February 12, 2009

Saturday: Protest in Bangalore


Date: Saturday, February 14, 2009
Time: 12:00pm – 2:00pm
Location: Mahatma Gandhi Statue on MG Road at 12 o’clock. We will walk through MG road and Brigade road

The recent incidents of fundamentalist violence in many parts of Karnataka has led to the curbing of freedoms of common people. One of the point of attacks has been to curb the right of people to have friends and lovers across communities. A fixed and divisive idea of Indian culture is being thrust upon us. While we resist this violence, we also need to clearly state that we see love as a basic human right which must be defended from attack by fundamentalists of all hues.

The idea of love which cuts across all boundaries, is part of every culture around the globe. The stories of Heer – Ranjha, Nala – Damayanti, Dushyanta – Shakuntale, Krishna, Rukmini, Romeo-Juliet and even John and Abhishek in Dostana are some among the many!

It is time for us to send a strong message to those who say that the ‘right to love’ is not part of our culture. They speak from a position of ignorance of a rich history of Love which is an integral part of our culture.

Please Join us to celebrate this precious right. Lets stand in solidarity and strengthen the choices and lives of those who love…. unabashedly.

Lets come together to celebrate love and send a message to those who propagate hate.

All you need to do is wear something RED OR PINK and meet us at Mahatma Gandhi Statue on MG Road at 12 o’clock. We will walk through MG road and Brigade road. If you don’t catch us at the Gandhi Statue look for us, we’ll be painting the town red… and pink. Join us with friends, family and lovers!

Time: 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM

Date: Valentine’s Day, 14th February, 2009.

For further details contact:

9448043941 Jagadeesh

9886182458 Ponni

9980010933 Arvind

3 comments to Saturday: Protest in Bangalore

  • Nice movement, truly appreciate. I’m not from your city or else would have joined you. good luck with your efforts

  • Raakin

    On that day in Mangalore not only women but even men were
    beaten up,but media was more intrstd in showing only women
    being beaten.i personally met a victim(a guy called
    suresh),he was the most severely wounded among the
    victims.That too some scratches on his right hand and a
    small wound in his back.This incident shows how the media is
    controlled by christians and this issue is used to cover up
    the conversion activities taking place in mangalore and
    whole of India.Renuka a christian puppet.
    This just clears the point that media is a controlled by congress party and the missionaries,because such an issue is raised so high only due to the attacks on church in mangalore recently(no one cares about the harrassment and mental truama that christian missionaries give to a person whom they intend to convert)(i have tasted it),christians are cunning people,they are shameless loosers,they have always lost but never admitted to it,they have lost to islam before but used the media to cover it(Islam will defeat the loosers again)
    Cunning christians use this issue to cover the conversion issue.

  • Kiran

    HI ,i am Kiran.why v pple dont support hijras r they not human beings,v should not hurt them they r also like us they also have heart ,they also get pain.

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