October 05, 2012

New section: Feminism & Diaspora

I’m so happy to announce that long-time regular and one of our best contributors, Dilnavaz Bamboat, will be Section Editor for a new section on Feminism & Diaspora.

Here’s what she has to say about the section:

The Feminism & Diaspora section looks at exploring the lives and choices of the South Asian diaspora around the world. From a feminist lens, we share this population’s successes and accomplishments, talk about gender violence, inspect institutions (e.g. marriage, patriarchy) and their contemporary relevance, invite second-generation immigrants to share their views on their feminist choices in the context of their South Asian identity, and delve into what feminism means to the diaspora, and what value it carries in their lives today. Via individual perspectives and through multiple forms of the written word, this section seeks to uncover new definitions of feminism and fresh viewpoints on traditional practices, and closely observe the ways sub-continental identity blends into other political and social identities, as larger numbers of people physically move away from their Homeland and call other states ‘home’.

Please send in articles, essays, reviews to ultraviolet.editor@gmail.com and they will find their way to her! And you’ll find more info on Dilnavaz on our Team page.

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