July 09, 2009

Laughable Loos


3 comments to Laughable Loos

  • Dilnavaz Bamboat

    Funny at first glance. 🙂 So what was the rationale behind the gender segregation?

  • Rakhi Pande

    The management at this company was all male :). Also, its pretty common for all companies to have a separate (read mostly cleaner) loo for management as opposed to the staff common one. Am sure it was just consideration on their behalf to provide an exclusive one for ladies! No conspiracy here 🙂 but it sure did confuse me at first glance. I did take a quick peek into “Management” only to realize it was exclusively for men. Pause for satirical afterthought?

  • ak

    Why dont you shout in front of railway ministry and civil aviation ministry to provide separate loo for you in trains and plane respectively?

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