September 12, 2013

Gloria Steinem in Comic Form!

IT DELIGHTS ME TO share this news with you: Pioneering feminist and woman of power Gloria Steinem will now be the leading lady of her very own comic book. This latest addition to Melissa Seymour’s “Female Force” series will highlight the icon’s contributions to the world.

gloria steinem

It is a bonus that her story will be shared in comic book format, a hitherto male-dominated and frequently chauvinistic universe–the subject of quite a few discussions I’ve had with Lavanya Karthik, creator of Maya Bizarre, and the creative force behind the comic strips you’ve seen here at Ultra Violet.

Read more about the Steinem comic book here and make sure you grab a copy for your children/ students/ self!

And while you get around to doing that, take another look at UV’s very own comic strip here and here, with more to follow. 🙂


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