Feminism Remixed’

AN UV UPDATE: Ammu Joseph challenges the notion that feminism is passé on Verve and talks about UV in her story…

The ongoing change is evident in India, too. Take, for example, Ultra Violet, a blog initiated last year by young feminists across the country wishing to express themselves on a wide range of ‘issues, challenges, and triumphs’ relating to women today. According to them, ‘Ultra Violet provides a place to explore and understand the ways in which young women in India are challenging, negotiating and transforming unequal power struc–tures. It is also a space to celebrate women’s histories, wisdom, creativity, laughter and love for life.’ (http://youngfeminists.word press.com for interested readers).

The feisty young women make it very clear that theirs is a feminist blog and not ‘just another space for women.’ ‘Feminism is a much misunderstood and maligned word,’ they explain. ‘Over the years, its true meaning — the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of sexual equality — has been distorted and defiled by many. This blog is both a reclaiming of the term and a clarification of what it means to us, today.’ The fact that women coming of age in the new millennium wish to reclaim feminism and make it their own is, I think, a fairly clear sign that it is alive, kicking and, more importantly, evolving. It certainly contradicts the common assumption that young women have no time or use for feminism.

5 comments to ‘Feminism Remixed’

  • Dilnavaz Bamboat

    Yay us! 😀

  • High Priestess

    Feminism passe?

    In which country?

    Certainly not India!

    India has not yet even had a widespread, influential, cohesive feminist movement, therefore how could it have become “passe” before it has even taken birth?!

    Indians read to many American and British centered magazines, books, newspapers and websites. Yeah, feminism may be passe there, but in India it has yet to truly get off the ground.

    Even now Indian Feminism is still like a fetus in the womb, being created and formed, yet still more time is needed before she takes birth.

  • We should be very proud of ourselves and our efforts for this site!

    High Priestess, I’d have to say that feminism isn’t passe in the US or UK either, despite the media claims to the contrary! As long as issues pertaining to women’s inequalities remain, so too will the desire to change them…

  • “Indians read to many American and British centered magazines, books, newspapers and websites. Yeah, feminism may be passe there…”

    you have to get some better reading material. who says feminism is passe in America? read my blog and the others that I link to…one of which is this blog.

  • equal or different? the question posed by french feminist Luce Irigaray leads feminisms to yet another schism- the essentialists and the anti-essentialists.

    when people talk of feminism as passe they are probably looking at feminism from an anti-essentialisy point of view. and if that be so…feminism beter be passe.

    women today are no more revolving around the male-centered universe stuggling to make their place in the all-men world. they are no more looking for a ‘room of their own’.women are no more fighting for “equality”. but have instead learned to celebrate the difference that makes them who they are. feminism is no more a fight for liberation from a system of male centred values and beliefs but a discovery of a unique female identity.

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