November 08, 2009

Storm in a T-Cup & The Language of Experience

PENELOPE TRUNK CAUSED A tremendous controversy when she Tweeted about her miscarriage (and the fact that she was glad she didn’t have to wait for an abortion, which is difficult to get in her part of the USA). I found the controversy ridiculous on many levels – after all, many people share personal information […]

October 29, 2009

Two poems


A curtain of rain separates My verandah from the hospital. On any other day a hundred Silent patients would pass through The OP clinic. Each of them Allowing us doctors to listen Feel, touch and question them. The warmth of their fever would Make us uncomfortably hot.

Today the air is chilled downpour […]

February 07, 2008

Beyond Pro-Life and Pro-Choice: Abortion in India

NOT ALL OF US may agree on whether or not abortion is ethical. Some may feel that it is sinful, but a subjective choice nonetheless. Others may approve in theory but with a dose of “abortion guilt”, to use Naomi Wolf’s term. Still others, I realise, may condemn it altogether. But wherever we stand personally […]

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