February 16, 2013

A Critique of One Billion Rising

Eve Ensler's campaign has sparked some important demonstrations and vital public protests. But her organization's methods are quite top-down. As one instance, it can be frustrating to receive elaborate instructions policing productions of the Vagina Monologues. These instructions change every year, and in a small way seem to go against the spirit of inclusion, freedom and creative expression that Ensler seemingly wants to cultivate. Here is Natalie Gyte's strong critique, found at Huffington Post. Why I Won't Support One Billion Rising


About: Bonnie Zare

Bonnie Zare is a Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of Wyoming. She is co-editor, with Nalini Iyer, of Other Tongues: Rethinking the Language Debates in India, and her work has appeared in the International Journal of Cultural Studies, the Journal of Commonwealth Literature, and South Asian Review among others. She has designed the courses “Gender and Sexuality in Postcolonial Writing,” “Women of India: Lives and Literatures” and the India overseas course “Social Justice in Culture and Practice.” Zare is Founder of the Keep Girls in School Project, which raises awareness about issues of formerly abandoned children in Andhra Pradesh. She feels lucky to regularly stand under the big open skies of Wyoming and also amongst the pulsing rhythms of Hyderabad. Bonnie is part of the editorial team of Ultra Violet and takes care of the section on International Feminisms.

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