October 13, 2012

Event Announcement: Lecture

Paternalistic Politics and Feminine Fates: The Legacies of Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi and Begum Hazrat Mahal of Oudh Date & Time: Sunday, October 14, 2012, 2:00pm Venue: India Community Center 525, Los Coches St., Milpitas, CA, U.S.A. About the event: This is a lecture hosted by the India Community Center. Laxmibai of Jhansi and […]

May 09, 2012

Amoxicillin During Pregnacy

Amoxicillin During Pregnacy, Sometime back I was looking at upcoming Hindi film releases for 2012 and I saw this poster.

Then I saw this...

...and this, 30mg Amoxicillin During Pregnacy.

A few years back, Ghajini and Dabangg started a revival of sorts of 80s style cinema, Amoxicillin During Pregnacy overseas, replete with high drama, revenge and action a.k.a. the masala entertainer. If the above posters are any indication of the style of cinema that is coming out this year, then it looks like every filmmaker is jumping on the 80s bandwagon, Amoxicillin During Pregnacy. Here is Karan Johar talking about this trend. Not surprisingly, 250mg Amoxicillin During Pregnacy, he also happens to be the producer behind January’s super hit, Agneepath.

It’s not surprising that good old fashioned 80s style melodrama and action are making a comeback. Amoxicillin During Pregnacy us, These elements were becoming increasingly rare in contemporary Hindi cinema. Amoxicillin During Pregnacy, So besides being widely entertaining, there is also a nostalgic value attached to films like these. But here’s the thing: the 80s weren’t really a great decade for the representation of women on screen.

The hyper-masculine film "hero" that we see in the above posters is a common trope in mainstream cinema but in the 80s his presence in a movie was almost mandatory. And the counterpart to him is, of course, 150mg Amoxicillin During Pregnacy, the character of the supportive wife or mother, a two dimensional creature who only possesses qualities in the nature of loyalty, chastity and sacrifice. 200mg Amoxicillin During Pregnacy, For the “sexy factor”, there’s a vamp or an item song thrown in. That’s right; it’s the old virgin/whore dichotomy, Amoxicillin During Pregnacy. But what I find most sexist about these films is that most often, female characters were absolutely of no consequence to the plot! For example, in Agneepath, Amoxicillin During Pregnacy india, there’s the sexy item song by Katrina, Chikni Chameli (which I quite enjoy) and there’s the supportive girlfriend, played by Priyanka. Amoxicillin During Pregnacy uk, But what does her character contribute to the story. Nothing. It appears as if, in the universe of these films, women have no significance, Amoxicillin During Pregnacy usa, whatsoever. Amoxicillin During Pregnacy, By no means am I suggesting that female characters who have nothing to do but be good girlfriends are exclusive to 80s style or 80s cinema. One look at the top grossers of the past 3 years clearly demonstrate that films like Ra.One, Raajneeti and Tees Maar Khan continue to keep up this cinematic tradition (except now the girlfriend is also allowed to look sexy). 500mg Amoxicillin During Pregnacy, What is now an aspect of brainless entertainers used to be the norm in the 80s. That’s why, I can’t help but look at the comeback of 80s type cinema with slightly mixed feelings. Maybe my hopes have been raised by the fantastic female characters in films like Kahaani, Kaminey, Ishqiya, Band Bajaa Baaraat (what a delightful movie!), No One Killed Jessica and even Jab We Met, all of which have also been box-office successes. But as a film-lover, who happens to be a feminist, is there anything more frustrating than a female character that is nothing but a prop in the story.

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April 14, 2012

Colchicine Medical Dictionary

Colchicine Medical Dictionary, A critical analysis of things as they are, wearing a gender lens -- this is an important feminist  preoccupation. It helps let the community of gender-watchers know what to look out for, what to take a view on and perhaps, Colchicine Medical Dictionary japan, also, 1000mg Colchicine Medical Dictionary, what to oppose/rebel against.

But does it widen that community.

It does that to the extent it gives expression to shared concerns and prods collective understanding, 750mg Colchicine Medical Dictionary.

However, Colchicine Medical Dictionary paypal, are we also directly celebrating those who have made a mark in presenting these analyses effectively. Are we consciously seeking out effective narratives, Colchicine Medical Dictionary.

If we are doing that, we must talk about Adrienne Cecile Rich, Colchicine Medical Dictionary ebay. This American poet feminist wrote between the 50s and the 80s. Colchicine Medical Dictionary craiglist, Rich died this year, aged 82.

She wrote not only about gender subjugation, Colchicine Medical Dictionary uk, but also about capitalist, 100mg Colchicine Medical Dictionary, racial and military suppression, searching for and critiquing sources of power and strength. Colchicine Medical Dictionary, Her poems make you think.

In her poem, 750mg Colchicine Medical Dictionary, Power, 1000mg Colchicine Medical Dictionary, Rich says -

She died a famous woman denying
her wounds
her wounds came from the same source as her power.

Though the poem says this about Marie Curie, the title clearly flags this as an idea applicable to all women. Motherhood as a source of power is an example in this context.

To know more about her and her work, often called militant, go to the New Yorker postscript, and click here and here.


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March 30, 2012

Cialis Without Prescription

Cialis Without Prescription, Interesting event in Bangalore with some great speakers. Check it out if you're in the city, 50mg Cialis Without Prescription. Cialis Without Prescription paypal, Via Ammu Joseph and Padmalatha Ravi on Facebook.

, 30mg Cialis Without Prescription. Cialis Without Prescription ebay. 250mg Cialis Without Prescription. Cialis Without Prescription usa. Cialis Without Prescription japan. Cialis Without Prescription mexico. 200mg Cialis Without Prescription. Cialis Without Prescription coupon.

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September 13, 2010

Order Retin A Online Without Prescription

Order Retin A Online Without Prescription, “TO PEE OR NOT TO PEE, that is the question.” Hamlet would have found this a more pressing concern if he was a woman living in 21st century India. This is what Paromita Vohra’s incisive look at the national state of public lavatories in Q2P brings home. The film charts a map through the toilets of Mumbai and Delhi, from the citadels of the elite to backwater slums, harnessing perspectives across class, caste and gender. How the urban Indian woman navigates public space through the simple act of processing metabolic waste -- this is the question the film asks and attempts to answer. Order Retin A Online Without Prescription craiglist, It looks at three aspects: control of women by society and state; sexualisation of the female body and the corrosive effect of caste and class.

The film begins on a very interesting note, Order Retin A Online Without Prescription. Asked why women shouldn’t urinate in the open like men, a bunch of males giggle and say that it is a contravention of culture and a matter of shame. Apparently, using the world as your lavvy is only disgraceful if you’re a girl. This ties into a more pervasive issue of how female biology is perceived in social imagination. It is seen as something to be hidden away, to be locked up, Order Retin A Online Without Prescription mexico. Order Retin A Online Without Prescription, It is not viewed as an actual functioning human body. This is one way to dehumanise the woman in the popular domain, a mostly informal, cultural one at that.

One expects a historically patriarchal country to be grudging with its permission of public space to the hitherto-oppressed sex. What really saddens is how the government promotes this. A female architect talks about the State's subtle campaign to marginalise women by investing almost no money in the development of public facilities. These facilities, as has just been noted, are required unconditionally for women as it is not for men, Order Retin A Online Without Prescription. Order Retin A Online Without Prescription ebay, Many government schools have not had restrooms and for the longest time, girls had to go home every time they needed to use the bathroom. Most teachers in such schools are women and they too do not have access to decent toilets, something they have stoically accepted. It is only funding from schemes like Total Literacy Campaign that has finally allowed female students the luxury of a loo at some schools. So on the one hand we see how the male status quo refuses to acknowledge the female as a real human and ushers her off the streets when she exhibits signs of life and on the other hand, we encounter the masculine State unable or unwilling to provide the necessary alternative. Order Retin A Online Without Prescription, In the film, Dr Bindeshwar Pathak, founder of the Sulabh Shauchalya sanitation movement, says that ‘Seven hundred million people are using public toilets.' One wonders how many of these are female. Some of the officials interviewed give absurd opinions such as women must pay because they don’t go as many times as men, 30mg Order Retin A Online Without Prescription. What about the fact that Women probably don’t go as often because of reasons of hygiene, payment and embarrassment. Some of the women interviewed admit that it is slightly humiliating to be seen walking into a urinal because of the implicit assumption of what you are going to do there and how unsanitary such places are.

The film also underlines the aspect that there is a sexual undercurrent to the thought of a woman using a urinal, related to the idea of shame and negation of the woman’s biology. It highlights how in female genitalia, the urinary and reproductive loci overlap and therefore become a nexus of socio-political combat in gender relations, Order Retin A Online Without Prescription. A young Muslim woman and her mother speaking about the community toilet in their slum mention that they do not go alone or are only comfortable when their men come along and guard their virtue. Order Retin A Online Without Prescription japan, Toilets, then, are locations of perceived female vulnerability.

A brief look at the ‘Stay Out All Night’ campaign highlights how safety of urban women, sexual harassment outside the home, and making public spheres more woman-friendly, even through something as basic as providing toilets, are interconnected, 200mg Order Retin A Online Without Prescription. There is a pressing need to invite women to make the city their comfort zone. Order Retin A Online Without Prescription, This involves making available to them civic amenities that men take for granted.

The film also touches upon  the lingual secrecy surrounding the notion of a woman relieving herself. At one point, the curator of India’s Toilet Museum narrates the story of how, during the Georgian era, ‘admiring the roses’ became a code-phrase among women for urinating. 750mg Order Retin A Online Without Prescription, Cutting through the gender disparity are caste and class. As the health supervisor of one of Delhi’s plush areas summons the two token women in his brigade of toilet cleaners, others confirm that scrubbers of these fancy powder-rooms belong to a particular low caste community called the Balmikis. For generations, their sole occupation has been to clean up after upper castes and they continue to do so even today in posh urban locales across Northern India, Order Retin A Online Without Prescription. Not made permanent employees despite ploughing through a 240-hour work week for three years, the women have accepted their lot and the fact that they, ironically, have to urinate in the MDC’s urinals. The suppression here relates to both gender and caste and starkly highlights the burdens of  caste, 1000mg Order Retin A Online Without Prescription. In the discussion after the film, someone pointed out that as urban middle-class women, we can avail of cleaner, safer toilet facilities in a certain kind of space created for urban, middle-class people. Coffee shops. Order Retin A Online Without Prescription, Hotels. 500mg Order Retin A Online Without Prescription, But such options are not available to those disadvantaged by caste or class. The toilet becomes symbolic of the denial of space to those suppressed by these hierarchies.

I did feel that some areas were hinted at and not fleshed out enough. For example, I would have appreciated more exposition on the government’s official stand on their failure to provide strategically situated, sanitary facilities for women. I would have also liked a comparative study of Mumbai and Delhi, Order Retin A Online Without Prescription. But Vohra addresses deep-seated problems in urban public space vis-a-vis gender equality. Through the seemingly odd entry point of sanitation, 100mg Order Retin A Online Without Prescription, she dissects male-female tensions in India and, to some extent, succeeds in surprising us out of our stupor. The theme is so unusual that plenty of people will be curious about the film and have their eyes opened in the process.

To anchor the film in a particular viewpoint, it's relevant that Vohra was backed by PUKAR (Partners for Urban Knowledge, Action and Research) and financed by the Indo-Dutch Programme on Alternatives in Development (IDPAD). The former is an organisation devoted to creating and disseminating knowledge about urban studies from both a national and global standpoint, which would explain the focus of the film on two big cities as well as the exploration through indigenous and international lenses.

Q2P is a film that we were fortunate enough to be shown as part of our curriculum. It’s not only an educational film in the sense that we ‘learn’ something but also in the sense that it recommends looking at everything around us in a more analytical manner to catch what we have missed all this while.

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July 01, 2010

Alcohol And Amoxicillin

Alcohol And Amoxicillin, LIKE MANY WOMEN, my reaction -- or shall we say relationship. -- to Elizabeth Gilbert's juggernaut bestseller Eat Pray Love (first published and 2006 and by 2008 a global sensation) was complicated. On the one hand, the book is mildly embarrassing; Eat Pray Love falls squarely in the chick lit category, a schmaltzy fairytale-like admission to the feminine hankering for fairytale-like love (someone even recently quipped on Twitter that the first problem she had with it was how to hide the fact that she was reading it). On the other hand, however, it's a rather good read, a true story, a real woman's memoir of overcoming a comparatively small yet personally overwhelming struggle. In its own fairytale-like way, it is irresistible -- but this was also the source of its doom.

Now, for the few of you who may insist that you know nothing about Eat Pray Love, here it is in a nutshell: a financially successful but not particularly famous author finds herself getting divorced, going into depression, and then taking a year to travel in order to reinvigorate her life, Alcohol And Amoxicillin. In Italy, Alcohol And Amoxicillin uk, she indulges - eating her way through the first third of the year. In India, she joins an ashram (the book is extremely spiritual, and this section is so heartrendingly painful that you wonder why anyone would call this book fluffy... until you get to the next). And finally, in Indonesia, tying up the circle in perfectly fairytale style, she finds love. Alcohol And Amoxicillin, All of this is a true story, told in a fashion that is alternately charming, mildly annoying, and deeply honest.

So when the sequel came out, of course I had to read it. Snarkily, with some of usual disclaimers, but with some real excitement about its subject matter (which trumped any reservations brought on by my passive-aggressive crush on the earlier book), 50mg Alcohol And Amoxicillin. Committed: A Skeptic's View of Marriage picks up where Eat Pray Love left off - i.e. the author and her Brazilian-born, Bali-discovered lover float off into their happily ever after. Until the US government interfered, Alcohol And Amoxicillin.

As a foreigner whose trips into the country were not only frequent, but whose exits themselves were only border runs for visa renewals, Gilbert's partner Felipe finds himself in trouble with Immigration. Fortunately, they are given a choice: if they get married, they can continue their lifestyle (sans border running, too!). Desperately, they agree -- but both having survived divorce, Alcohol And Amoxicillin canada, the idea of remarriage is significantly terrifying. But the process is so complex that the couple essentially has to spend almost a year outside the country, waiting for the fiancee visa to come through, and Gilbert spends this time confronting her traumas and issues about the institution of marriage, its history in American society (paradigms which are increasingly emulated around the world), its relevance to contemporary life, and how it compares and has evolved (or not) based on cultural and religious circumstances -- ruminations and research that eventually became Committed.

Committed Alcohol And Amoxicillin, is a feminist memoir, make no mistake about it. It is an empowering, thought-provoking read that I would recommend to anyone who 1. wants to marry, 2. doesn't want to marry, 3. is concerned about civil rights and international affairs (in all senses of the term!), 40mg Alcohol And Amoxicillin. It's important that the events it describes happened prior to Eat Pray Love's insane success, Alcohol And Amoxicillin. Not unlike the happy coincidence of having met her new love at the end of her first book's journey, a happy coincidence which resulted in an almost too-perfect book, everything that happens therein was spontaneous. Gilbert leaves little doubt that nowhere during her ten months of bad traffic and matrimonial panic wandering around Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia could it have occurred to her that she might exploit this bout of hard luck. She went through the experience with no guarantee of a platform to discuss, let alone capitalise on, it. Because of this, it is all the more relevant. Alcohol And Amoxicillin, This isn't a celebrity memoir, but an ordinary couple's absolutely commonplace struggle in a world that loves and enforces its borders even as it claims to have none.

Now, this sort of gets back to the problem with Eat Pray Love. 500mg Alcohol And Amoxicillin, Which was not, strictly speaking, a real problem with Eat Pray Love itself, but with exactly how the memoir got co-opted into the chick-lit category. Not chick-lit as in light and fun, but chick-lit as in delusional-inducing, Prince-awaiting, hearts-a-breaking. And that problem was that many - many, many, many - of us are where Gilbert was at the start of that book. Lying on the bathroom floor bawling, Alcohol And Amoxicillin. And in the course of a few hundred pages, in about a year, she was both literally and figuratively somewhere else altogether, Alcohol And Amoxicillin mexico. And the book was so engaging that it made it look easy.

The problem, essentially, was the expectation created. I encountered this personally in my own life, and practically every woman friend who has read it has admitted to the same rues. Alcohol And Amoxicillin, Some of them had become especially resentful toward Gilbert. This was not a phenomenon restricted to my circles -- a real backlash against Eat Pray Love and its author occurred among its disenchanted readership. Its most common contentions, as discussed on comment forums all over the Internet, were that Gilbert was selfish, and as a white American with some wealth, she was operating from a place of privilege and entitlement. Alcohol And Amoxicillin australia, "Not all of us can give up our lives and jetset for a year" was a common refrain -- as though if only we could, we would also land ourselves true love and astronomical book sales (a phrase Gilbert's own sister, married with children and obligations of her own, sarcastically echoes in one email exchange in the book).

But here's the thing. I don't think - especially having noticed Committed's incredible redemptive powers - that Gilbert meant for her memoir to have anything to do with typically misguiding light literature aimed at women, Alcohol And Amoxicillin. How Eat Pray Love has been marketed - even by readers who recommend it - has not done it justice.

On its own steam, Committed is an important book, completely relevant to our world today and the choices we are faced with as thinking women who sometimes have no alternative but to acquiesce to a fundamentally patriarchal institution (even if we believe we want it, with eyes open or closed). But it's also a most marvellous redemption for Eat Pray Love's unintended consequences (and there were some). As she points out almost guilelessly in the introduction, prior to Eat Pray Love, Gilbert was mostly known for writing about men, 1000mg Alcohol And Amoxicillin. Her three prior books - Stern Men Alcohol And Amoxicillin, , Pilgrims and The Last American Man - were explorations of masculine life -- fiction and nonfiction about "supermacho characters: cowboys, lobster fishermen hunters, trucksters, Teamsters, woodmen". As a journalist, Gilbert had even gone as far as dressing in drag for a week, complete with a birdseed filled condom stuffed in her pants.

She doesn't mention this in this book, but it occurred to me that even before Eat Pray Love, it is ironic that the most lucrative of her projects was probably when a magazine article she wrote about her bartending experiences became the basis for the decidedly fluffy rom-com flick Coyote Ugly. Sadly, between that and Eat Pray Love, her broader scope of work was overshadowed. Call it Gilbert's chick-lit curse. And Committed, quite decisively, breaks it, Alcohol And Amoxicillin.

The truth is, I am still bawling on my floor. 20mg Alcohol And Amoxicillin, And I do wish I hadn't ever heard the word-of-mouth that hyped Eat Pray Love as some sort of semi-prophetic text, because it did result in a few regrettable actions for me at the time (oh hey, a few good anecdotes too). But Committed's redemptive powers are such that not only does it completely absolve Gilbert of any hand played in the prolonged miseries of some of her readers, but it also elevates her, in a way that Eat Pray Love couldn't possibly, to the role already assigned to her by the same masses of sad readers: that of the high priestess, the knowing one, a Solomon-like figure who could provide a solution.

Marriage, whether we like it or not, is a necessary decision for many of us. Alcohol And Amoxicillin, Whether the larger bodies we aim to please are governments, families, societies or own guilt-tripping demons, it can be an inevitability. Committed does two things, and does them beautifully -- it strips the institution of its veneer of romance, Alcohol And Amoxicillin coupon. And then it reinstates it, at a far more meaningful level.

Committed will probably help many more women's hearts and choices than Eat Pray Love did because there is absolutely nothing here but gritty realism -- the facts of the world and its requirements, and how a relationship must necessarily be an accord of solidarity in negotiating these facts and requirements. It will also, hopefully, further the cause of same-sex marriage. As Gilbert most unselfishly points out in the book, she and Felipe are fortunate to even have this choice, Alcohol And Amoxicillin. Across the world, most lovers of the same gender do not. And when it comes to the paperwork -- immigration, insurance, death and taxes - they suffer in ways that heterosexuals can take for granted that they won't have to.

And Eat Pray Love, that old bugaboo. Let's just say I am really looking forward to the film. Aren't you.

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June 22, 2010

Free Trail Of Cialis

Apu Free Trail Of Cialis, THE DVD OF LOVE, Sex aur Dhokha has been lying around at home for some time, but it was only over this weekend that I got around to watching it. Directed by Dibakar Banerjee (of Khosla ka Ghosla fame), LSD is actually three stories in one, with peripheral links to each other, Free Trail Of Cialis india.

The first one is a mushy love story, the second an MMS sex scandal and the third, Free Trail Of Cialis ebay, about the media's voracious appetite for 'stings'. It is the second and third stories that really hold your attention; the first one is slow to heat up and I almost forwarded a little of the first 10-15 minutes. Yet, my mind keeps going back to it, 250mg Free Trail Of Cialis. (This post isn't a movie review though.)

*Spoilers here, beware!*

When the love story of Rahul, aspiring director at a film institute and Shruti, the "Simran" of his film begins, it is hard not to think of this love story as more a paean to DDLJ than anything else, Free Trail Of Cialis. Cheesy like the film they are making, it is hard to imagine that Rahul and Shruti really love anything beyond the feeling of being in love. Free Trail Of Cialis japan, And yet, given the conservative family Shruti comes from, there is no possibility of their dating or getting to know each other. Love must lead to an elopement and marriage almost immediately, Free Trail Of Cialis craiglist. Rahul's blithe confidence that after marriage, the family will "come around", Free Trail Of Cialis paypal, is almost revolting to watch in its stupidity. Free Trail Of Cialis, The end, when it comes, is gruesome, even though nothing of this honour killing is really shown.

Just yesterday, the Supreme Court has issued a notice asking the Central Government (and a few states), why they are doing nothing to combat the recent spate of honour killings.

The thing about us Indians is that we pride ourselves on our superior 'Indian values'; we lose no chance to deride Western societies for their (alleged) lack of affection, Free Trail Of Cialis usa, 'family values' and morality. Nowhere is this more evident than in our smug attitude to the upbringing of children. 750mg Free Trail Of Cialis, It is so common to hear people talking as though Indians are the only people that know how to bring up children well - everywhere else, children are neglected, spoilt, abused and grow up to have no love for their parents, 200mg Free Trail Of Cialis.

And yet, this is the country where a good chunk of people are all too ready to sacrifice their children in the name of honour, Free Trail Of Cialis us, society, family name and blah blah. Honour killing is one extreme end of the spectrum, but the unwillingness to accept children's choices and their happiness as a primary consideration exists in many other forms, ranging from emotional blackmail to being 'cast out of the family'.

Gajar-ka-halwa aside, we need to stop kidding ourselves. I suppose we have good and bad parents like everywhere else, but no magic beans that qualify us as the best parents on earth.

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April 30, 2010

How Long Diflucan System


I JUST ATTENDED the Queer Nazariya film festival How Long Diflucan System, in Bombay and I loved the experience. In the discussion about queer communities, law and culture, 500mg How Long Diflucan System, Ponni Arasu, 50mg How Long Diflucan System, a gay rights activist from Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore, spoke of the need for the queer community in India to redefine itself and its goals after the groundbreaking Delhi High Court judgment against Section 377 of the Indian Constitution which criminalizes homosexuality, 750mg How Long Diflucan System. In some senses only the idea of being queer can actually encompass the reality of sexual processes. How Long Diflucan System craiglist, Sex is funny and inescapably queer. I've been a part of the amorphous queer community in Bangalore (via workshops at Sangama) and have witnessed the Queer Azadi city marches (vicariously for various reasons) and then the subsequent mobilization around 377. It feels like a beautiful journey and we have a long way to go, How Long Diflucan System.

I have claims to this cause, 100mg How Long Diflucan System, as does everybody. How Long Diflucan System ebay, None of us can deny that issues of love and sexuality are wrapped up with belonging and community, and that acceptance is a prerequisite to survival. As a feminist, How Long Diflucan System uk, I have a problem with patriarchal and hetero-normative sexual mores. How Long Diflucan System us, I feel resuscitated and enlivened by such spaces where there is no barrier on love or the exchange of it. How Long Diflucan System, I thought that the films represented a raw and challenging new post-modern body of work set to redefine norms of seeing, of sex and sexuality, of history and culture. If you want to see where relationships are going in the future then this movement is one of the places to look at. Among the films that stood out were Rex Vs Singh by Ali Kazimi, How Long Diflucan System usa, Richard Fung and John Greyson, How Long Diflucan System india, Proteus by John Greyson and Jack Lewis and Journey into Kafiristan by Fosco Dubini and Donatello Dubini. The novel series Fucking Different by producer Kristian Peterson which featured work by LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi and transsexual) film-makers on LGBT issues was entertaining.

Curators Smriti Nevatia and Sophie Parisse need to be congratulated  not just for the engaging fare but also for the pertinent concerns that came through: queer activism in the developing world and the need to engage with larger struggles for identity and self determination and against racism and fundamentalisms, religious and otherwise. Aesthetically, queer practices and perspectives create fresh and new ways of expressing and celebrating sexuality, and the films managed to achieve this.

To us.

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January 13, 2010

Maoi And Diflucan

Maoi And Diflucan, THE BANGALORE QUEER FILM FESTIVAL (BQFF 2010) is calling for submissions. Maoi And Diflucan paypal, The deadline is 30 January 2010. Details here, 150mg Maoi And Diflucan. 200mg Maoi And Diflucan, The festival will be held at the Alliance Francaise de Bangalore on 26, 27 and 28 February 2010, 40mg Maoi And Diflucan. 750mg Maoi And Diflucan, The BQFF 2010 is a non-ticketed free event aimed at providing a venue to screen films based on themes related to lesbian, gay, Maoi And Diflucan overseas, 500mg Maoi And Diflucan, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBT or Queer) communities across the world, Maoi And Diflucan uk. This is the second edition of the Bangalore Queer Film Festival, Maoi And Diflucan. Maoi And Diflucan us, The event is presented by Good As You (a support group for LGBT people, est, 1000mg Maoi And Diflucan. 1994), SWABHAVA (a non-profit organisation working with LGBT issues in Bangalore, est. 1999) and WHaQ. (a support group for queer women, est. 2009).

While sincerely apologising for this short notice, the organisers request you to send in films for consideration/preview as early as possible. For more information please contact the organisers at blrqueerfilm fest[at]gmail.com. .

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November 19, 2009

Approved Cialis Fda

Dilnavaz_profile4-1 Approved Cialis Fda, THE AUDIENCE WAS FLUSH WITH estrogen, but had a heartening dose of the Y chromosome. I wondered if the cocktail reception that preceded the event was a marketing ploy or a genuine attempt to fortify our spirits for what was to come. I found out soon enough. 100mg Approved Cialis Fda, The world premiere of Eve Ensler’s ‘I Am An Emotional Creature’ was some things expected and many not. It began regularly enough, with the usual spine-tingling statistics on female abuse, neglect and violations, Approved Cialis Fda craiglist. Essayed as a relentless spiral of separate pieces without an intermission, the portrayals of women from around the world shifted from mediocre to spectacular as the play progressed, Approved Cialis Fda. Moments of intense pain in “Free Barbie” were interspersed with a more defiant stance in “The Refusers” and stories of prostitution in Eastern Europe, military sex slaves in Ghana, 500mg Approved Cialis Fda, bulimia in North America, child labor in China and forced cosmetic surgery in Iran tumbled out unapologetically, amidst joyous expressions of dance and womanhood. Woman cried, 10mg Approved Cialis Fda, laughed, screamed, Approved Cialis Fda usa, spoke, vented, explained, twirled and chanted their right to be emotional creatures and engage in the feminine act of dance as a form of expression, Approved Cialis Fda uk.

Which left me wondering if this wasn’t stereotyping my gender just as much as any other descriptor. Are all women truly emotional creatures. Approved Cialis Fda, More than men. Approved Cialis Fda us, Do we feel more intensely. Need to express more urgently. Or are we as much victim to this erroneous belief as to the acts perpetrated on us worldwide. Do all women desire to dance, Approved Cialis Fda ebay. Is feminine expression primarily manifested through physical acts, Approved Cialis Fda. I, for one, 150mg Approved Cialis Fda, certainly feel no need to plunge into a waltz each time I absolutely must say what I feel.  I am born of a mother who clicks her tongue at being “too emotional” and believes it clouds practicality and better judgement. My friends are women who rarely cry, even when they have much reason to, 40mg Approved Cialis Fda. Are performance and feeling necessarily the domain of the XX. Could we not be harming ourselves by tarring all women across the world with the same brush and insinuating that a woman’s natural response to a situation is based on her feelings first and intellect later, if at all.

I could empathize with individual tales but not with the premise. And while I wish women power to overcome their tormentors, human and situational, I also hope that they strive to stand apart from the cluster of characteristics that haphazardly—and often thoughtlessly—define their gender.

To view a short clip about the play, go here.

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