August 27, 2008

It’s A Birthday…!

ULTRA VIOLET completes a year today. 70 posts over 12 months. In the last year, UV has had  16 women writing about what it means to be a woman in India today. What affects us, what makes us angry, what moves us or devastates us — and what leaves us cold. There have been posts on identity and destination, sexuality and marriage and motherhood, caste, land, politics and education, religion, taxes, law, sexual harassment, morality and a myriad other aspects related to the way we view and live our womanhood.

And you, dear readers, have been wholly responsible for this being more than a couple of straggly, disjointed posts on what feminism means. Your enthusiasm has heartened. Your challenges have goaded. Your questions have made us think. Most of all, just by coming back, by bookmarking, by linking, you have made us feel like we must keep this going. Because somebody is reading. Thank you for making this a space that is alive and vibrant. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Today, we want to know what you think. Bouquets. brickbats. Comments. Suggestions. What you like. What you hate. What you want to see more of. Bring it on.

And yes, don’t forget to wish us. 🙂

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