March 12, 2011

Hits & Missus

SO. LOOKIT WHAT WE HAVE HERE. A telly serial about a man who a) goes bazaaring, b) dons an apron and cooks the produce he buys, and c) does it all with a big smug grin, thus calling for a neat cross through his “Mister” title and the bestowal of  “Mrs.”

It launched in Mumbai on January 31st this year and the promos, featuring a neighborhood and the man’s wife dancing around his pasty, grinning self as he lugged shopping bags full of greens, had me e-hunting grind guards for my teeth.

I must admit, I never did get around to actually watching the serial since I was in the middle of a big move. I don’t get the channel where I live now, but if anyone out there has been following it, please share an update. Wheee, spiking blood pressure, such fun!

And just by the by, the next time you compliment a chef, you must say “Thank you, Lady, that was delicious.” Never mind his anatomy. Only women shop for ingredients and cook. What, you didn’t you know that? See, now that’s why we need Sab TV. Followed by trusty nebivolol tablets. And a string of meditation beads.


3 comments to Hits & Missus

  • preeti pratishruti

    that is exactly how i felt when i came home for the holidays to see my family watching this serial. also, one may see how men suffer through such stereotyping- a man who stays back at home while his wife goes out to work and cooks for the family is not ‘man enough’ so he can’t be called mr. but only mrs.!! i do not understand who comes up with these peculiar ideas without any regard to the impact that such shows may have on the lives of little boys and girls and how it will shape their ideas about doing household chores, sharing of responsibilities at home, etc.

  • Mockery is a powerful tool. I haven’t seen this TV serial but that ad is nauseating enough. Mockery can be tackled with mockery. I once held a contest for JKG badges (Joru Ka Gulaam Badges) to counter just such taunts, that might make many men feel there’s something wrong with them if they enjoy house work, their family or cooking.

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