February 23, 2013

A Response to the One Billion Rising Campaign

There is no movement that is above criticism. Especially not within Feminist circles. So it’s no surprise that One Billion Rising, despite the phenomenon that it has come to be, drew its own share of flak. On the offset, I suppose I should clarify that I am a huge, if not blind, fan of Eve […]

February 21, 2013

There is sometimes a woman inside me wanting to escape a cuboid

There is sometimes a woman inside me wanting to escape a cuboid.

Strange equations run from one corner of the mind to another, like schooltime math, they come in variables and unpalatable solutions. I grow flatulent with placenta; inside, fishes swim and corals grow.

When swarms of goldfish swam and mermaids rose to surface in […]

February 20, 2013

Some ordinary words and a mini link bomb

Well, halloa! That’s hullo, in Sherlock Holmes speak. It’s been a while! The thing is, I have lost my language. I don’t know if it happens to any of you, but sometimes some events leave me dumb. Without speech, oral or written. Ironically, this time it was the horrorifying hatred meted out to the […]

February 16, 2013

A Critique of One Billion Rising

Eve Ensler’s campaign has sparked some important demonstrations and vital public protests. But her organization’s methods are quite top-down. As one instance, it can be frustrating to receive elaborate instructions policing productions of the Vagina Monologues. These instructions change every year, and in a small way seem to go against the spirit of […]

February 14, 2013

Kamla Bhasin at OBR Delhi amidst chants of azaadi

Hum le kar rahenge, Azaadi…..

Arre haq hai hamara, Azaadi…..

Hum cheen ke lenge, Azaadi……

Hum pyaar se lenge, Azaadi……

Aaj to le kar rehanege, Azaadi…..

Just returned from the OBR event in Delhi today held at Parliament Street. The atmosphere was electric and so was the energy visible among the hundreds present there. […]

February 10, 2013

An appeal from MAVA

Men Against Violence Association (MAVA) is doing important stuff. They’re working with young men in India to sensitise them on gender violence. For the last few weeks, we’ve all been going on about sexual violence and many of us are feeling angry, helpless, distraught. Many of us don’t know how to get involved. One way, […]

February 07, 2013

Not A Cactus

And if you are a woman you learn early, how to draw yourself in, and survive on very little water, in fact, a few drops of dew will do.

Careful about smiles pulling them indoors if they happen to escape in the rain like errant children to dance, to soak, aimless paper boats.

Wearing a […]

February 05, 2013

Mumbai Rising


Women are rising to protest, to dance, to heal, to reclaim, to flaunt, to bloom, against violence, against cruelty… Join us at Mumbai Rising on 14 February 2013. Where: Bandra Amphitheatre, Bandstand, Mumbai. When: 5.30 – 8.30 PM.

This video was made for Mumbai Rising as part of One Billion Rising by the […]

February 04, 2013

The Verma Committee Report: yet another fruitless exercise?

In the years following the implementation of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005, my work involved training the police and judiciary on the new law as part of a UNIFEM funded project on violence against women. The trainings were focused on the various provisions of the law and the role of […]

February 04, 2013

Justice Verma Committee Report – A Roadmap for Gender Policy


The Justice Verma Committee has managed to silence its worst critics by producing a comprehensive and far reaching report which strikes at the very root of patriarchy. From its very modest initial mandate of suggesting changes in the current rape laws and examining the sentencing policies, the report has gone much […]

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