June 23, 2011

Colchicine For Biliary Cirrhosis

Being Belindas

(a response to Pope's Rape of the Lock) Colchicine For Biliary Cirrhosis, The mirror hangs before me
My long face stares back at me
a pointed chin
whose rounding I dread
A tiny forehead
gleaned from the thick mass
of black hair surrounding it.
At the black hair
now streaked with red
I oscillate between
fascination and nostalgia
The hair, mostly helter-skelter
sometimes, Colchicine For Biliary Cirrhosis canada, precise in a bun
A glazed eyeball
with its bit of plastic-glas lens
A newly pierced nose--
a shade too large
showing off that li'l bit of green
My ears trying to seek attention
with their multiple studs and rings
which I regard as pets
And a moody mouth. 1000mg Colchicine For Biliary Cirrhosis, but on the whole, a face
I can live with.
My skin the colour
of burnt caramel
a thin, 250mg Colchicine For Biliary Cirrhosis, supple body
I am unashamedly
in love with. 30mg Colchicine For Biliary Cirrhosis, Bottles and vials lined
in an array on the slab beside me
the daily ritual
of cleansing, toning, conditioning
the creams and the perfumes
the chief kohl that lines my eyes
the earrings in their silver box
the cupboard with its
greater assortment of clothes
than i could ever wear
the occupational hazards
of being a young girl, Colchicine For Biliary Cirrhosis coupon.

Oh Pope, and other misogynists, Colchicine For Biliary Cirrhosis.
We love being Belindas
and Belindas we shall remain
with our bottles and our vials
our bibles and our billet doux
and we rebel against rapes
of our locks and otherwise. 10mg Colchicine For Biliary Cirrhosis, our bodies and their vagaries
and tricks we play with them
are ours.
And not playthings or objects
for your phallus
or that inglorious phallic symbol
your pen.


Almost Rape

“bhaiya, Colchicine For Biliary Cirrhosis us, is this the rajiv chowk metro?”
“yes, 100mg Colchicine For Biliary Cirrhosis, take the next metro that comes”
“ok, thank you”
“do you live here?”
“No, I just came to visit someone”
“I work here, 200mg Colchicine For Biliary Cirrhosis, in the metro”
“in the metro bathroon, Colchicine For Biliary Cirrhosis japan, come with me, I'll show you the bathroom”
“I can't. Colchicine For Biliary Cirrhosis, The metro comes in 2mins now”
“so what. It will come again soon. Let me show you the bathroom”
“I can't. I have a very long journey ahead. I can't possibly waste
time and go with you.”
“Madam, the metro is very quick and fast, your journey will not be
long. Come with me to the bathroom, please come with me to the



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About: Shruti Sareen

Shruti Sareen, born and brought up in Varanasi, has done her MA English from Indraprastha College, Delhi University and is currently pursuing Mphil English from Delhi University. Her poetry has been published in The Little Magazine, Chay Magazine, Muse India, and Reading Hour.

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