February 04, 2013

Justice Verma Committee Report – A Roadmap for Gender Policy

By FLAVIA AGNES The Justice Verma Committee has managed to silence its worst critics by producing a comprehensive and far reaching report which strikes at the very root of patriarchy. From its very modest initial mandate of suggesting changes in the current rape laws and examining the sentencing policies, the report has gone much […]

January 29, 2013

Our Cities, Ourselves: An Open Letter to Mumbai City Administrators

Dear Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai, Dear Chairperson of BEST, Dear Divisional Railway Manager Central Railway Mumbai, Dear Divisional Railway Manager Western Railway Mumbai, Dear Mayor of Mumbai, In the wake of the Delhi gangrape, we have seen a spirited and complex discussion on policing and the provision of justice. This conversation might make it look […]

December 27, 2012

Not your maa-behen: A nation of victims

The Delhi bus rape survivor and I are about the same age and she studies in my hometown. Like many of you, I am clenching my jaw and my fists as I follow realtime coverage of the Delhi gang rape in a weird masochistic frenzy. There are sharp and insightful analyses of sexual violence, structural […]

December 25, 2012

A Short Note Responding to the Responses to the Ongoing Anti Rape Protests in Delhi

By G. Arunima The ongoing anti rape protests in Delhi has provoked many responses amongst most of us, and often these are inconsistent. I see no problem with that. The statement issued by the ‘Progressive Women’s Groups and Individuals’ reflects the concerns many of us have about treating this incident as exceptional, or about the […]

November 21, 2012

On Writing, Civil War, & Feminism: An Interview with Nayomi Munaweera

NAYOMI MUNAWEERA IS A Sri Lankan-American author and artist. Her first book, Island of a Thousand Mirrors, was published in September 2012, and I interviewed her about her work–as a writer, a feminist, and a member of the South Asian diaspora.   DB: Hi Nayomi, welcome to Ultra Violet! Could you tell us about yourself […]

October 13, 2012

Event Announcement: Lecture

Paternalistic Politics and Feminine Fates: The Legacies of Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi and Begum Hazrat Mahal of Oudh Date & Time: Sunday, October 14, 2012, 2:00pm Venue: India Community Center 525, Los Coches St., Milpitas, CA, U.S.A. About the event: This is a lecture hosted by the India Community Center. Laxmibai of Jhansi and […]

October 10, 2012

Gush & Awe: How American Politics Reinforces Stereotypes of Wifehood

    Some weeks ago, I watched two prominent women in the national spotlight, who spoke to American audiences in their roles as longtime partners of the men contesting the 2012 Presidential election. In speeches that were televised across the United States to an audience of millions, first Ann Romney and then Michelle Obama […]

July 06, 2012

Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine

Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, In February this year, I was part of an event called 'Writing the Feminist Future' organised by Zubaan Books and the Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar. Scholars, teachers, writers, poets, activists all spoke passionately to a variety of concerns including the body, cities, journeys and peace. The conversations were among the most exciting I have been part of in awhile.

I just wrote an op-ed piece that reflects on fun in the city and as I wrote I was reminded once again of how political the act of writing itself is. This post is from my short presentation at the February event which speaks to the possibilities and ambiguities fostered by the act of writing, Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine paypal. In the piece that follows I reflect on the process of writing about the city specifically from my own experience of researching and writing on women's right to loiter in the city, Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine.


1.         A feminist writes the city

Since I can remember I was aware that being a girl meant I was different. I wrote my first proto-feminist published piece when I was 12 years old. It was only decades later, however, as an adult that I came to the question of inhabiting my city in a female body, albeit a very privileged female body via a vacation that a woman friend and I took in the north of India travelling through Agra, Gwalior, Jhansi, 50mg Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, Orccha and Datia. Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, For those two weeks we planned every move carefully so as to make sure we were safe. Back home in Mumbai I realized how much I actually strategized even in my own city in order to be able to access public space.

The journey of writing gender into my city began in that moment of realization. As I wrote preliminary ideas and talked to women I commuted with on the local trains I realized that this writing meant asking some difficult questions:

What does it mean to write the city as a feminist. What is the politics of dissent in which I must be embedded. What are the politics of inclusion that I must take into account when I write, Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine. What are the groups that will claim me and for what reasons.


2.         A middle-class, upper caste, heterosexual, Hindu woman is Written into the City

As a person with a particular set of intersecting identities I cannot but know the city both desires my presence and fears it, Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine ebay. I am desirable because I am a potential consumer-citizen, I often look right and speak right and even am sometimes found in the right places – malls, coffee-shops and multiplexes where the global aspirational city wants me to be, fuelling the economy with retail therapy. Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, I am feared because I also have free will and agency and as a feminist, I might not be satisfied with the malls but demand the streets and parks as well.

How does one respond to a city that sees you as a member of a new reconstituted middle class and invites you into its privatised pleasures, suggesting implicitly that public space is for the birds.

What are the choices I am offered. What are the pleasures. Can I own a politics that acknowledges the pleasures of such neo-liberal global aspirational spaces even as I critique them and am hyper aware of their limitations. May I enjoy the malls but still want the streets and parks with a visceral sense of longing, Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine. 30mg Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, Is it possible to have discussions on the antithetical nature of global cities which discourage people from loitering in public space in an upmarket coffee-shop. What then, are all the contradictions I live with in this context.


3.         An aspiring loiterer writes the city

When we began to talk about safety to people – there was a kind of complicity – everyone assumed they knew just what we meant – this was not an idea that threatened anyone at any level. Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, As we engaged with this idea it became increasingly clear that safety was not going to take us anywhere radical. Attending a workshop on risk in the very edgy city of Johannesburg in 2004 was deeply transformative in offering a prism to engage with city space in a new and less constricting way. Risk provided the radical edge that safety could never have. When we began to talk of women's right to risk as opposed to petitions for safety – it put us in a completely different terrain that of rights rather than protectionism.

Loitering was the next leap of analysis and yes, faith. From the right to risk we moved to the idea that the only way women could access streets unconditionally was if all other marginal citizens could as well, Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine. That only if Dalits, 150mg Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, lower classes, Muslims, hawkers, bar dancers, sex workers and other loiterers of different hues can loiter will a politics of loitering be meaningful.

‘Why Loiter?’ is the title of the book I have co-written with Sameera Khan and Shilpa Ranade. Different people including other feminists often asked us, “but why loiter?” in tones of bewilderment, their contention being that loitering is debased kind of activity that offered little hope of liberation. 200mg Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, Subsequently in conversations with feminist activists particularly those who work with young women we’ve been challenged several times on the grounds that everyone loitering includes even those ‘others’ (often young men) who intimidate young women and inhibit their access thus in fact restricting the access of young women. Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, How does one think through this without dismissing these concerns and yet without once again returning to the unworkable politics of selective exclusion.

I’ve begun to think through this dilemma through the prism of unfriendly bodies asking what would it mean to conceive of the city as a hostile space and still want to access it.


4.         This City that is Not One

That Mumbai is a heterogeneous city is not news. The question is can we reflect on the city as a space of difference, even of unfriendly spaces and bodies that need to be negotiated. This idea is not really so radical for one might say with awful truth that many women are horribly unsafe at home, a space often of unfriendly bodies and speech and yet we don’t stop women from being there - in fact we urge them to be in that very space, Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine. What if we were to cast the presence of unfriendly bodies in the city in this same light. That is, what is the real risk posed by unfriendly bodies in public space - perhaps that there will be cat calls, verbal harassment, maybe stalking, Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine mexico, and perhaps even physical harassment. Can we choose, if we choose, to negotiate these. Is it possible for us to think of unfriendly bodies as being a hazard of public space rather than a deterrent. Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, When one talks to young women about the fears of sexual harassment in public space they articulate less of a fear of physical harm and more the anxiety that by continuing to access these spaces where they are sexually harassed, they are in fact courting a risk to their reputations. That their presence on streets where sexual harassment is certain reflects a certain kind of unbecoming “boldness” which indicates their unsuitability for an arranged marriage. They fear partly the young men but also the “community” who will “talk” thus cementing their reputations or more accurately lack thereof.

If we were to construct public space as more generally unfriendly, a space to be negotiated rather than be smoothly welcomed into would competing claims to public space look different. Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine canada, If we give up our warm and fuzzy notions of the public would young women’s access to public space be built on different assumptions.

For one we would be compelled to acknowledge that the utopia where everybody in public space likes everybody does not exist, Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine. It is unlikely to ever exist. Can we work within these limitations, even embrace them. I would like to suggest that diverse spaces populated by diverse peoples are not a law and order problem, they are very possibly part of the solution.

Loitering is not unambiguously inclusive. Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, It needs both careful reflection and a certain irreverent attitude towards order. It needs a commitment to a certain messiness of streets and a willingness to embrace serendipity, and a belief that pleasure in the city is an important component of citizenship.


5.         This City that is nevertheless Mine

Writing about Bombay for me is a little like writing about myself – it is in many ways a profoundly narcissistic act, 40mg Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine. In fact much of my research and writing engages my own lifeworlds and so I am both participant and participant observer, roles that give me an exciting insider-outsider position that I sometimes methodologically struggle with.

Bombay/ Bambai/ Mumbai – if I must belong to a place I belong to this city, Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine. Even as I write this, I am profoundly aware that it is a deep privilege to choose to belong to my city rather than the nation. Its fractured, hierarchical, iniquitous ways shame me. Its edginess, its streets, 100mg Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, its sheer velocity seduces me.

What does it mean to write this city of mine not with the certainty of a flaneur but with the tentativeness of a loiterer. Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, Not as a detached observer but as someone who seeks to belong, perhaps even to stake claim. Not in solitude but as part of a disparate crowd whom I may not know and who might even make me anxious. What does it mean to inhabit a writing practice of hope.

As I write I seek to articulate a practice of a politics of justice for the most number or people and populations in my city. I write not to make statements but to ask questions. I write in the hope of sharing this journey with other feminists /loiterers/ writers. I write for the sheer pleasure of being part of conversations about the city.



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June 18, 2012

Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline

Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline, Dear fellow feminists,

I am part of a group called “Citizens’ Collective against Sexual Assault (CCSA)”. We are a group of individuals who came together in the wake of the most recent spate of rapes in the Delhi NCR region early this year. The Collective is ‘informed by a feminist politics that believes in every individual’s right to a life free of sexual harassment, irrespective of their sexuality, dress, gender or age’. Our objective was to demand justice for the survivors and put pressure on the police and administration to ensure that the city becomes safer for women. Also to attempt to challenge the widely-held belief and mentality that women are somewhere responsible for being raped or sexually assaulted. However, as we began working we kept hearing atleast one case of sexual assault a day, Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline. And the cases continue.., Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline us.

To publicise the issue we organised spontaneous but smaller protests at CP, Saket leading to a bigger protest on May 5 from Mandi House to Jantar Mantar. Our initial plan was to March from Mandi House to ITO to the Police Commissioners Office to submit a memo. But the irony was that to organise the large protest we needed police permission. Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline, The police ofcourse thought we as protesters would be threat and traffic nuisance and said “madam aap log apni baat Jantar Mantar mein baith kar discuss kijiye, aage piche mat jaaiye- hum aapke saath hain” (Madam please sit at Jantar Mantar and discuss between yourself, don’t move around much. We are there to support you”). After a long struggle with the Police and our failure to explain to them the reason for the protest was defied if we sat at Jantar Mantar and that our purpose was make public police inaction in the sexual assault and rape cases. Resolved to not change our route we took out the protest and were gladly surprised by 300 persons turning up! Energized by the support we received, Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline craiglist, we have been informally meeting to strategise variously on how to take our efforts further and planning long term rather than single sporadic protests.

However, we have been unable to think and plan long term and the cases each day outdo our efforts.  Herein, a couple of weeks back, Ashely Tellis wrote a post asking feminists to not be reactive and re-think strategies to combat sexual violence and that too continuously and not when ‘something terrible happens’, Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline. His piece reinforced our understanding that sexual violence cuts across gender and age and includes “Hijras, homosexuals, sex workers, women across caste and class”. He called feminists to build alliances and work collectively to contest sexual violence. I am reproducing his post below with his permission, 150mg Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline. Alongwith this is an appeal to you as readers and as feminists to help strategise and give suggestions on how do we combat the increasing cases, help survivors, beat the mentality of police for blaming the victim, share inspirational incidents/stories etc.



The debate on the question of sexual violence continues to remain reactive and static and may require some serious re-thinking. Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline, Recently, a bunch of women’s groups held a rally in Delhi protesting against what a self-appointedly radical rag pointed out in a ‘sting’ operation: that most of Delhi’s police think women are asking to be raped and even enjoy it. A little earlier, a national feminist campaign on the question of sexual violence against women had a day-long workshop on the issue and came up again against the demand to broaden the idea of sexual violence to include subjects other than women. In the first instance, 30mg Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline, the protest was reactive; in the second the thinking on the issue static.

In a city like Delhi, when the newspapers every day report several rapes and sexual assaults on women, men, children one really can’t afford to be reactive around building a culture of resistance to it. One needs a proactive and daily set of resistances and vigilances to counter this rampant and brutal culture of sexual hatred. Yet we seem to have protests only when something terrible happens, Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline. Even at such moments, hardly any people turn up (this rally had a few hundred, the last one with similar groups late last year after the rape of a Manipuri girl had barely fifty) and perhaps we need to –rethink organizational politics, 40mg Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline. This rally was largely organised on facebook and despite several real-time real-place meetings, not many groups were invited to participate. For example, why were hijra groups not contacted. They are subjects who face the most violence at the hands of the police and customers on the streets of Delhi. Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline, Why were sex worker groups not invited or sex workers asked to join. After all, they also face systematic violence. 10mg Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline, Where were the famous intersectional queer groups who are happy to seek feminist support for their court cases but do not turn up to support feminists and themselves in such a rally. After all, aren’t hijras and MSM their constituency and haven’t they been trying to convince the Supreme Court recently (and in their famous judgement) that these subjects are in grave danger. A disabled group was part of it but much more advocacy among women in the city, in the many Universities in the city, in schools is needed.
Why was the most appalling theatre group Asmita (who mistake shouting and screaming aggressively for theatre) part of the proceedings when half our energies were spent trying to correct their deeply sexist views in their mostly reprehensible plays Dastak, Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline. Who needs enemies with friends like Arvind Gaur. Weren’t there many women’s groups with plays of their own. Especially if the focus of the rally was on sexual violence against women, Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline overseas. Which leads me to my next question: why was the focus only on women. Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline, The national campaign has focused only on sexual violence against women when we know that men are constantly abused by the army and paramilitary forces, especially in “disturbed areas.” Gopal Menon’s Naga Story speaks of Naga men in the Manipuri hills being sodomised by army officials, Basharat Peer has written about how Kashmiri men’s genitals are attacked and damaged first by the Army. Indeed, Kashmir became the bone of the contention at the meeting because Kashmiri Khawateen-e-Markaz activist Anjum Zamarud Hasan pointed out that most victims of sexual violence in Kashmir are men. No one really took up that question seriously just like the question of ‘India’ being a part of any effort which was the other point Hasan was making.

In both these instances, we need to re-think the question of sexual violence and our responses to it. As an out gay man, Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline paypal, I face sexual harassment on the streets of Delhi everyday and many of my biraadari face much worse. Many young boys are sodomised and often killed on the edges of the city (and sometimes at its centre) and appear only as stories on the edges of some newspapers, Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline. Wouldn’t it be stronger and larger as a protest if we all came together. Hijras, homosexuals, sex workers, women across caste and class. These alliances may be hard to build but we have to work at them every day and work at mechanisms of taking sexual violence on upfront and only then will this rampant culture of violence abate. Why do we think that sexual violence only happens to women when there is so much evidence to the contrary. Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline, Why is our relationship to sexual violence always reactive. Something terrible happens, 50mg Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline, we protest, protest subsides, something terrible happens again. We need constant and consistent intervention into the creation of cultures of the sexual. This will happen only when we create healthy contexts in which people can speak about sexuality and what constitutes it and sexual violence. Working in the University for years around an issue like sexual harassment, one realises how difficult this is. There are cultures of suspicion from women, of aggression among men, Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline. Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline australia, Gross violence in many cases is not even seen as violence. Sexual harassment is not taken seriously by the establishment at all and neither by the students.

It is crucial that we build subjects who understand what the sexual is and what violence is and that can only come from a constant engagement with these questions, across genders and sexualities. Without that sexual violence against women will remain only a reactive consolation-based politics among women. Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline, Feminism must be led by women but the fight against sexual violence must work on building the necessary relationship that various other kinds of subjects must have with feminism. Some of us might be aware of the necessity (despite the impossibility) of this relationship, others might not be. But the fight against sexual violence has to be a collective fight for all of us. Sexual violence happens to all of us who are not middleclass, Hindu, heterosexual and mainstream men. And that is millions of us. Unless we fight it together, this culture of violence will not change.

Ashley Tellis is an academician and Gay rights activist. This post first appeared on IGITINK..

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July 23, 2011

Synthroid Dosage

Synthroid Dosage, LAST MONTH, Kerala witnessed another incidence of violence against women. On June 19th Sunday, Thasni Banu was on her way to work in Kochi on a bike driven by her friend. Oh, how can I forget. Her male friend. And it was 10:30 pm. According to her statement in a Malayalam interview, Thasni was to reach office for her shift at 11pm, Synthroid Dosage. Since they had some time, Thasni and her friend decided to stop for tea. In search of a tea shop, they took a different route and did find one. When they realised that there was no tea in stock, her friend bought a cigarette and together they walked towards the bike which was parked in front of the shop.

An auto rickshaw driver who had parked his auto near the shop said to her friend in a degrading tone, "Drop the girl back home." (Of course, translating the undertones from Malayalam to English is near to impossible). Synthroid Dosage, Her friend explained that he was dropping her off at her office since she had a night shift and that she is just a friend. At that point, another person came by and asked them why they were standing there, 20mg Synthroid Dosage. Her friend repeated his earlier clarification. Both the driver and this person were drunk. Further, they asked him his name, address and even details on where exactly his house was located. He answered all of it, Synthroid Dosage.

Then he asked Thasni for her details. Thasni replied that she did not want to share her name or address with them. This provoked them. Why would a girl not answer their questions when the man accompanying her could. Synthroid Dosage, The encounter turns into a tussle. The second person started shouting at her, saying that this was not Bangalore, but Kerala and that they would not allow anything like this to happen (anything like what?). An irate Thasni said, "What do you mean by this. Clarify your words. What behaviour is not possible here. This is a public space and I was talking to my friend, Synthroid Dosage. 750mg Synthroid Dosage, So what should we not do here?" A crowd had formed and it began supporting the men.

Thasni and her friend decided to leave the place and started the bike. As they were leaving, the auto driver abused her using a very derogatory word. When Thasni heard this, she got out of the bike, highly agitated and confronted him. Synthroid Dosage, In this process, she also called him ‘Da’ which is a term that can be compared with the ‘Tu’ in Hindi. In the interview, Thasni says she actually wanted to beat him and her body language did demonstrate that. He slapped her and twisted her arm and she was hurt.

Thasni is an activist and she called other activist friends who came to the area immediately. Police arrived at the scene but she could not file the complaint on that day, since she was hurt by the attack. She was admitted to the hospital, Synthroid Dosage. The complaint was not filed immediately by the police. This was raised to the Chief Minister and finally the police did take action. Thasni is going forward with the case.

This is no sob story. Synthroid Dosage, There is no victim. This is the story of a woman, Synthroid Dosage australia, who refused to bend to status quo. However, Thasni's case is very important not only for the act of violence that happened on that night, but for the response of an educated society to this woman's guts. I related the incident as per Thasni's interview to contextualise the responses that this incident received in Kerala. Given below are some of the typical responses:

1. This is an isolated case hyped beyond its value:

Thasni refused to answer their questions which were derogatory in tone, Synthroid Dosage. I borrow Thasni's words, "I felt that there was no need to respond to the authority, arrogance and vulgarity in his tone." The response from Kerala society is this, "Thasni should have shown some tact. She should have thought about her safety and responded accordingly." The isolated case arguments stem from this opinion. If only Thasni had responded with her name and address, nothing of this sort would have happened. This does not happen to other women. Synthroid Dosage, This means every woman should bend down to every such act of moral policing and maintain status quo. If you dare to disrupt this norm, you deserve the treatment you get. 150mg Synthroid Dosage, By the way, “getting provocated” is a male prerogative, isn't it. How the hell does Thasni imagine that she has the right to get "provocated" at their tone and words.

2. Male friend, 10:30 pm, travelling in a bike in spite of the availability of a company cab, "isolated" space, Synthroid Dosage.

This is the comment that gets me rolling. I have only one answer. So what? As per Thasni, it was not even an isolated space but rather a public one in front of a tea shop. Although there is no need to explain, Thasni missed the company cab that day since she had some personal work to complete. Synthroid Dosage, Since public transport was not available at that time, she had gone with her friend. So, what does the "public" expect. That every girl who chooses to travel at night with a friend will be accountable to every man in town.

3. They were seen in a "compromising position"

It is high time that we start defining what "compromising position" is, because every case seems to latch onto this one. Thasni clarifies that it was a public space, and that she has enough intelligence and ability to look for other arrangements in case she wanted to indulge in any sexual act. I would argue that even if they were seen in a "compromising position", the public had absolutely no business to treat her like that, Synthroid Dosage. When I read news clippings that argued this point, 500mg Synthroid Dosage, I realised nothing had changed. If a woman does not follow the norms set by patriarchal society, the most powerful tool against her is this - character assassination. Many women would give up the fight when this happen. Many would not even complain, fearing this. Synthroid Dosage, 4. So, what should the common man do.

This is a response I read in an e-group: "When Sowmya was raped in a train, the uproar was against the common man for not responding to the situation. Now the uproar is that the common man is interfering. It is very confusing what is expected out of us". There were also protests against Thasni, Synthroid Dosage. The retort was that those who conducted these marches are ones who have reacted to social issues before. That Kerala had seen sexual exploitation cases busted with such interventions from the common man.

Kerala and its citizens are educated and therefore are often well aware of their rights. Many Keralites are proud of the fact that they are indeed "political". Synthroid Dosage, The outcome of this is a society which is responsive to situations. 100mg Synthroid Dosage, However, talking to a woman in a derogatory manner, with clear vulgar undertones is certainly not being responsive to the situation. If the crowd intended to intervene in a possible case of abduction/exploitation, they would certainly not have been offensive to her. Let’s take that excuse back.

5. Why so much noise, Synthroid Dosage. Compare it to some states in the North

Resting on its laurels is the biggest issue in Kerala. If anyone raises any women's issue in Kerala, the immediate response is to compare it to a Delhi or a Bihar (where a lot has improved now) and say women are not getting raped here. Women in Delhi however seem to be occupying public spaces. In Kerala, they just don’t seem to be even taking the chance. Synthroid Dosage, Families are the biggest upholders of such moral policing and will not risk their daughter's safety. If it is unsafe outside, it is better their daughters stayed inside.

6. She is not weak. Hence, 250mg Synthroid Dosage, I am not shocked.

I am borrowing this from Thasni's interview, Synthroid Dosage. On hearing about the earlier mentioned Sowmya's murder, Kerala shook. There was a huge noise about the lack of safety measures for women and the state literally thundered. After a few months, another death happened. Of a girl named Indu. Synthroid Dosage, (This case was heavily criticised for the manner in which inconclusive assumptions regarding her relationships were shared by the police with the media. The news as reported in the above link has also been refuted many times).

I borrow heavily from Thasni: There was a difference in the way Kerala reacted to Sowmya, Indu and Thasni. In Sowmya's case, it was a clear case of atrocity against a poor girl. She had followed all the norms of society, was going home for her marriage related activities and yet she was brutally raped and killed. Kerala wept with all its heart, Synthroid Dosage. However, it did not grieve as much for Indu. Synthroid Dosage coupon, The rumours about her relationships were not comfortable to the Keralite mind. Come to Thasni. This brash, arrogant girl shall receive even less support. Synthroid Dosage, In fact, there shall be character assassinations of her. So long as the norms of the society are followed, she will have protectors but if she shows any tendency of being able to stand on her own feet, talk back to men in equal terms and be unapologetic about it, Kerala society is perturbed.

7. She hit first.

For many days, the controversy included the allegation that it was Thasni who beat the man first, and that she provoked him to beat back. Thasni, in this interview clarifies that she did not beat the person, Synthroid Dosage. However, she says, "It is true, that I wanted to beat him and my body language was indicative of my intention. But he slapped me, 40mg Synthroid Dosage, before I could do anything. If I had beaten him, I would have been proud of it and would have proclaimed it proudly."

That being said, once again I ask, so what. They were hurling derogatory words at her. Synthroid Dosage, Is it not possible to imagine a woman getting provoked.

Thasni is no ordinary woman from Kerala. She was already involved in social issues and therefore was oriented to respond to such cases. She has the courage to take this case forward, in spite of the character assassination attempts. It is through these activities that she had people to call, at the time of the incident. It was her fellow activist friends who came to the site, Synthroid Dosage.

Thasni is also courageous. Many of us would have answered the questions the men asked and felt relieved that we left the place unscathed. But Thasni refused to let status quo remain. She questioned patriarchy. Synthroid Dosage, It is sad that a large section of the society thinks she should have cowed down to the powers. Synthroid Dosage ebay, But we need the Thasnis among us to remind us that the existing situation is not optimum and that our silence is also a fuel for the oppression.

The response from Kerala to Thasni's case has been disappointing. There is hypocrisy around women's empowerment. Women's rights are talked about widely and yet, the society is not able to tolerate an empowered woman. Society expects its women to be submissive, meek and dependent on men, so that they can "protect" her, Synthroid Dosage. Some empowerment, this is. Thasni's response on that night was an act of defiance against patriarchy. Kerala has to realise that women's empowerment cannot co-exist with patriarchy.
What needs to be done is to create more spaces for women to participate in decisions regarding their own lives. Synthroid Dosage, While I sense the importance of publicising this event, I am equally fearful of the response that this news has on families. As Thasni says in the interview, "Looking at this response from the society, I doubt if any other girl would come forward to complaint." While action has to be taken against those who attacked Thasni, an equally important action point for the government is to begin confidence-building measures in the state. Families should feel confident to send their daughters out. Women should themselves claim their spaces. If not, this will be forgotten as one of the many other statistics in the country.

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