August 31, 2010

Empowerment begins at home?

THE RECENT Michael Arrington post on why women mustn’t blame men for their lower numbers in technology is eliciting reactions, fast and furious. While I don’t think Arrington’s tone helps, I am not going to get into the subject here. Instead, I’d like to refer you to Shefaly Yogendra’s excellent post, “Women in tech: […]

August 26, 2010

The weight of silence

Your scarf spoke nine tongues. I failed to know the purpose, seek the language of splinters, shards, lazy salsas. I thought the skies bowed to you even as they turned mauve. Awe filled my lungs, I breathed. Shards slow danced, I felt your smile. It smelt of something else. Your ducking shadows traded with […]

August 13, 2010

On Roman Polanski

ROMAN POLANSKI is a free man. The Swiss government refused to extradite him to the US. Does a crime committed by an Oscar winning director cease to be a crime? Should Roman Polanski be treated any differently because he is the director of The Pianist? Does the fact that he raped and sodomized […]

August 04, 2010


He always snips off ends. My tranquil ends, fins deep asleep. Hair is frond. Hair is leech. Hair is auction. Hair is lintel. Hair is traffic, sigh, umbrella butt. Gaya, Kashi, Vrindavan. Coconut-flesh scalps, a manifesto. “Boy’s cut.”

He always snips off ends. Antennae of lust, tendrils of moist defeat. Hair is vial. […]

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