July 29, 2009

Two Poems

Silk or the reason for my madness

here’s the reason for my madness -chef emeril, food network

The world is changing for me opening up unravelling like the strings of a cocoon silk smooth silk I had tied around myself

covered myself with like a shell of bees and guzzling honey from my soul smooth […]

July 21, 2009


That girl at twenty-

her black hair ripples

through the comb

in the pride of spring —

such beauty!

(sono ko hatachi kushini nagaruru kurokami no

ogori no haru no utsukushiki kana)

– Yosano Akiko, Midaregami: The Poetry of Yosano Akiko, 1952.

2005. THE L’OREAL SALON in Chennai. I was at the […]

July 17, 2009

Wishes For A Woman

ACCORDING TO THE calendar Parsis follow, today is my birthday. It is an event only family and very close friends know about, the more popular occasion being my date of birth next weekend. Of the seven people who wished me a Happy Birthday today, four followed it up with blessings for a good sasroo, […]

July 16, 2009

Instant Divorces

LATELY, I SEEM TO BE hearing a lot about the break-up of marriages and subsequent divorces. There was the Hiphop Grandmom writing on incompatible alliances and how they’ve led to the breakdown of marriages. Then, today, over at the F Word Blog, I read a piece on how British Tory party members want a […]

July 14, 2009

How to Conduct A Wedding

WITHOUT BEING hyperbolic, let me just say that this nearly made me upchuck my morning tea. The BJP government in Madhya Pradesh subjected 151 women to ‘virginity tests’. The women were to be part of a mass marriage scheme in Shadol near Bhopal. To avoid ‘complications’, the state government saw it fit to conduct […]

July 09, 2009

Laughable Loos

July 06, 2009

Markers of marriage

RECENTLY, I PARTICIPATED in the launch function of a documentary film Pottu about the hardships and social humiliation faced by widows and deserted women in Tamil Nadu. Produced by the Kalangarai Trust which works among the widows in the southern district of Nagappattinam (particularly in Vedaranyam, Sirkaali and Poompuhaar), the 50-minute documentary attempts […]

July 03, 2009

One Step Forward…

…AND ANOTHER ONE BACK. While the decriminalization of consensual gay sex is indeed a victory for those rooting for orientation-equality (refer to this news item), constricted notions of propriety continue to be imposed on basic choices deemed even remotely threatening to social fabric. A case in point being denim. I kid you not. Jeans, […]

July 02, 2009


“We shall disallow travel and the mingling of songs”—this line from Jeet Thayil’s poem ‘Rules for Citizens’ makes me think about the Gay Pride Parade. Because travel is of so many kinds, much of it disallowed. At this year’s Bangalore Pride on Sunday, there was much mingling of songs as […]

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