April 13, 2011

Zithromax Side Effects In Children

Zithromax Side Effects In Children, I WAS SEVEN when my mother enrolled me in a karate class. There were 50 boys and I was to be the only girl. When I complained that girls didn’t do karate, she said  there was no activity or job  meant solely for boys -- or for girls. I went on to become a lover of not just  martial arts but also of gender equality.

Of course, as the only child in an upper middle class, educated family, 1000mg Zithromax Side Effects In Children, I never confronted the larger problems of discrimination faced by many others. The ones I did see troubled me tremendously. I did not identify as a feminist until I turned 16 but long before that, I was quick to point out (loudly and vociferously) any sexist difference or discrimination that I perceived, Zithromax Side Effects In Children. I also rejected everything that was ‘feminine’, considering it something imposed by society. I hated needlework classes, preferred the games lesson instead. I didn't just pretend to enjoy the ‘masculine’ activities; I actually liked them but there definitely was a desire to not get involved with ‘the other girls’. Zithromax Side Effects In Children mexico, I rarely wore skirts or dresses and while my peers were trying on make-up for the first time, I was  falling off my bicycle or skates. Zithromax Side Effects In Children, At family gatherings, I wandered away from the women, disliked their conversation and the work they always seemed to have to do. Household work remained the domain of the women no matter how educated they were. The men, in their free time, preferred to watch television or discuss politics. Every time I tried to bring this up with family members or friends, I was given an example of a man who could.., 10mg Zithromax Side Effects In Children. ‘Cook a full meal. And he LIKES doing it!’ or  ‘He helps his wife clean the house!’ (Gasp), Zithromax Side Effects In Children. When I pointed out that the men did not do this on a regular basis or that the fact that it  was considered a huge achievement was an example of the additional burden placed on women, I was dismissed as "over smart".

When I finished 12th standard, I chose law over humanities. Partly, Zithromax Side Effects In Children india, I may have taken this decision because of the traditional association of humanities with women (something which I may always be ashamed of). I preferred the more ‘masculine’ forms of education, of entertainment, and clothing. Zithromax Side Effects In Children, I laughed at the girls who liked doing ‘silly’ things. I shunned the kitchen and my distaste for cooking only grew when my mother sighed and loudly wondered, ‘What will her in-laws say?’ or ‘How will she ever manage a household?’

At some point, things started changing. I tried my hand at some basic household work, Zithromax Side Effects In Children usa. I entered the kitchen and dabbled around. To my great surprise, my experiments turned out rather well. I picked up some recipes from my grandmother and went online in search of more recipes, Zithromax Side Effects In Children. To my greater surprise – not only did these turn out well, I actually enjoyed cooking. Now, Zithromax Side Effects In Children coupon, as I grow older, I realise how severely I had limited myself. Just because society has traditionally decided that some activities are a woman’s duties or she is ‘supposed’ to like them, does not mean I have to reject them completely. I have to give myself the freedom to see what is there, and choose. Zithromax Side Effects In Children, So if I want to go watch a romantic comedy in a pretty dress, cry at the mushy parts, go home and cook dinner for myself and my partner, I should be able to do this without guilt or self-disdain.

And if I want to wear shorts, go for a karate class and follow it up with a few drinks, 500mg Zithromax Side Effects In Children, I can do that too.  I can enjoy them both.

Why is it that when women are involved in activities usually done by men, they are praised and feted while when men do what women are supposed to do, they are scorned, mocked, Zithromax Side Effects In Children australia, or derided. The girl doing physics or engineering is lauded while the boy who has taken up arts is usually considered weak at studies. The girl who enjoys sports is applauded and the boy who takes care of his appearance is laughed at, Zithromax Side Effects In Children.
There is nothing ‘less’ about the traditionally feminine domains of work, education, employment or recreation. That’s what feminism lets me do -- embrace all aspects of life and enjoy the full range of human experience without having to limit myself to one or the other.

Yes, there will always be the issue of false consciousness, 250mg Zithromax Side Effects In Children. Am I doing this because I am expected to do it. Zithromax Side Effects In Children, Do I like high heels despite the problems associated with them because I’ve been told that heels will make me look beautiful or sexy. Do I cook more than the men because I’m supposed to do it. When I change my name, make my career secondary to my husband’s, take a few years off from work because of the children, and do the lions share in housework and child rearing -- is it truly my choice. 30mg Zithromax Side Effects In Children, I don’t know why so many women make these choices. I don’t know what I am going to do in the future. But while I figure it out, I will coo over babies, go camping, throw a mean punch, and cry at movies. In short, I will do what I feel like doing.

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March 11, 2011

Prozac Nation Quotes

Prozac Nation Quotes, Sometimes the irony astounds me: I don't dress up for business meetings, but I do dress up for 18-year-old girls who might be converted to feminism by my knee-high boots or my trendy dress -- Courtney Martin

IN THIS VIDEO, Courtney Martin speaks passionately about the several concerns of young feminists anywhere in the world today. She shares her experience of reading books on feminism; being recruited to the feminist movement because it was hip, 1000mg Prozac Nation Quotes, 20mg Prozac Nation Quotes, cool and could even include fishnet stockings; the "I can save the world enthusiasm"of teenage years; the desperation that once made her feel that she should write a letter to the world and immolate herself on the steps of the White House; the problematized point of "appearance"; chronicling the story of feminist icons of her generation; and realizing that her mom was her inspiration. Several times in this video, 250mg Prozac Nation Quotes, 200mg Prozac Nation Quotes, I felt that she was telling all our stories.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXKNA_vfHWs&feature=relmfu, 100mg Prozac Nation Quotes. Prozac Nation Quotes australia. 30mg Prozac Nation Quotes. Prozac Nation Quotes us. Prozac Nation Quotes craiglist. 10mg Prozac Nation Quotes.

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March 08, 2011

Zithromax Methadone

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="394" caption="Image: Portrait by Nathan Altman of Anna Akhmatova "]


Zithromax Methadone, AMID ALL THE  free drinks, ladies 'nites', jewelery discounts and super celebrations, there's also this on International Women's Day: the Karnataka government has decided that people in factories, 90% of whom are women, will be working longer hours (10 instead of 8). Ten hours of work is not just too much in the monday-blues kinda way; it's inhuman. Add the commute. Zithromax Methadone ebay, That's 12-14 hours of the woman's day gone. And these are women who most likely have to do all the housework and parenting when they get home. From the news report:

"Women employed in garment factories are already being pushed to work more than the prescribed hours to meet difficult daily targets, Zithromax Methadone. With this alteration, managements could be encouraged to inflate targets, Zithromax Methadone canada, without being obliged to enhance salaries..."

The government says that women themselves demanded the increase. If they did, Zithromax Methadone uk,  it's a howl of desperation. When you earn next to nothing per hour, you need to stack up the hours.

It's a little hard to pop the champagne while governments and companies try to overwork women until they pop it, 150mg Zithromax Methadone.

An earlier post by Anita Ratnam about the appalling conditions in garment factories here Zithromax Methadone, . Please read.

Also, Zithromax Methadone paypal, we came in  98th in a survey on women's political participation, 47 places behind Pakistan and 80 behind Nepal. Zithromax Methadone coupon, I'm not being cynical. That would be betraying all those women who stood and fought and won us our jobs, our votes, our ability to earn, 50mg Zithromax Methadone, our freedom to go out. Much, much congratulations to them and to us for making it this far, Zithromax Methadone. But also, Zithromax Methadone usa, I'm going through a  small reality check moment because anniversaries of any kind make me want to take stock.  (If I wasn't a poet, I'd probably be an accountant.)  Not spouting cliches about "the way ahead", roads, 40mg Zithromax Methadone, paths, streets, gullies etc. But you know what I mean.

Happy Women's Day..

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August 31, 2010

Mardel Tetracycline


THE RECENT Michael Arrington post on why women mustn't blame men for their lower numbers in technology Mardel Tetracycline, is eliciting reactions, fast and furious. While I don't think Arrington's tone helps, I am not going to get into the subject here. Instead, I'd like to refer you to Shefaly Yogendra's excellent post, "Women in tech: What gives?", where she puts forth many actionable ideas on what we can do to get more women into science and technology, Mardel Tetracycline india.

In India, interesting women in science and technology per se is not such a difficult problem. A lot of women study both the basic and applied sciences, and at entry level, 50mg Mardel Tetracycline, the number of women in these professions is not poor, even it is not equal. Yet, as we move up the organizational charts, fewer women are in the picture, until, when one comes to the highest levels such as CEOs and board members, Mardel Tetracycline uk, few women are left. A big part of the reason is of course that a large number of women drop out of the corporate world in their late 20s and early 30s - to have children and raise a family.

Few companies make it easy for women to rejoin and most workplaces are structured in such a way that women have to "choose", Mardel Tetracycline. So, yes, Mardel Tetracycline overseas, one of the systemic changes that is needed are more flexible workplaces, attuned to the needs of a diverse workforce.

But, career empowerment is not going to happen only through systemic changes. Empowerment needs to begin at home. While we can ask governments to ensure fair working conditions and suitable maternity leave, 40mg Mardel Tetracycline, while we can ask companies to have more flexible workplaces, what are we doing at home. Mardel Tetracycline, As Shefaly says in her post, "For women already in the workplace, it is important to recognise that before we can negotiate harder and better deals for ourselves at work and outside our homes, we first need to negotiate better and fairer deals for ourselves at home. With the men in our lives."

Not all the work on inclusive workplaces will help if women still bear all the burden for housework and childcare. In conversations with many new mothers, 150mg Mardel Tetracycline, one of the things I've observed is that if she wants to get back to work, finding suitable childcare is still "her" problem, as though the husband had nothing to do with the baby being there. Studies innumerable show that women, including those who have a career, do far more than their fair share of housework, Mardel Tetracycline australia. I also know that many women opt out the informal networking that helps further careers. While I respect that mothers want to spend time with their children, career growth requires such networking, Mardel Tetracycline. Why is the idea of a man watching over his kids alone still so alien to us.

Unless this changes, unless the men in our lives start accepting equal responsibility for children, Mardel Tetracycline canada, workplace efforts will not help. Taking off time for PTA meetings and doctor's visits, staying home with a sick child, getting home early because the wife has a networking event that evening, doing your share of household chores - unless men take up all these seriously, companies will continue to see women's needs for family time as "special needs", 250mg Mardel Tetracycline.

When 70% of the workforce, men, start demanding the space to do these - that's when truly inclusive workplaces will happen. Mardel Tetracycline, Why would men demand these. Current definitions of masculinity do not really place a premium on nurturing, 10mg Mardel Tetracycline, so only a few men will demand them spontaneously. Many others, who are fundamentally decent people can perhaps be brought to realize the importance of their spouses' careers. In the Indian scenario, where few people really know much about their spouses before marriage, can women negotiate such fairness.

That remains to be seen, but it is empowerment at home that will drive the empowerment at the workplace.

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June 14, 2010

Calculations For Suspension Amoxicillin

Missing Half the Story
Journalism as if Gender Matters

(edited by Kalpana Sharma)
INR 395
ISBN 9788189884833
Published by Zubaan Books Calculations For Suspension Amoxicillin, and available from their website.

Toilets, trees and gender. Calculations For Suspension Amoxicillin india, Can there be a connection. Is there a gender angle to a business story. Is gender in politics only about how many women get elected to parliament. Is osteoporosis a women's disease, Calculations For Suspension Amoxicillin. Why do more women die in natural disasters, Calculations For Suspension Amoxicillin canada. These are not the questions journalists usually ask when they set out to do their jobs as reporters, sub-editors, 30mg Calculations For Suspension Amoxicillin, photographers of editors. Yet, by not asking, are they missing out on something, 150mg Calculations For Suspension Amoxicillin, perhaps half the story. This is the question this book, Calculations For Suspension Amoxicillin uk, edited and written by journalists, for journalists and the lay public interested in media, raises. Calculations For Suspension Amoxicillin, Through examples from the media, and from their own experience, the contributors explain the concept of gender-sensitive journalism and look at a series of subjects that journalists have to cover - sexual assault, environment, development, business, politics, health, disasters, conflict - and set out a simple way of integrating a gendered lens into day-to-day journalism. Written in a non-academic, 20mg Calculations For Suspension Amoxicillin, accessible style, this book is possibly the first of its kind in India - one that attempts to inject a gender perspective into journalism. 750mg Calculations For Suspension Amoxicillin, Kalpana Sharma is an independent journalist, columnist and media consultant based in Mumbai. She writes regularly for several newspapers and websites on a range of issues including urban development, gender, 100mg Calculations For Suspension Amoxicillin, contemporary politics and the media. She was, 200mg Calculations For Suspension Amoxicillin, until 2007, Deputy Editor and Chief of Bureau, The Hindu in Mumbai. She has also written and edited several books and is a founder-member of the Network of Women and Media, India, Calculations For Suspension Amoxicillin.

Laxmi Murthy, Calculations For Suspension Amoxicillin craiglist, Rajashri Dasgupta, Sameera Khan and Ammu Joseph also collaborated on the book.


Have you written a book that would be of interest to feminists. Send me details to see it here. .

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May 25, 2010

Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia

oishik Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, HERE'S A PART IMAGINARY, part real email thread of conversations among faculty members at an elite law university in India. Two developments are being discussed simultaneously – one is a weekly cricket match, and the second is the establishment of a women-only Women’s Law Society. The names of participants in the conversation have been changed to maintain anonymity. I have identified the professors as male and female to pronounce the genderedness of the conversation.

The Initiation

Dear students and colleagues,

I am emailing to inform you that I will be taking the lead to organise a weekly 20-overs-a-side cricket match with tennis ball (our facilities don’t allow hard ball cricket yet) each Saturday morning, between 9 AM and 1 PM. We need at least 22 players for a proper 11-a-side contest, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia. The idea is to mix students, faculty members and some campus-based non-teaching staff members in creating two teams on the spot every Saturday morning and to play with the gusto and spirit that die hard lovers of the game thrive on!.

So, please RSVP about your participation in this Saturday morning’s inaugural game to me. I hope to hear back from at least 22 of you so that we can have a rollicking start!. The plan is to make this Saturday morning tennis ball match a regular fixture that students and faculty will look forward to as a form of bonding, competing and… of course, exercising. Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, Cheers,

Prof. Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia australia, A (male)


Dear Prof. A,

This sounds very exciting. I wonder too whether some bonding experience might also be organized that would enable the inclusion of female students and faculty, particularly considering that not only is sports generally played by men - but cricket in particular.

I am sure regulating female participates to the sidelines was never the intent - but nonetheless the side effect. I also understand how central cricket is to Indian culture, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia. I hope to engage all faculty in this challenge.


Prof. B (female)


Dear all,

I completely second Prof. Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, B. Even the most declaredly gender neural spaces and categories – especially something like sports – turns male by default – so much so for cricket.


Prof. C (male)


Dear all:

I’m excited to hear about Prof. A’s cricket plans. I won’t be able to make it this Saturday, but I’m looking forward to being a part of it from time to time on future Saturdays, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia. I don’t think there’s a gender issue with having regular cricket games on campus, 50mg Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia. Prof. A’s initial email made it clear that all students were welcome.

I understand there was recently an all-female meeting of the Women’s Law Society (WLS), and a decision to only allow female students in the future. Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, I don’t know that there’s any automatic problem with that, although it raises some serious concerns. This may be an area where there is room for discussion and formulation of a non-discrimination policy. At many universities, official student groups are not allowed to exclude any members of the student body based on sex, race, religion, etc. We may want to consider a policy here.

In any event, at this stage in the development of our university, it is important to foster a wide variety of student initiatives, to ensure that there are activities that appeal to a diversity of student interests. To that end, I am excited about both of these recent initiatives and I look forward to hearing about many more in the weeks and months to come, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia. Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia canada, Regards,

Prof. D (male)


The Instigation

Dear Prof. B,

Very valid concerns indeed. The cricket we are planning will be competitive and fast, i.e. Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, all male in likely composition. How about the Women's Society you are forming getting together and deciding on sporting or other activities that can involve female students and staff over the weekend. I wish your endeavour good outcomes, especially considering that you are an athlete yourself.


Prof. A (male)


Dear all:

Speaking from personal opinion:  I don't think anyone's slamming Prof. A for his love of cricket, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia. I think the issue was more about disparate effect and institutional sensitivity. E.g., if the cricket match is the primary informal means of interaction between students and faculty, then we need to think about additional options, 10mg Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia.

Regarding the WLS, there are reasons of disparate effect and unique perspective that militate towards varying degrees of exclusion-- as in almost all racial and religious societies. In my opinion, until the legal profession and educational system changes, arguments of reverse discrimination are misdirected, and take focus away from the purposes of such groups as the WLS. Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, That said, any critical inquiry remains an important safeguard.


Prof. E (male)


Dear all:

If more of us had been witness to the first meeting of the WLS (though that might have defeated the point), perhaps this discussion would have taken a different turn.  Luckily for me, since our research centre called the first meeting to session, I was able to attend it.  I was surprised at our large turnout, considering it was after a long day of classes and immediately after another meeting.  I was also surprised at the participation of every student in the room, 200mg Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, something I have never quite been able to accomplish in the classroom.  And, I was surprised at what had drawn them to the meeting.  The students were so relieved, it seemed, to finally have a safe forum to discuss what had been going on in their lives, and on campus. They talked about the attitudes of male classmates and how the male students always assume females can’t do things, and that males can.  They talked about how they wanted to show the male students how prejudiced they sounded, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia.

It is important for female students to have a space to meet, without judgment or interference.  Unfortunately, as Prof. E noted, we are in a society and a profession prone to exclusion.  The WLS is one way to help mitigate this.  Another is to foster an environment where females are included in the activities which bond faculty and students.  As someone who spent years being excluded from corporate golf, whiskey, and after-after parties, I can attest to this from experience:  what happens outside the classroom (or the boardroom) inevitably drives what happens in it.   If we exclude female students both from bonding activities and from even bonding together, we are fostering the patriarchy outside and inside the academic setting.

I think it is important to have stronger faculty-student relationships, as the first meeting of the WLS taught me.  I saw students who had never spoken up in class in an entirely new light.  I am sure a cricket match would work towards this too, 250mg Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, for some people.  I just want to make sure that those whom it doesn’t work for, and those whom it might actually work against (those excluded for not being fast or competitive enough), have spaces and activities that do work for them as well.  And that when the cricket does happen, it is done in a spirit of inclusion by welcoming (as opposed to allowing) anyone to play. Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, Regards,

Prof. F (female)


Dear Prof. F,

Thank you for your email.  While I recognize and appreciate Prof. D’s point that many law schools have adopted policies that prohibit discrimination based on race, sex, religion etc. with respect to membership of student organizations, I want to share with you my experience in private practice.  Large law firms, recognizing both the importance of gender diversity and the business potential of senior female attorneys, have adopted a number of women’s initiatives to foster the professional development of women in big law.  These initiatives are generally available only to women for the reasons that Prof. E and Prof, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia. F have already recognized- namely, 150mg Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, current systems of professional and business development take place in traditionally male spaces.  Some the largest U.S. law firms have recognized that while keeping organizational initiatives open to all members of the organization is an ideal goal, the realities of the organizational environment necessitate certain gender specific initiatives in order to attain the ultimate goal of greater inclusion of women in the senior attorney ranks.

If the goal of our university is to provide an education to Indian students that allows them to compete on a global basis, there is no way to escape the critical component of providing an educational space that empowers the female students to compete with their male counterparts, within India or globally.  It certainly is not a given, and I don’t think there was any suggestion by any faculty member, that such an educational space must exclude male students.  Rather, the realities of the university environment at this point in time may suggest that such an educational space for the female students is best created by the WLS that includes only women.  For example, the university has an uneven the ratio of male to female students, female students grapple with a cultural and familial context that may not be supportive of their professional ambitions, female students don’t have upper class/senior students to whom they may look for guidance, and, based on Prof. Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, F’s email, until WLS, female students had not had a forum to discuss their experiences on campus.  As these things change, perhaps in the future the WLS can be opened to both male and female students.  However, at this point, it may be premature to take a context-neutral, gender-neutral stance on the WLS.


Prof, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia india. G (female)


Dear all:

Ah, now we are speaking. One mention of gender and you can see how things shake up – that’s the power of subversion. Apart from the WLS providing a much needed safe/ non-judgmental space for women on campus, it disturbs the neatness with which we want to go on with our lives within a ‘global’ space, seduced by the promise of emancipation.  It’s the old, still unresolved debate on special rights/ privileges vs, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia. equal rights/ privileges. No space or policy can be gender-neutral or non-discriminatory if the very structure and architecture of that space/ policy is not. And our university is no exception – by the sheer imbalance in the male to female ratio of faculty, students, admin staff, construction workers, service providers.

This of course is not the only marker as Profs. Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, F and G have convincingly pointed out. As I mentioned in my last mail, 40mg Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, even declaredly gender/ caste/ sexuality/ disability/ race/ religion-neutral spaces are by default male/ Brahmin/ heterosexual/ abled/ white/ Hindu, and there is an almost unquestioning internalization of that fact – it disciplines us so smoothly that we don’t even recognize it.

Talk of non-discrimination in a space that is structurally unequal will only reinforce the gender hierarchy. I see no reason why the WLS should be looked at as an exclusive space – rather it’s the first step towards turning our university inclusive – making it substantively equal for its women students. It’s not factionalism, it’s solidarity. The very fact that WLS’ formation, or a move to include women students in the gender-neutral Saturday cricket fixtures unsettles us (surprisingly only men!) means that a hierarchy was already in operation, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia. As Foucault has eminently reminded us, resistance to power, is what makes us recognize it. The WLS has done exactly that.

Having said that, as a feminist deeply committed to queering any form of essentialism – I’d like conveners of the WLS to respond to my question about whether a Hijra student can be accommodated within the WLS. This is a question with much larger purport than the WLS itself – of whether we are on the slippery slopes of biological determinism when we create women-only spaces to undo the gender hierarchy which in itself is predicated on biological determinism. Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, How powerful is our subversion if we continue to operate within the binaries of male/ female. Are we subscribing to another hierarchy which places gender above sexuality on the arc of historical disadvantage.

Looking forward to more unsettling discussions.

In solidarity,

Prof, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia uk. C (male)


The Closure

Um… excuse me. Could you guys with your subtle post-essentialist analysis and managerial double-speak please stop trying to bring sense into this, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia. I am still hoping to see a grudge match between Profs. A (male) and B (female). If Prof. B wins, the women of our university get to be free of their oppressive masters. Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, If Prof. A wins, we’ll join the British Raj again, wear white for the rest of the year and pay “triple lagaan.” No. Arm wrestling. Push ups. Why am I the only one laughing.


Prof, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia. H (male)


P.S.; No one continued the thread beyond this email. The cricket matches have become a hit – though participation of female students is negligible. The WLS meets every week. On the occasion of the 100 years of International Women’s Day they organized the screening of Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Deathproof’. Was it a feminist film. You need to watch it to find out.

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May 17, 2010

Natural Substitue For Diflucan

EVERYONE IS SYMPATHETIC Natural Substitue For Diflucan, of a pregnant woman. But in my opinion, pregnancy is only a 10-month torment which might happen once or twice in a woman’s life. On the other hand, the torment a woman goes through each month when she is not pregnant is a life sentence. Freedom, Stayfree, Whisper--advertisements of these sanitary napkins show carefree women who wake up fresh and happy in the mornings while I see young girls from poor families stare longingly at these sanitary napkins in medical shops. I never experienced this longing as a young girl because I didn’t even know the existence of sanitary napkins when I started my period.

Delayed periods is actually a boon that poverty bestows on poor girls, Natural Substitue For Diflucan. I was 16 when my periods started. Those days we had just one meal a day. Even that wasn’t an assured one. It was my last year at school, around the half-yearly exams. Natural Substitue For Diflucan, My family organized a small celebration for me. It was exciting, but I couldn’t fully understand what was going on. I had no pain for the first six  months. Then, during menstruation, I started to experience heavy flow of blood. I had to walk for about two km to reach school; there was no money to pay for the bus ticket, Natural Substitue For Diflucan ebay. Only a few scraps of old cloth were folded and kept in place to hold the blood flow all day, Natural Substitue For Diflucan. I had to keep folding in and folding out the wet and dry parts of the cloth.

Thankfully, I studied in a girl’s school. As for the toilets in a government school, is there any need to elaborate on their conditions. There was no water and the recess break was just ten minutes within which all the girls in the class had to use the toilet. Natural Substitue For Diflucan, I used to be scared to ask for the teacher’s permission to use the toilet during the classes. By the time I returned home walking, the blood-stained cloth scratched and caused bloody rashes between the thighs.

At home, the toilet was always closed. We lived in a huge compound where one toilet was shared by ten families. There were no taps in the toilet and we had to carry water twice or thrice. During my period, I wanted to use the toilet in the night as well, Natural Substitue For Diflucan. The owner’s son, a scoundrel, dared touch my breasts in the dark. I couldn’t ask my mother to go with me because my siblings (brother and sister) were still being breastfed. Asking my father to accompany me was possible but I was embarrassed.

I joined ITI after school. Natural Substitue For Diflucan, Pain around the hip bone started. It was as if a sharp object was being pierced through my hips. Natural Substitue For Diflucan paypal, In the stomach, the intense pain extended till the urethra, accompanied by heaviness of the head and intense drowsiness. In addition, there were frequent bouts of vomiting, heavy flow of blood for more than four days, and nausea. I didn't feel like eating and in fact, used to be unable to eat. I craved a soda or a cool drink but that was a huge luxury we couldn’t afford, Natural Substitue For Diflucan. I used to lie down and scream amma, amma and roll on the ground in pain. The screaming and rolling would go down after swallowing a paralgon tablet, and I lapsed into a tired half-sleep. When the four days for over, it was real freedom.

I visited the ESI (Employee State Insurance) hospital with my mother. Natural Substitue For Diflucan, The doctor said that there was no medicine for this ache and the pain would be gone after marriage. Since I thought marriage was just exchanging garlands, I wondered why I shouldn’t wear them right away and get rid of the pain. That was the level of knowledge I had then and I was too uncomfortable to ask my mother about it. With time, the pain became worse, Natural Substitue For Diflucan australia. Although the ITI was only for girls, there were male lecturers for some classes. Once, between classes, before the next lecturer came, I went to the toilet quickly to change the cloth, Natural Substitue For Diflucan. The cloth fell down; the lecturer must have seen it. That day, I died of humiliation and shame.

It must have been 1977-78 when I read about sanitary napkins in the weekly magazines. I asked my friend Sharada about them. Natural Substitue For Diflucan, She was one of the rich girls in our class. She said that sanitary napkins were held in place by an elastic belt. I couldn’t ask for money at home. The polytechnic was about seven km away from home and one had to change two buses to reach the polytechnic. At home, they usually gave me enough money only for one bus (25 paise). I walked the entire distance and saved money, Natural Substitue For Diflucan. When I got the sanitary pad, it looked so beautiful and neat. I used it once and brought it home safely in a packet. I was wondering why I hadn't thought of this earlier. I started washing the napkin with soap; it fell to pieces. Natural Substitue For Diflucan, I was completely unaware of the idea of use-and-throw. And the price of one day’s freedom was a several-kilometer-long walk. Even today when I think of it, 40mg Natural Substitue For Diflucan, it hurts.

After my studies, I got a job in an electrical shop for a salary of Rs 100 per month. My siblings would now get at least one meal for sure. I was at peace, Natural Substitue For Diflucan. My work was from 9:00 in the morning to 8:00 in the night. The shop was about five km away from home. I used the bus during the first 10 days of the month and walk the rest of the days. A close friend also started working in that shop. Natural Substitue For Diflucan, Her presence gave me a lot of confidence. We would longingly wait for the shop owner to order tea twice a day, morning and evening. When we actually got the tea depended on the owner’s mood. Especially during my period, I craved that one tea desperately.

At times, stock taking would happen on the days when I had my periods. We had to climb on a ladder, remove the things from the top shelves, dust them, and then list them, Natural Substitue For Diflucan. My friend and I would do this together. The pain would be excruciating. One day, my friend gathered some guts and told the owner to assign stock-taking to men. Well, her family didn’t depend on her salary unlike mine, 1000mg Natural Substitue For Diflucan. Natural Substitue For Diflucan, For me, just the thought of my siblings would silence me at such times.

The shop owners had actually rented out a big house. The toilet in that house did not have a ceiling. One could easily peep into the toilet from neighboring terraces, shops and houses. There was scarcity of water as well. If the second day of my period fell on a Sunday, I did not have to take leave, Natural Substitue For Diflucan. At other times, I took leave and the owner questioned me angrily. My sense of self never let me cry before him. I controlled my tears and worked. One day, the wife of one the owners came to the shop. Natural Substitue For Diflucan, She was a compassionate person though she came from a rich family. Seeing me looking extremely tired, she asked, “why are you looking so ill?” I replied, “what to do, I wish I could die, but I am unable to.” I was 20 at that time. She felt very bad.

Then, 20mg Natural Substitue For Diflucan, one day, she took me to a female doctor, who prescribed some medicines. But they were of no use. The doctor said that there were no medicines other than painkillers and that using other medicines could lead to side effects, Natural Substitue For Diflucan. She said, “after marriage, the pain will be gone.” Given my family situation, I did not need marriage then. Earlier, I had heard that the pain would go if the uterus was removed. I asked the doctor if removing the uterus was an option. The doctor smiled pensively and said, “it cannot be done at this age, my dear.” I didn’t see any doctor after that day, and the owner also stopped scolding me if I took leave. Natural Substitue For Diflucan, After a few days, I got a better job. However, it wasn’t good enough to for me to afford napkins. Instead of the cloth, I started using rolls and rolls of cotton. Even if the pain continued, the abrasions around the thighs reduced greatly, 1000mg Natural Substitue For Diflucan. That was a great joy.

After I got married, my husband’s eyes filled with tears seeing me in such pain, Natural Substitue For Diflucan. That eased my pain greatly. In fact, I even felt proud. In the second month, he was slightly upset. In the third month, he left for a movie. Natural Substitue For Diflucan, When asked, he said, “what do I do when you are under so much pain. At least, I’ll go and watch a movie.” I was numb with grief. Of course, he can’t take away my pain. But if he was under such pain, would I look around for joy.

During menstruation, I also used to vomit in the night. Before marriage, my mother, brother or sister used to massage my back as I vomited and give me warm water to drink, Natural Substitue For Diflucan. It was a great relief. One night, after marriage, 30mg Natural Substitue For Diflucan, I woke up my husband and ran to the bathroom to vomit. As I vomited, I realized that there was no one to massage my back. I returned to bed to see my husband sleeping. Natural Substitue For Diflucan, I was horrified but consoled myself saying that perhaps he didn’t hear me call. When I asked him, he said, “you were just vomiting; why should I wake up for that?” It hurt badly.

He’s actually not a male chauvinist. He treated my family as if they were his family. He never beat me. But he hurt me with his scathing words, just like any regular man, Natural Substitue For Diflucan. I am not sure whether the incident I just described would affect men. In all probability, they will think that I am making a big deal out small things. But it’s funny that men, who need their wives to take care of them even for a headache, call women the weaker sex.

Male readers and even some female readers might find this piece boring. Natural Substitue For Diflucan, Today’s middle class women enjoy ‘freedom’ and so they can afford to be ‘carefree’ as well. But, even today, these things are still a huge problem for women from poor families. I don’t know whether this is a woman’s problem or the poor person's problem, Natural Substitue For Diflucan australia.

When women take off on certain days, the sarcastic smiles of their male colleagues, their talk about how women use this as an excuse to not work, managers who remind women about responsibility at work, women who suffer all this in silence, being unable to voice their problems to their managers, etc…these are things that even women from middle class households suffer every day.

I recently read in the newspaper that about 65% of households in India do not have proper toilet facilities. Both in the villages and the cities, women must finish excretion early in the morning and wait until nightfall, Natural Substitue For Diflucan. Severe pain affects some unlucky women like me. However, blood flow and tiredness during those days are things that all women go through. These days, I take leave when the pain is unbearable. Moreover, my office has proper toilet facilities. Natural Substitue For Diflucan, Indeed, life has changed quite a lot for me. But it hasn’t changed for house maids, salesgirls who must remain standing the whole day, girls who study in corporation schools, etc. Natural Substitue For Diflucan paypal, I think they aren’t as naïve as I used to be. They must be aware that there’s ‘freedom’ for women, and that that ‘freedom’ is beyond their reach.

Last month, I was at the medical shop buying sanitary napkins. There was some drainage work happening on the road, Natural Substitue For Diflucan. I saw a 16-year-old girl carrying the pebbles to be mixed with the concrete. She was dark and beautiful. She was wearing a faded polyester skirt; perhaps bought for her puberty function. I remembered wearing such a new skirt at my puberty function. Natural Substitue For Diflucan, Filling the container with pebbles, she looked around to see if someone would help her lift it. There was no one. She didn’t even ask anyone. Gnashing her teeth, she lifted the container herself. A sharp pain shot through me. I remembered the days of stock-taking in that electrical shop. That young girl returned to refill the container. I felt a little proud at that sight.

(This article was first published in vinavu.com.).

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March 01, 2010

Hostacycline And Tetracycline


OVER THE LAST FEW Hostacycline And Tetracycline, decades, sociologists and economists have been exploring the consequences of marriage for men and for women. Many of the studies indicate that married people are happier, healthier and richer than single or divorced people. Sometimes this masks the fact that marriage has more advantages for men than for women especially when we examine the financial portfolios of married women in developed countries compared to never married or widowed women. Hostacycline And Tetracycline ebay, Married women appear to have smaller pensions and investments as well as savings. In the UK where I live, many more women work part-time than men, particularly after childbirth; there are more men than women in senior professional and managerial positions; and finally, more women care for elderly relatives (including parents and in-laws) than men and do so either by working part-time or by quitting their jobs, Hostacycline And Tetracycline india. Given these exits from the labour market at various points in their lives, it is not surprising that when they are close to retirement women have smaller pensions and greater economic insecurity compared to men, Hostacycline And Tetracycline.

As an anthropologist married to a scientist, I'm interested in the career trajectories of women in the sciences. I've noticed that most successful scientists, Hostacycline And Tetracycline japan, especially those tenured at research-intensive universities, tend to have wives who initially had a promising career but 15-20 years later, they're working in occupations for which they are overqualified. These range from temporary lectureships to teaching below university level or sometimes focusing only on teaching and not doing any research. Teaching is poorly paid and less prestigious than research, 40mg Hostacycline And Tetracycline. Hostacycline And Tetracycline, Part of this imbalance is a function of the highly rarefied academic job market but this is not the full picture. Through informal conversation, I've discovered that a combination of circumstances and personal choices have resulted in one partner having a more conventionally successful career than the other. Some wives graduated after their husbands and followed their husbands’ jobs. Hostacycline And Tetracycline usa, If the husband procured employment in a remote area with few industries, it presented great obstacles to the wife. For others, the arrival of children tipped the balance of priorities.

I do not intend to present these women as victims of their circumstances; they are probably privileged and in a position to forgo work because they don't need the money, Hostacycline And Tetracycline. Also most of the wives say they have very fulfilling lives, 100mg Hostacycline And Tetracycline, even if they are not doing exactly what they were trained to do. From a strictly economic perspective, it might make more sense for couples to focus their energies on the career of one partner especially when that partner is already doing well. 20mg Hostacycline And Tetracycline, But it's hard to miss the fact that these women's choices subsidize their husbands’ success to some extent. Without the reliability of a wife who chooses to stay at home or not be engaged in an extremely demanding career, some male scientists would probably not reach the pinnacles they do. Hostacycline And Tetracycline, In defense of the male scientists I've met, most contribute considerably towards household chores each day. But unmistakably, marriage does tend to have better outcomes for men than for women, 200mg Hostacycline And Tetracycline. Worst is the penalty that women must endure if the marriage does not work out. Not only is she at a disadvantage in the labour market because she has not worked for a long period of time but the initial premise for compromise i.e. family stability has turned out to be false. I am not making a case against marriage, just pointing out that it is not without its risks and costs, Hostacycline And Tetracycline. Hostacycline And Tetracycline uk, Of course, not all decisions are taken using cold-hearted economic models. Our decisions are often based on our individual definitions of happiness. From my own personal experiences, I've realised that a happy marriage is one where the woman does not feel that she is making too many sacrifices, Hostacycline And Tetracycline coupon. It's important for women is to be fully aware of the of the risks and costs of their choices, some of which may indeed leave them worse off in the long run as individuals. Feminism allows us a choice of several different life trajectories as long as we're willing to abide by the consequences of our decisions. It should not dictate one way of life over another because this would not reflect the values at the core of the movement.

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August 28, 2009

Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus

divya rajan

I drive by narrow lanes called eda Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus, in colloquial malayalam, the walls hoarded with large
posters of Mohanlal and some teenager heroine
(who won the National Award for Best Actress,
I'm told, for carrying on precariously well
as a mother of an eighteen year old, when
she herself had but known eighteen mango- textured
summers) with wisps of curls over elephantine
ears and a big, red bindi on her forehead. Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus craiglist, The car
rumbles over dead brown leaves, to be
composted; more leaves that'd borne
mid-life crises and just breathed last
beneath the tires and the smell of wet
earth rises to my nostrils, Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus japan. 200mg Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus, There's
another smell that's common in these
towns. The smell of unsmoked bidi leaves
caressed by nimble fingers of women, 750mg Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus, Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus overseas, young
and old, in factories overloaded with
women, Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus uk, Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus mexico, for they're cheaper, more reliable
and don't drink, 1000mg Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus. Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus coupon, All they do, is work
and smile and save money for their
daughters' and sisters' weddings to be
held under thatched, Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus australia, nameless roofs
with indistinct tharavad flavors. Their
smiles burst out, like pomegranates when
cut open, Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus. They must've known my grandparents.
Why else would they smile at me. My city
lips creak open like a two hundred year old
frozen fossil. A scarlet-less smile,
aching to be shed.


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August 13, 2009

Diflucan Used For

Anindita Sengupta Diflucan Used For, RECENTLY, OVER AT at Feministe, guest blogger Ren did some frank speak about being a sex worker:

Well, personally, I am fond of the money and the way it allows me to set my own hours.  I generally like most of my coworkers.  I do dig my work attire way more than business casual (except the spiky heels, I do not like spiky heels, more of a platform gal myself). I absolutely admit without fear or guilt that I love making my own porn, you know, stuff that is depictions of what I like sexually and is a creative process for me and all.  I like not having to deal with the whole corporate world thing.  I love not being at a desk, in a cubicle, in a building with no windows.  In fact, the whole idea of that sort of a working life is enough to make me want to put a gun to my head....We’re all different, so why would we ever be expected to like the same things?

Her post busts a number of myths and you should definitely read it. It also reminded me of the time I met a couple of street sex workers at Vimochana, a women's rights organisation based in Bangalore, 250mg Diflucan Used For. They talked about how things get difficult for them when they're shunted out of their work zones, in this case, Cubbon Road and MG Road. The fact that sex work has not been legalised in India means they are easy prey for cops who often extort free sex from them as a sort of 'hafta'. But despite haftas, certain streets frequented by  'respectable people' are still off limits, Diflucan Used For. This hits them where it hurts -- right on the belly -- because ironically the same respectable people are a huge client base. One of the women got quite heated and what she said, vehemently, angrily, 10mg Diflucan Used For, sticks in my mind: "What is your problem if two consenting adults decide to have sex. What is it that disgusts you. What is it that offends you?"

Of course, she meant the 'you' as a general form of address since I had not indicated that I was offended in the least but the strength of her bitterness struck me like a cleaver. Diflucan Used For, Because the context of sex work in India is different from that of the west, their situation was even more tangled. From an Infochange article:

Demographic studies indicate that sex workers are usually women who are already subsumed by other elements of social marginalisation. They are predominantly illiterate, have limited economic opportunities and lower social status....The minute they enter sex work however, they are further marginalised along three other axes: the informality of their labour, the dubious legal status of prostitution, and notions of women and immorality.

I don't want to get into the issue of legalisation but you can read this this essay by Prabha Kotiswaran for an overview of arguments for and against, Diflucan Used For us. What I want to talk about is our personal, even involuntary reactions to sex workers. Largely undetermined by legal nits, they come from some murky, underground place of childhood when it was drilled into us that good girls don't have sex and bad girls do, and good girls don't talk to bad girls. Of course, we've all grown up and know this is hogwash, but mama's voice is hard to get rid of, isn't it, Diflucan Used For.

Sex workers live on the periphery of our lives. They inhabit the same streets, 50mg Diflucan Used For, hang around outside or in the same bars, often sleep with the same men. Yet, there is a certain discomfort, isn't there, when it comes to sharing public space or common facilities. A restaurant, a salon, a train compartment. Diflucan Used For, It's partly why many establishments 'reserve the right' of admission. I saw this right exercised at an expensive salon in Bombay, Diflucan Used For canada. I was getting a haircut when a woman walked in and asked for a manicure. They politely told her there was nobody free. She looked around the place doubtfully, at the empty salon, at the stylists standing around, clearly free. A look of understanding, and she left, Diflucan Used For.

I was fourteen at the time, too young to fully understand what was happening. Diflucan Used For ebay, But what if it happened today. Would I have the gumption to say anything to the salon owners. Most likely, I would sit by just as dumbly. Diflucan Used For, How do you tell people how to run their business. And it's not they who have a problem but their clients. People like 'us'.

So when we choose public and social spaces for food, leisure or entertainment, what criteria do we apply. What role does class and morality play, 250mg Diflucan Used For. How willing  are we to tolerate not only people from different economic and social backgrounds, but also people with disparate moral or lifestyle choices in the same space, Diflucan Used For. I've often heard someone say: 'Such-and-such place is very upmarket. You know, no riffraff.' Upmarket. Riffraff. What do these terms mean. Diflucan Used For, Much of it is hinged on outward appearance. So we have a problem with those visibly different from us. Through race and class, yes. 10mg Diflucan Used For, But also the drag queen. The eunuch. The sex worker who hasn't disguised it well enough, Diflucan Used For. (For example, one might argue that we don't want to be in the company of 'criminal elements' but for all you know, the wealthy man next to you on the flight is a drug smuggler. So that argument falls apart.)

What is usually at work is fear, the fear of people whose choices we don't understand or whose morals we do not agree with, the fear of  moral 'contamination', the irrational panic that merely being in the company of someone with different choices will besmirch us in some mysterious, unfathomable way, Diflucan Used For usa. Hatred is a result of fear. And we erect membership laws, rules, social codes to reserve our right of admission, to reserve our right to this fear and hatred. Diflucan Used For, Ironically, the very antidote to both is knowledge. The more you know about something, or somebody, the less alien they seem, Diflucan Used For us, the more time you have to discover the commonalities. As long as we uphold a society strictly bound up in strictures and structures, fixed positions of being and interacting, there can be no shared space, no knowledge and no understanding.

Perhaps, we need to loosen the ties a bit, stretch those social muscles in unusual ways, let restaurants and salons and train compartments profit from the refreshing mix of choice and difference. Perhaps we need to ask this question more often and more insistently: why must the right to admission be reserved, and against whom.

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