May 25, 2010

Hyper Links

  • The first all-women community radio in Asia is run by 5000 Dalit women from 75 villages,
  • a train campaign to spread awareness about the reservation bill
  • and the UNFPA-Laadli Awards were given recently to 14 gender crusaders
  • a story on the rising use of emergency contraceptives:
  • Used right, ECP is an empowering tool allowing women more control over their reproductive lives, says Dr Kar. Therefore, they need to be made available over the counter, doctors say. Yet, awareness of the dangers of excessive and indiscriminate use of ECPs must be stepped up significantly, says Velankar, the health activist. And this necessarily extends to consumers, particularly youth, and even drug store owners.

  • Ammu Joseph on the muck-raking around Sunanda Pushkar
  • a young feminist weighs in on how she does care in RHRealityCheck

    For once, I think older feminists who criticize our generation and make it seem like we don’t care should take a good look at the activists that they see on television, blogs, and running the rallies. They are twenty-somethings who believe in this movement and the change that can happen when we band together for women’s rights; we are here, they just need to pay attention.

  • and Heather Corrina on communication and sex.

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