March 06, 2013

Feminism & Me: Coming Out of the Feminist Closet

This New Year began with me delving into Feminist texts, especially Estelle Freedman’s The Essential Feminist Reader (2007) published by Modern Library Classics. Following years of denying outright that I subscribe to Feminism, it was time to look at why I had distanced myself from the movement, when my thoughts are clearly in line […]

March 05, 2013

The creation of a narrative frame: the Delhi gangrape and the mainstream media

On 16 December, 2012, a student travelling home with a friend in South Delhi was raped by six men on a bus. Everyone who reads the news knows this story: the bus was a private one, possibly taken on a joyride for this express purpose; the six men involved have been arrested and are […]

March 01, 2013

Cycles of Abuse: Kamala breaks through – 1

Across the white laminated table, Kamala* smiles. There is a mix of impatience, anxiety and eagerness in her face and body language. Kamala is here to tell me the story of how she found herself in a violent marriage, the trajectory of that violence, the spiral of it, and—importantly—her emergence from it when she was […]

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