January 26, 2013

“Man Prayer”

    I’VE SAID IT BEFORE and I’ll say it again: feminism cannot and should not exist without men. Here is a video titled “Man Prayer” for One Billion Rising, by Tony Stroebel, with words by Eve Ensler. I couldn’t help noticing, though, that the powerful sentiments were scripted by a woman. 😉 For […]

September 13, 2010

Order Retin A Online Without Prescription

Order Retin A Online Without Prescription, “TO PEE OR NOT TO PEE, that is the question.” Hamlet would have found this a more pressing concern if he was a woman living in 21st century India. This is what Paromita Vohra’s incisive look at the national state of public lavatories in Q2P brings home. The film charts a map through the toilets of Mumbai and Delhi, from the citadels of the elite to backwater slums, harnessing perspectives across class, caste and gender. How the urban Indian woman navigates public space through the simple act of processing metabolic waste -- this is the question the film asks and attempts to answer. Order Retin A Online Without Prescription craiglist, It looks at three aspects: control of women by society and state; sexualisation of the female body and the corrosive effect of caste and class.

The film begins on a very interesting note, Order Retin A Online Without Prescription. Asked why women shouldn’t urinate in the open like men, a bunch of males giggle and say that it is a contravention of culture and a matter of shame. Apparently, using the world as your lavvy is only disgraceful if you’re a girl. This ties into a more pervasive issue of how female biology is perceived in social imagination. It is seen as something to be hidden away, to be locked up, Order Retin A Online Without Prescription mexico. Order Retin A Online Without Prescription, It is not viewed as an actual functioning human body. This is one way to dehumanise the woman in the popular domain, a mostly informal, cultural one at that.

One expects a historically patriarchal country to be grudging with its permission of public space to the hitherto-oppressed sex. What really saddens is how the government promotes this. A female architect talks about the State's subtle campaign to marginalise women by investing almost no money in the development of public facilities. These facilities, as has just been noted, are required unconditionally for women as it is not for men, Order Retin A Online Without Prescription. Order Retin A Online Without Prescription ebay, Many government schools have not had restrooms and for the longest time, girls had to go home every time they needed to use the bathroom. Most teachers in such schools are women and they too do not have access to decent toilets, something they have stoically accepted. It is only funding from schemes like Total Literacy Campaign that has finally allowed female students the luxury of a loo at some schools. So on the one hand we see how the male status quo refuses to acknowledge the female as a real human and ushers her off the streets when she exhibits signs of life and on the other hand, we encounter the masculine State unable or unwilling to provide the necessary alternative. Order Retin A Online Without Prescription, In the film, Dr Bindeshwar Pathak, founder of the Sulabh Shauchalya sanitation movement, says that ‘Seven hundred million people are using public toilets.' One wonders how many of these are female. Some of the officials interviewed give absurd opinions such as women must pay because they don’t go as many times as men, 30mg Order Retin A Online Without Prescription. What about the fact that Women probably don’t go as often because of reasons of hygiene, payment and embarrassment. Some of the women interviewed admit that it is slightly humiliating to be seen walking into a urinal because of the implicit assumption of what you are going to do there and how unsanitary such places are.

The film also underlines the aspect that there is a sexual undercurrent to the thought of a woman using a urinal, related to the idea of shame and negation of the woman’s biology. It highlights how in female genitalia, the urinary and reproductive loci overlap and therefore become a nexus of socio-political combat in gender relations, Order Retin A Online Without Prescription. A young Muslim woman and her mother speaking about the community toilet in their slum mention that they do not go alone or are only comfortable when their men come along and guard their virtue. Order Retin A Online Without Prescription japan, Toilets, then, are locations of perceived female vulnerability.

A brief look at the ‘Stay Out All Night’ campaign highlights how safety of urban women, sexual harassment outside the home, and making public spheres more woman-friendly, even through something as basic as providing toilets, are interconnected, 200mg Order Retin A Online Without Prescription. There is a pressing need to invite women to make the city their comfort zone. Order Retin A Online Without Prescription, This involves making available to them civic amenities that men take for granted.

The film also touches upon  the lingual secrecy surrounding the notion of a woman relieving herself. At one point, the curator of India’s Toilet Museum narrates the story of how, during the Georgian era, ‘admiring the roses’ became a code-phrase among women for urinating. 750mg Order Retin A Online Without Prescription, Cutting through the gender disparity are caste and class. As the health supervisor of one of Delhi’s plush areas summons the two token women in his brigade of toilet cleaners, others confirm that scrubbers of these fancy powder-rooms belong to a particular low caste community called the Balmikis. For generations, their sole occupation has been to clean up after upper castes and they continue to do so even today in posh urban locales across Northern India, Order Retin A Online Without Prescription. Not made permanent employees despite ploughing through a 240-hour work week for three years, the women have accepted their lot and the fact that they, ironically, have to urinate in the MDC’s urinals. The suppression here relates to both gender and caste and starkly highlights the burdens of  caste, 1000mg Order Retin A Online Without Prescription. In the discussion after the film, someone pointed out that as urban middle-class women, we can avail of cleaner, safer toilet facilities in a certain kind of space created for urban, middle-class people. Coffee shops. Order Retin A Online Without Prescription, Hotels. 500mg Order Retin A Online Without Prescription, But such options are not available to those disadvantaged by caste or class. The toilet becomes symbolic of the denial of space to those suppressed by these hierarchies.

I did feel that some areas were hinted at and not fleshed out enough. For example, I would have appreciated more exposition on the government’s official stand on their failure to provide strategically situated, sanitary facilities for women. I would have also liked a comparative study of Mumbai and Delhi, Order Retin A Online Without Prescription. But Vohra addresses deep-seated problems in urban public space vis-a-vis gender equality. Through the seemingly odd entry point of sanitation, 100mg Order Retin A Online Without Prescription, she dissects male-female tensions in India and, to some extent, succeeds in surprising us out of our stupor. The theme is so unusual that plenty of people will be curious about the film and have their eyes opened in the process.

To anchor the film in a particular viewpoint, it's relevant that Vohra was backed by PUKAR (Partners for Urban Knowledge, Action and Research) and financed by the Indo-Dutch Programme on Alternatives in Development (IDPAD). The former is an organisation devoted to creating and disseminating knowledge about urban studies from both a national and global standpoint, which would explain the focus of the film on two big cities as well as the exploration through indigenous and international lenses.

Q2P is a film that we were fortunate enough to be shown as part of our curriculum. It’s not only an educational film in the sense that we ‘learn’ something but also in the sense that it recommends looking at everything around us in a more analytical manner to catch what we have missed all this while.

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June 08, 2009

Zithromax For Ear Infection

Apu Zithromax For Ear Infection, LAST YEAR, when I read Lotus' review of The Road of Lost Innocence, just the review was enough to send shivers down my spine. I doubt I have the stomach for the entire book. The Road of Lost Innocence is a survivor's account, Zithromax For Ear Infection india, the memoir of Somaly Mam who survived the brutality of the Cambodian sex industry and lived to help other girls caught in that hell. Closer home, it is common knowledge that many, many Nepali and Bangladeshi (as well as Indian) women find themselves sold into sexual slavery. What kind of world do we live in where girls as young as 10 are viewed as commodities to be used for a man's pleasure, 100mg Zithromax For Ear Infection.

Yesterday, I chanced upon a Polish/English movie, 500mg Zithromax For Ear Infection,  'Your Name is Justine' that explores this subject using a focuslight on one young Polish woman's ordeal as she is betrayed by her boyfriend and sold to a ruthless and brutal pimping gang in Germany. Mariola is held in captivity while her captors tell her that she is now "a piece", and try to break her resistance through rape, beating and starvation. 

I confess I didn't actually watch the entire movie, Zithromax For Ear Infection. I couldn't. Our Bollywood movies typically present rape scenes almost as a parody of the real act, but here, the physical and mental pain was visible and terrifying, 20mg Zithromax For Ear Infection. I switched back and forth between channels every two minutes, unable to bear continuous viewing. Zithromax For Ear Infection usa, One can only imagine the unbearable nature of an experience, where even its shadow is so vile.

Mariola is now given a new name, Justine, 30mg Zithromax For Ear Infection. Zithromax For Ear Infection, She can no longer speak her own language but must now negotiate in English and German. The rest of the movie is about the compromises she must make and the desperate attempts to retain her sanity and her sense of self. As if in a dream, 1000mg Zithromax For Ear Infection, she reminds herself that her name is Mariola and that she comes from Poland.

The movie ends unsatisfyingly, without the theatrical revenge or justice that a Hindi movie would have offered; yet, it is probably closer to reality, 40mg Zithromax For Ear Infection. What was shocking was how many clients refuse to help her, even when they clearly realise that she is not a prostitute of her own volition. I had no idea that such prostitution rings were even present in first world countries, Zithromax For Ear Infection. Zithromax For Ear Infection craiglist, One must credit the film-makers for exploring such a subject and doing it without any gratuitous violence or nudity for the sake of titillation. Anna Ciesiak, a first-time actor gives a fine performance as Mariola - while at times, she appears as if on auto-pilot, Zithromax For Ear Infection mexico, the brutality of the experience is one which could numb the senses of the victim - and she succeeds in giving us the impression of a woman whose identity itself is in danger of vanishing.

In the Indian context, clearly everyone is aware of the elephant in the room but the authorities are not willing to do anything about it, or at least not do enough. While we have enough goons around to 'keep women in line' and get us to adhere to their version of Indianness, I wonder why such self-proclaimed defenders of Indian culture do not mind that there are hundreds of such women, being violated body and soul. Would prostitution flourish without the demand for it, fueled by a culture of tacit acceptance, that 'boys will be boys'.

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February 26, 2009

Zithromax Tablets


Zithromax Tablets, Pity the female villain.

Male villains can look forward to world domination, tons of moolah and all the power they can handle; females, on the other hand, spend all their time scheming to sabotage various weddings when they’re not forcing their daughters-in-law to mop floors while dressed in rags or nagging their husbands to death. And if somehow they manage to stumble onto a bitchin’ gig, they might just find themselves laboring under gallons of body paint and CGI because God forbid they show an actual live woman having the sort of fun men having been having for ages now (before getting blown up or dissolved in a vat of acid, naturally).

Male villains get cool names, all the chicks they can bang, and fly around the world like the billionaires they frequently are; female villains are typically the mom or the wife from hell, nobody loves them much less wants to bang them, and all their plotting and planning usually leaves them with a wrinkly face.

Chee. Who’d want to be a female villain, Zithromax Tablets.

So it's always nice to stumble across a proper villain in a dress. Especially when it's Glenn Close, 30mg Zithromax Tablets.

Every ten years or so, Close manages to play one woman character who is so dead-on perfect for that decade, it's absolutely uncanny. They're not your run-of-the-mill female villains; they embody everything we’re supposed to fear about women that generation. Zithromax Tablets, It’s no accident that they’ve become by-words in pop culture.


Fatal Attraction (1987) – Clearly, there’s something fishy about Alex Forrest (Close). She’s a sexy, capable, career woman who knows what she wants and when. She could have anybody at all but she inexplicably sets her sights on the charming (some would say smarmy but that's just Michael Douglas for you) Dan Gallagher.

Good ol’ Dan, our sympathetic hero, has a wife and little girl at home but when offered an illicit weekend with the sexy Alex, Dan couldn’t be more ready. The sex is amazing but once the weekend’s over and the wife is on her way back, Dan would like nothing better than to put it all behind him, Zithromax Tablets. 50mg Zithromax Tablets, This is when Alex informs him that she has some ideas of her own. Ideas she probably culled from a horror movie.


By the time the 80s rolled around, sexism was still rampant in the workplace not to mention the home, but change was definitely afoot in the gender wars. Zithromax Tablets, However, things hadn't evolved to the extent where strong, successful women working outside their homes were the accepted norm.

Close, dressed in those sexy suits with her hair done just so and the mascara smudging around her eyes so you wondered whether she’d just rolled out of somebody’s bed or was finishing up a long day at the office, perfectly captures the threat implied by women like Alex.

She is off the leash, so to speak, a woman whose sexual liberation conveniently masks a sexual predator; the ice queen who (spoiler alert!) could boil a child's bunny rabbit without a qualm to send her prey a message; the bitch who threatens to emasculate you because she is more powerful than you. Even her uterus, that sacred vessel of life, is a threat to this decent family man (who made one little mistake) and his innocent family.

Towards the end of the movie, Zithromax Tablets us, it really does transform itself from a thriller to a horror film, but that too is in line with its theme of a woman run amok -- she’s not just an evil woman, she’s a monster. She can’t merely be defeated, she must be eliminated because she will not stop, Zithromax Tablets. By the time she meets her end at the hands of the Good Wife right when things look very black indeed for the Erring Husband, it's turned deliciously 80s… yet Alex the Psycho is such a powerful image, she resonates even today.


101 Dalmatians (1996) – Who doesn’t love, and love to hate, Cruella De Vil. The woman so fashionably evil, she wants a coat made from puppy dogs. Beat that Meryl Streep, with your Prada-afflicted Priestly and whatnot. Zithromax Tablets, This is how the real De Vil kicks it.

Made at a time when America was obsessed with Hillary Clinton’s wardrobe (of Doom. Zithromax Tablets india, also, pantsuits), this anti-fur, pro-puppy movie has everything the mid-90s held dear -- the women are beautiful, smart and employed; the men are goofy, sweet and supportive; and animals are amazing; everybody just wants to wear plaid, cuddle and drink coffee by the fire. A new age had dawned, people.

On the evil side of things, Close’s Cruella is the kind of woman who might well have been Alex Forrest in the 80s but in the new decade, she’s found better things to do with her time than muck around with douchebags like Dan Gallagher. She’s no longer the kind of woman who’d stalk some bunny rabbit -- that would look crazy and she’s all about the image these days as people around her spruce up, realize what a sartorial embarrassment the 80s were, and begin to probe the seemingly unending limits of this new post-Cold War, post-threat (ah, remember those brief few years when it looked like everything was going to be sun and roses forever now that Communism was dead and everybody was rich?) world, Zithromax Tablets. When she needs her dirty work done, she doesn’t bother sullying her own hands with it -- she simply commands the hapless males to do it. And of course, they’re just bumbling idiots put on earth to screw up her plans, Zithromax Tablets overseas.

Cruella is, in fact, an updated version of an Evil Woman Prototype familiar to moviegoers of all demographics -- The Fashionista. There is something about a woman who is devoted to fashion that seems to set alarm bells ringing, no matter what their generation. Zithromax Tablets, How can somebody so frivolous, so committed to looks, so caught up in the exterior of a person, be anything other than Not Good. The easiest way to indicate a woman’s evil nature… well, is to give her a sexual appetite. But. A close second is to put her in a couture outfit. And give her a good manicure. Be it high school, high society or the Highlands, with those weapons she will enslave the poor male who is too much of an idiot to see the evil that lurks in her expensively clad bosom and then he will slowly descend into the bowels of depravity -- just the way she likes it, Zithromax Tablets. Muahaha.

Standing in stiff opposition are the bland yet delicious-as-bread pudding couple of Roger (Jeff Daniels) and Anita (Joely Richardson). They not only love puppies and want them to keep their fur, they want to adopt all the little puppies in the world and love them forever by putting out precious video games that teach other people how awesome puppies can be. 1000mg Zithromax Tablets, Puppies. Zithromax Tablets, Puppies. Puppies. They loves them. And we loves them. And we loves them even more when they make Cruella’s fur fly. Cue the happy ending: a mansion on a giant estate with a yuppie couple, their newborn infant and loads of doggies, Zithromax Tablets. I think we can all agree that’s pretty much the definition of 90s heaven. As long as someone else is wielding the pooperscooper anyway.


Damages (2007 - ) – As is right and proper in this postmodern, post-racial, lipstick world of ours, Close’s Patty Hewes is a much more complex character. For one thing, she’s on TV, where all the good writing is these days (seriously. Zithromax Tablets, Search and ye shall find). For another, she’s a lot more ambiguous as The Career Bitch than you’re used to, Zithromax Tablets ebay. Do I want her to win or do I want her to bite it. I’m so confused.

She’s a cut throat lawyer, the kind that makes you hope she will always be on your side, but there’s nothing funny or eccentric about her -- this isn’t your David E. Kelley lawyer who can be a bastard all day in court and then come back to the office and make your heart melt by his devotion to his pet frog or his bonding sessions on the terrace with a co-worker, Zithromax Tablets.

She frightens people, and with good reason, as we keep finding out. And yet, she’s obsessed with a case that has Erin Brokovich (without the boobies or the toxins) written all over it.

Like her protégée, the naive Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne), we just can’t get a handle on this woman -- what is she capable of, what are her motivations, Zithromax Tablets mexico, and what does she want. It makes you think fondly back to the days when you knew that all a woman really wanted was a man in her bed and a coat made of intelligent puppy dogs. Zithromax Tablets, And then there are the other conventions that Damages plays with all the time:

Ostensibly, Hewes’ problems all stem from the male of the species. There’s the billionaire Arthur Frobisher (Ted Danson), who in another sort of female context would be the hero: rich, strong, charismatic, older man who is deeply concerned about the impact of litigation on his innocent family. The air thrums with tension if he and Hewes so much as mention each other. It’s just what you want in your Harlequin romance. Except for that part where he really is evil and they hate each other’s guts. You could easily see shades of the Forrest/Gallagher power struggle in this if you squint a bit, Zithromax Tablets.

Then there is her son, the delinquent Michael (Zachary Booth). He accuses his mother of being the ultimate control freak and rejects her. But is he being a normal teenager or does he just know her better than anybody else. Is Hewes that classic stereotype -- an exceptional career woman and a lousy mom. Zithromax Tablets, Or is he just yanking her (and our) chain. Should we be calling Hewes Mommie Dearest or is her son just a manipulative son of a bitch, 150mg Zithromax Tablets.

She even has a weak-kneed male second-in-command she likes to boss around and remind that he will never be anything better than an also-ran, Tom Shayes (Tate Donovan). He’s with her every step of the way and she can always reel him back in if he makes a bid for freedom, but can she really trust him. And if she can’t trust him, doesn’t trust him, then is it because control freaks can never fully repose their faith in another human being no matter how much they prove their loyalties or is it because he’s a weaselly weasel and she knows it. Can Hewes ever have a friend or are they all doomed to fail her, Zithromax Tablets.

It is, however, the very female Ellen Parsons who is her real counterweight. We first meet Ellen as the ambitious young lawyer with everything going for her and a serious case of hero-worship for the legendary Patty Hewes. She wants to be Hewes the way ingénues in stories like these always want to be the ice-cold bitch at the top of the pyramid who is everything they are not, but the closer she gets to the flesh and blood woman behind the reputation, the more she looks askance at her. 500mg Zithromax Tablets, The time honored graph for characters like Ellen is hero-worship -> disillusionment -> anger -> dissociation -> revaluation -> happiness/acceptance + new direction. Zithromax Tablets, See: The Devil Wears Prada for the perfect example. Ellen had made it all the way to disillusionment/ anger by the end of season one, but as season two begins, we see that too much has happened for her to continue along the traditional path. She’s come too far and done too many things for her to end up in a tidily smug place on this series.

As Close just signed on for another 6 seasons, I guess we’ll find out whether Hewes will get hers or not. If she does, however, then I bet Ellen is the one who seals the deal. Although storytelling conventions have changed since the days of Fatal Attraction, in the search for equilibrium on the gender scale I think we’ve arrived at a point where it simply strikes a discordant note for women of the chilling majesty imparted to them by Glenn Close to be taken down by some man. Even if he is William Hurt.

We can look forward to that in the next decade.

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September 22, 2008

Natural Equivalent Ingredient In Cialis

DEEPA MEHTA'S new film on domestic violence premiered Natural Equivalent Ingredient In Cialis, at the Toronto film festival. There were two reasons the trailers caught my eye. Firstly, 200mg Natural Equivalent Ingredient In Cialis, because the abusive man is played by Vansh Bharadwaj who I've seen in Neelam Mansingh's terrific play, The Suit, which played here in Bangalore twice in the last year. I loved his rendition of the cuckolded husband turned manic, 10mg Natural Equivalent Ingredient In Cialis. The second reason is because it reminded me so much of Provoked, the last Indian film on domestic violence. The context seems very similar, Natural Equivalent Ingredient In Cialis. Natural Equivalent Ingredient In Cialis us, Simple, sheltered Pujabi girl is married off to NRI abusive husband and then finds her escape. I don't know what it says -- that domestic violence thrives in certain contexts more than others. Or that film-makers tend to find that context interesting for some reason -- perhaps, 40mg Natural Equivalent Ingredient In Cialis, because there is escape of some sort possible, after all. Natural Equivalent Ingredient In Cialis india, Anyway, here is a look at the trailer...

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/v/_neF3vLaA9E&hl=en&fs=1 Natural Equivalent Ingredient In Cialis, ]

In related news, Breakthrough is running a campaign against domestic violence called Bell Bajao. The campaign website says:

"Bell Bajao" (Ring the Bell) urges men to take a stand against domestic violence. One out of every three women faces violence behind closed doors, 500mg Natural Equivalent Ingredient In Cialis, so whether it's ringing a door bell to stop a crime, or speaking out, Natural Equivalent Ingredient In Cialis australia, make sure you're doing your part to ensure women and families in your communities are living free of violence. It's about time we all stop being silent witnesses.
The campaign website has some interesting stuff -- a blog you can contribute to, advertisements, ideas for community intervention and some videos, Natural Equivalent Ingredient In Cialis usa. What is interesting is that it talks to men about taking action against domestic violence that they see around them. Here's one of the videos:


The media campaign has been released in collaboration with the Ministry of Women and Child Development and created pro bono by Ogilvy & Mather, Natural Equivalent Ingredient In Cialis. Breakthrough also has is in its 'toolkit' other videos like the one below which I thought was interesting for its use of an identifiable and sympathetic situation with a popular song to talk about the issue. Natural Equivalent Ingredient In Cialis ebay, So here's a question: do you think advertisements, music videos, films can play a role in changing or affecting popular perception. Do you you think they can really inspire people to do something, 100mg Natural Equivalent Ingredient In Cialis. Or do they remain in the realm of 'nice to watch' but ate forgotten once the next tv commercial comes along. What role, if any, can they play.


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August 12, 2008

Positive Effects Of Synthroid

I VOLUNTEERED TO HELP at the Jaipur Film Festival and one of the films I liked most was UnLimited Girls Positive Effects Of Synthroid, by Paromita Vohra, which is being touted as India's first feminist film. UnLimited Girls humorously explores engagements with feminism in contemporary India and is a must-see for those participating in this blog. Whoever said feminists don't have fun. The film takes a quirky approach and is rich with discussion material. Positive Effects Of Synthroid canada, It is intended less as a source of easy answers on feminism than as a call to re-open the debate and question our assumptions. I wish to provide you less with a review on the film (which can be found here and here), than to pick apart some of the issues that struck me personally, Positive Effects Of Synthroid. Many of the themes the film deals with have already been discussed on this blog, particularly in Indhu and Anindita's posts. And the "Many Faces of an Indian Feminist" initiative hints at the complexity of defining or describing oneself as a feminist.

In a clip of an interview with a young woman, 750mg Positive Effects Of Synthroid, she says it is in women's nature to sacrifice (and the word echoes several times to bring home the point). In another interview with Mumbai's first female taxi driver, she says that women's first duty is to look after the home. Positive Effects Of Synthroid, While I cringe at these depictions, I also wonder if there is any truth to them. 10mg Positive Effects Of Synthroid, Albert Einstein was serendipitously quoted in a recent Times of India 'Mind over Matter' article as having said: "And the high destiny of the individual is to serve rather than to rule, or to impose himself in any other way."

I juxtapose all these because in my head they are slightly jumbled. In matters of spirituality, both men and women are urged to submit our ego to the higher purpose, to be humble and giving; in matters of politics, Positive Effects Of Synthroid japan, it is quite the opposite. (Usha, I hope to hear from you on this in light of the book review you posted here!). Positive Effects Of Synthroid ebay, Thus, feminism calls for women's equality because we have been subordinated through service for too long. I don't think there is necessarily anything spiritual about doing something for someone else if it is by force (whether physical or social pressure), Positive Effects Of Synthroid. Yet is there something to say for women's willingness to neglect their own desires in the interests of others. Perhaps it makes us more in tune with the interdependence of all living things. Perhaps, Positive Effects Of Synthroid overseas, as Jennifer writes, "caring for others is caring for ourselves." But what happens when women's desire is simply to serve and not to seek anything more. Do we feminists dismiss them as retrograde and un-feminist. Positive Effects Of Synthroid, Sadly, the film does not address in depth the question of feminism in marriage or in child-rearing, with only a brief interview of a young, supposedly modern couple. 150mg Positive Effects Of Synthroid, Personally, I have questioned my own marriage as possibly against some unwritten feminist code of conduct. Yet there are plenty of married feminists despite the stereotypes that feminists are lonely, ugly, etc, 30mg Positive Effects Of Synthroid. How do we and those in committed relationships negotiate our ideals for gender equality and keep them alive without creating too much tension. Even though my husband is quite the feminist and believes in gender equality, at times he has requested me to keep some of my feminist ideas out of the relationship because they can become a barrier. Yes, the personal is political, but sometimes we may have to leave politics at the front door if we want to continue to have a partner to come home to, Positive Effects Of Synthroid. Positive Effects Of Synthroid coupon, As the couple in the film contemplate, how do we maintain a relationship based on equality and compromise rather than based on the assertion of our individuality and independence.

The film admits that there are no easy answers to the questions feminism(s) raise. Funnily enough, the narrator of the film, 50mg Positive Effects Of Synthroid, 'Fearless', concedes that she is hesitant to label herself as a feminist because it may take away her right to be confused.

I highly recommend seeing the film, it can be viewed online here in it's entirety and be sure to rate it.

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October 17, 2007

Synthetic Synthroid

DIRECTOR PRADEEP Sarkar seems to be suffering a hangover from his earlier movie Parineeta Synthetic Synthroid, , which was based in pre-Independence times. What else can explain his deplorably regressive ideas and sensibilities in Laaga Chunari Mein Daag. For while the film vociferously proclaims its understanding of the "quintessential modern Indian woman", its storyline falls back on simplistic labels and trite solutions. Worse, it reinforces stereotypes that one had hoped Hindi movies left behind in the Eighties. Plot summary here. The "fallen woman" is hardly a new theme in literature or film, and certainly not in Bollywood. I won't get into a discussion on how prostitution is viewed within feminism here but LCMD is difficult even if one goes in knowing (and therefore prepared for) the premise that prostitution is degrading, Synthetic Synthroid. Synthetic Synthroid coupon, To begin with, the entire film is fraught with strong messages on women's sexuality and morality. The importance of "purity" is evoked repeatedly. The primary issue with prostitution is not, according to Sarkar, health, safety, legality, exploitation or violence -- but that it destroys a woman's "purity", 20mg Synthetic Synthroid. It is symbolic that the film starts in Banaras, next to the Ganges and moves to Mumbai (that den of vice which devours innocent girls). Synthetic Synthroid, There are many references to "ganga maiyya" as a source of purity. And if you thought words like "pavitrata" had finally been eased out of Bollywood vocabulary, think again. It is the fulcrum of this film.

There was ample opportunity within the storyline to show other effects or implications of commercial sex work. The fact that Sarkar chooses to make purity the crux of the matter harks back to an earlier time when nothing was considered as important for a woman as her chastity. Surely, we've moved on since then, Synthetic Synthroid. 250mg Synthetic Synthroid, Apparently not.

The story starts when after a host of problems befall the family, the elder daughter Badki (Ranu Mukherjee) decides to go to Mumbai to look for work. The main motivation is that her father regrets not having a son and she wants to prove that she can "be a son". In Mumbai, she fails to find a job and in desperation, has sex with someone who has promised her a job in return. Synthetic Synthroid, Of course, he reneges on his promise. Defeated and disillusioned, she morphs herself into a sophisticated call girl, Synthetic Synthroid uk. The gender statement here is hard to miss. Girls should be girls and not try to be boys (wandering off to big, bad cities and all that) because they will end up as prostitutes. And the only way a girl can "be a son" is by selling sex. One might argue that such things do happen in reality but by introducing the gender element, Sarkar opens this discussion -- and does not address it any satisfactory way through the movie, Synthetic Synthroid.

Badki's transformation from a 'normal' woman to a call girl is depicted through a highly glamourized song sequence. While the lyrics speak of pain, numbness and silence, 1000mg Synthetic Synthroid, the picturization is more like a fun makeover. One is not quite sure whether this is a step down or a step up for Badki. Is she to be pitied or admired. Synthetic Synthroid, Is prostitution empowering or degrading. Sarkar himself seems rather confused. In the scene before this, a chic Suchitra Pillai tells her to "play their (men's) game but by her rules, to use men instead of letting them use her". Through the rest of the movie, however, Synthetic Synthroid us, Badki clearly does not represent power in any form and is a figure of pathos.

The actual nitty-gritty details of Badki's profession are glossed over. While she looks tragic from time to time, there is little indication of the nature of her tragedy, Synthetic Synthroid. Again, the focal point is that she has "lost her purity". Sarkar fills the screen with glam clothes, fancy cars and a to-die-for apartment. But his heroine is still a Victim, Synthetic Synthroid australia, and lest you forget that, he has her pensively staring out at the city from time to time. This is where logic completely fails. Synthetic Synthroid, If she is so unhappy with what she is doing and she has enough money now, why doesn't she change her circumstances. She is clever enough to learn English, work on her diction, develop a fashion sense, learn sophisticated make-up tricks and even conduct herself suitably at international conferences. She knows the Hanuman Chalisa by rote (good memory), is able to charm and befriend people (high EQ), Synthetic Synthroid canada, and knows what trademarks and patents are. But she does not think of completing her education, taking a course, learning something or investing. Why not. Is it possible then that she chooses this lifestyle, as is the case with many sophisticated call girls, Synthetic Synthroid. But we can't have the heroine doing that, can we. 40mg Synthetic Synthroid, Because at its core, this movie is about 'sin' and redemption. And Sarkar has a very definite view on what form this redemption should take. In this world view, a woman cannot climb out or up by herself. Synthetic Synthroid, She cannot assume control over her own life -- even when she has enough money. Only the love of a good man can save her.

In a cringe-worthy scene at the end, Badki confesses to her suitor Rohan (Abhishek Bachchan) and begs him to let his brother marry her sister who is "purer than the waters of the Ganga". He (heroically) not only accepts her, Synthetic Synthroid usa, but also respects her (gasp!), because while her body is impure, her soul is not. His reasoning for this is that she recited the Hanuman Chalisa during the flight on which they first met. Just imagine -- if she had used swear words instead when the plane hit air pockets, her chances would have been dashed, Synthetic Synthroid.

So the unhappy girl who set out to be a boy and made a pretty mess of it comes back to happiness via another prescribed gender role -- that of a wife. Her bright and independent sister (Konkona Sen Sharma) falls in love and follows her man to Paris. What happens to her career (for which her family put her through an expensive MBA course) is not addressed. It's obviously not important.

In the end, all LCMD amounts to is a bunch of stereotypical and sometimes offensive messages in a glitzy, emotional package. While reviewers may have panned it, I saw most people leaving the hall with happy nods. And I wondered when we will have "feel good" movies that involve a woman attaining self-realization through something other than glorious matrimony.

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