July 17, 2012


(For Nurbanu)

The flesh that melted into mouth may silence those once plump lips if only momentarily: in this second living cell evolves from frightened memory to an untouched glimpse of savored domesticity.

When scars are not scars but a reconstruction of what was, when flesh that curved to feature your brown eyes now glues […]

July 09, 2012

On being fair, healthy and a feminist

Remember this ad for Clean and Dry? A couple of months ago you must have seen this shared on Facebook, Twitter and blogs and journals, with reactions ranging from hilarity and disbelief to incredulity and outrage. Hell, you might have shared it yourself with a comment or two. While I thought the ad was […]

July 06, 2012

Written into the City / Writing the City

In February this year, I was part of an event called ‘Writing the Feminist Future’ organised by Zubaan Books and the Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar. Scholars, teachers, writers, poets, activists all spoke passionately to a variety of concerns including the body, cities, journeys and peace. The conversations were among the most exciting I have […]

July 03, 2012

Children as Agents of Change: one Bangalore Activist’s Vision

8-year olds reviewing vocabulary at Jayanagar School

It is certainly unusual to walk away from a high paying and extremely prestigious job to form an NGO, particularly when you are one of the highest paid female corporate heads in India. Yet, in 1997, that is just what Shukla Bose did. Ms. Bose, known […]

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