October 01, 2012

Violence Against Women Awareness Month

    In October, we kick off Violence Against Women (VAW) Awareness Month on the blogosphere. VAW Awareness Month began as a completely voluntary, yet cohesive online campaign in 2011, when a group of dedicated bloggers/volunteers decided to band together and raise awareness about this social anathema that isn’t going away in a hurry. […]

October 13, 2009

Injectable Amoxicillin U K

By Deborah Herbert of Population First Injectable Amoxicillin U K, As the day of voting for the Assembly elections approaches, the political parties have been making their achievements and plans known to the voters of Maharashtra through their manifestos. With a lot at stake for the political parties in the fray, they are leaving no stone unturned to convince the electorate that it is their party alone who has the best intentions at heart for every section of society in Maharashtra.

The manifestos of the Congress Party-Nationalist Congress Party and the Shiv Sena-Bharatiya Janata Party do state the intentions of the parties to promote the cause of the Girl Child. 1000mg Injectable Amoxicillin U K, They have promised to “invest” a certain amount in a fixed deposit for every female child born in Maharashtra, and Rs. 1.25 lakh and Rs. 1 lakh, has been promised by each party respectively, once the girl becomes a major, Injectable Amoxicillin U K. The parties have also promised free education for girls until graduation level.

The considerations given to the Girl Child are a positive step forward in securing the rightful place of a girl in society, Injectable Amoxicillin U K canada. What about the female child that does not even get a chance to be born or the girl child that does not get a chance to survive past the age of six because she is denied her right to nutrition, health and education. Who will speak up for her. Injectable Amoxicillin U K, She also has the right to be heard. Injectable Amoxicillin U K overseas, Census 2001 threw up a startling revelation – it showed an alarmingly skewed Sex Ratio at Birth (SRB) at the national level and in the state of Maharashtra, with Mumbai being one of the biggest offenders. In 2001 there were 927 girls for every 1000 boys in India within the age group of 0–6 and 917 girls for every 1000 boys in Maharashtra. In Mumbai there were 898 girls for every 1000 boys.

An analysis of the SRB data since 2001 to 2007 has been conducted by D, Injectable Amoxicillin U K usa. K, Injectable Amoxicillin U K. Mangal of UNFPA for Maharashtra based on the data published by the Office of the Registrar General of India. The report stated that the SRB in 2006 in India was 901 girls per 1000 boys, 871 girls for every 1000 boys in Maharashtra and 736 girls per 1000 boys in Mumbai. Injectable Amoxicillin U K craiglist, If Census 2001 threw up startling revelations, the data of 2006 shows that those in authority have done nothing to arrest the decreasing sex ratio in our country, state or city.

One of the main reasons for these shocking figures is the availability of technology to determine sex of the child before birth. Injectable Amoxicillin U K, The proliferation of Ultrasound Clinics and their misuse for determining the sex of the foetus has led to large scale elimination of the girl child. There is a clear co-relation between the number of clinics and the declining sex ratio in the offending Cities and States, 200mg Injectable Amoxicillin U K.

This is happening despite rising prosperity, despite the spread of education and despite a comprehensive law against sex selection. If the leaders of our state are seriously concerned in bringing about gender equality through the projects for the Girl Child they have mentioned in their manifestos, 40mg Injectable Amoxicillin U K, we ask them to start at the very beginning – give HER THE RIGHT TO BE BORN. 27 Lac crimes take place under the PCPNDT Act every year, 10 Lac pre-birth eliminations and the number of convictions – below 100.

For the effective implementation of The Pre-conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act, it is time that the political parties give this commitment to the following action points:

1, Injectable Amoxicillin U K. Reconstitute the Advisory Boards as per the Law with representation of committed social activists and civil society representatives
2. Conduct social audit of documents received from sonography clinics between 2003-2008
3, 750mg Injectable Amoxicillin U K. Publish on appropriate websites data of USG machines sold by companies
4. Institute a special fast track court for PCPNDT cases at State level
5. Injectable Amoxicillin U K, Appoint a special prosecutor at state level
6. It is mandatory under Sec 23 of PCPNDT Act to prosecute the clinics found guilty of violating the law. Injectable Amoxicillin U K ebay, It should be ensured that all such clinics are prosecuted as per the Law.
7. Demand for adequate financial and budgetary allocations for the implementation of the PCPNDT Act.

So far, there has been no political will to enforce the law due to the politician-doctor nexus, Injectable Amoxicillin U K. Let us hope that the new MLAs tackle this problem with seriousness, sincerity and vigour; and to begin with stop interfering in the strict implementation of the PCPNDT Act, 500mg Injectable Amoxicillin U K.


This is posted as a special contribution based on an email from Deborah Herbert. Population First is an NGO focusing on the serious population and health issues facing India, looking at these from the perspective of women’s rights and social development. Laadli is a Girl Child Campaign initiated by Population First, supported by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), among others. ‘Celebrate her life’, the campaign theme, encapsulates the wider concern of the falling sex ratio, which is violence against women in general. Gender-based violence begins in the womb itself, leading to the elimination of the female foetus.

Population First wishes to highlight the lack of political will in strictly implementing The Pre-conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act, and asks the political parties to give their commitment to tackle the problem of the decreasing sex ratio in Maharashtra..

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April 05, 2009

Metronidazole Flagyl Order Fast Canada Mexico

Apu Metronidazole Flagyl Order Fast Canada Mexico, WHERE EVERY FAMILY wants a hundred sons, but not even one daughter, where infant girls are killed using many ingenious methods, or even simpler, not allowed to be born, in such a land, what is the future of womankind.

Manjula Padmanabhan's recently published novel, Escape is the dystopian vision of such a society where the no-girls policy has been taken to its  extreme; for now, it is not only individual families that conspire to kill women, it is the government itself that has officially outlawed and exterminated women. Metronidazole Flagyl Order Fast Canada Mexico canada, In this "world" (a country masquerading as the whole world, even as the rest of the world ostracises it for its crimes), a coup by clone technology wielding generals has eliminated the 'need' for women, since they see women primarily as 'breeders', and weak breeders at that, who cannot compete with the perfection of clone technology, 100mg Metronidazole Flagyl Order Fast Canada Mexico. What then is the fate of the lone girl who has survived in this world, not knowing even that she is to become a woman.

Escape is the story of this lone girl, Meiji, Metronidazole Flagyl Order Fast Canada Mexico india, and what is remarkable is that it traces two journeys at once. Meiji must set out on a perilous journey with Youngest, the youngest of the three uncles who have raised her, if she is to have any chance of survival, Metronidazole Flagyl Order Fast Canada Mexico. At the same time, on the cusp of adolescence, she must also understand what a woman is, in the absence of any other living specimens to guide or even assure her that to be woman is to be normal. For, 750mg Metronidazole Flagyl Order Fast Canada Mexico, in this world, man has become default and woman is a relic of a past world, a species of monster that needs to be made extinct. In some ways, Metronidazole Flagyl Order Fast Canada Mexico uk, this inner journey of Meiji's, with its confusion and bitterness, is more exciting than the physical journey through the wasteland, which never comes close to being really threatening. The inner journey on the other hand is perilous, for, Metronidazole Flagyl Order Fast Canada Mexico overseas, having only vaguely heard of women (and their attendant evils), Meiji comes dangerously close to self-loathing on realising that she is the last of a tribe that has been exterminated.

Metronidazole Flagyl Order Fast Canada Mexico, Yesterday you told me that when I finish growing up completely, I'll be a monster," she said. "And now you're telling me that I'm the only one left in our world?

When it is hard for her to even visualize a world where women were human beings, she must make another leap to come to terms with the changes happening in her own body  and understand that womanhood brings with it some unique abilities. Metronidazole Flagyl Order Fast Canada Mexico japan, Youngest has a journey of his own to make, both as Meiji's escort and protector, and towards understanding and controlling his own sexual impulses. Some scenes are not easy to stomach -- instinctively, I cringed at the description of sexual attraction that Youngest feels towards Meiji even as he fights it. Yet, 150mg Metronidazole Flagyl Order Fast Canada Mexico, in a world that has killed women, Youngest is one small symbol of hope -- of a man who can not only lust, but also feel, love and remember. When he recalls the cousin whom he loved,
She was everything to me, Metronidazole Flagyl Order Fast Canada Mexico. Metronidazole Flagyl Order Fast Canada Mexico mexico, Mother, sister, wife, lover -- everything mixed up together. It used to be considered shameful and indecent to have thoughts like that for family members but the time for shame was over...Our time together was beyond imagining. We didn't hide it from the others, 40mg Metronidazole Flagyl Order Fast Canada Mexico. It was too pure, too beautiful, to be snuffed out.

There is no easy closure to this journey, but inspite of leaving us with no answers, Escape is a very worthwhile read both for its many layered story and for the way it has integrated a question that all of us who see India's declining sex ratios must ask.


Publisher: Picador India

Price: Rs. 295.

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November 05, 2008

Zantac Interact With Amoxicillin

ApuBACK FROM THE DIWALI Zantac Interact With Amoxicillin, break, I was chatting with the elderly lady who comes to sweep our street everyday. Though she is employed by the municipal corporation, the wages are paltry so residents usually help her with small tips in cash or kind. As I handed over her Diwali tip and a small box of sweets, she blessed me saying, "May you have male children year after year!" Quite apart from the fact that overburdened India doesn't need anybody producing children year after year, what is with this obsession with the male child, Zantac Interact With Amoxicillin paypal, that simply refuses to go away.

If anything, technology only seems to be ensuring that parents can select for gender more effectively. A recent book, Disappearing Daughters reveals that the female-male sex ratio across five north-western Indian states is abysmal, 10mg Zantac Interact With Amoxicillin, and worsening. Nor does affluence necessarily seem to improve the situation, because upper-caste families, more likely to have access to land and education, are no better, Zantac Interact With Amoxicillin. As InfoChange India mentions,

In four of the five sites surveyed, the proportion of girls to boys had declined since the 2001 census. In one site in Punjab state, there are just 300 girls to every 1,000 boys among higher caste families, Zantac Interact With Amoxicillin coupon, the report says.

A few months ago, I read Elisabeth Bumiller's 'May you be the Mother of a Hundred Sons', the title of this post. Though the book suffers from some generalizations that would be obvious to an Indian eye, I thought that it did a pretty good job of covering many of the issues faced by women across the country. Zantac Interact With Amoxicillin uk, The pity is that though the book was written almost 20 years ago, we don't seem to have progressed much on some of them.

One of the things she brings up in this book is sex-selective abortions. Zantac Interact With Amoxicillin, The dilemma is this: on the one hand, it is important that women have the right to abort as an inalienable right over their own bodies. On the other hand, to prevent the rampant killing of foetuses identified as female, the government has made such identification illegal. Then, is this equivalent to giving a woman only partial control over her womb, 40mg Zantac Interact With Amoxicillin. You may abort, but only for reasons that we approve of--is that what we are saying?

To me, while this is a dilemma in theory, circumstances in India may need a different solution. For one thing, 750mg Zantac Interact With Amoxicillin, it is a well known fact that irrespective of what the law says, many Indian women do not actually have any control over their bodies. Whether contraception is used at all, for how long, whether to keep the foetus or abort it--these decisions are rarely in the hands of the woman, or even of the couple alone, Zantac Interact With Amoxicillin. Social norms, the economic situation and the wishes of family play an important role. (Here is an interesting account of a program to promote knowledge of contraception and change in child-bearing patterns in rural India, which shows that community involvement is important.)

In this situation, it is not feasible to say that any reason for abortion is valid--are women really exercising control over their bodies, Zantac Interact With Amoxicillin canada, or are women's bodies being controlled by others to fulfil the demand for sons. (There will of course be some women who say that it is entirely their choice, but I'm talking about the majority here.)

Legally outlawing sex-selective abortion is not a panacea by itself. As the data shows clearly, it is not working, Zantac Interact With Amoxicillin usa, and will not work, as long there are plenty of unethical medical professionals. Zantac Interact With Amoxicillin, Poor law enforcement means that the culprits will rarely be booked, let alone punished. States like Tamil Nadu which have implemented the Cradle Baby scheme, find that there is no drop in the number of babies being dropped off there, showing that unless fundamental attitudes change, only the means of disposal will differ.

For poor families, girls are seen as an economic burden: they will not bring much into the family kitty and will deplete it as the cost of marriage is shouldered by the girl's parents, Zantac Interact With Amoxicillin craiglist. For more well-to-do families, dowry may be one factor but there also seems to be an element of pride attached to having male children. This is closely related to a patriarchal society's handing down of assets. So until girls are seen as economic assets--as people who can earn their own way--this practice is not going to stop. For girls to be able to do that, Zantac Interact With Amoxicillin australia, they need to be able to live, get enough to eat and then get to school, before they can learn a skill and start supporting themselves. This is apart from attitude changes towards dowry and marriage.

This then is the dilemma in a country where girls are blamed for being unproductive assets and killed before they can ever prove themselves: how do we bring up our girls to be productive citizens when they are rarely allowed to get here in the first place?


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