October 01, 2012

Violence Against Women Awareness Month

    In October, we kick off Violence Against Women (VAW) Awareness Month on the blogosphere. VAW Awareness Month began as a completely voluntary, yet cohesive online campaign in 2011, when a group of dedicated bloggers/volunteers decided to band together and raise awareness about this social anathema that isn’t going away in a hurry. […]

July 06, 2012

Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine

Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, In February this year, I was part of an event called 'Writing the Feminist Future' organised by Zubaan Books and the Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar. Scholars, teachers, writers, poets, activists all spoke passionately to a variety of concerns including the body, cities, journeys and peace. The conversations were among the most exciting I have been part of in awhile.

I just wrote an op-ed piece that reflects on fun in the city and as I wrote I was reminded once again of how political the act of writing itself is. This post is from my short presentation at the February event which speaks to the possibilities and ambiguities fostered by the act of writing, Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine paypal. In the piece that follows I reflect on the process of writing about the city specifically from my own experience of researching and writing on women's right to loiter in the city, Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine.


1.         A feminist writes the city

Since I can remember I was aware that being a girl meant I was different. I wrote my first proto-feminist published piece when I was 12 years old. It was only decades later, however, as an adult that I came to the question of inhabiting my city in a female body, albeit a very privileged female body via a vacation that a woman friend and I took in the north of India travelling through Agra, Gwalior, Jhansi, 50mg Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, Orccha and Datia. Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, For those two weeks we planned every move carefully so as to make sure we were safe. Back home in Mumbai I realized how much I actually strategized even in my own city in order to be able to access public space.

The journey of writing gender into my city began in that moment of realization. As I wrote preliminary ideas and talked to women I commuted with on the local trains I realized that this writing meant asking some difficult questions:

What does it mean to write the city as a feminist. What is the politics of dissent in which I must be embedded. What are the politics of inclusion that I must take into account when I write, Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine. What are the groups that will claim me and for what reasons.


2.         A middle-class, upper caste, heterosexual, Hindu woman is Written into the City

As a person with a particular set of intersecting identities I cannot but know the city both desires my presence and fears it, Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine ebay. I am desirable because I am a potential consumer-citizen, I often look right and speak right and even am sometimes found in the right places – malls, coffee-shops and multiplexes where the global aspirational city wants me to be, fuelling the economy with retail therapy. Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, I am feared because I also have free will and agency and as a feminist, I might not be satisfied with the malls but demand the streets and parks as well.

How does one respond to a city that sees you as a member of a new reconstituted middle class and invites you into its privatised pleasures, suggesting implicitly that public space is for the birds.

What are the choices I am offered. What are the pleasures. Can I own a politics that acknowledges the pleasures of such neo-liberal global aspirational spaces even as I critique them and am hyper aware of their limitations. May I enjoy the malls but still want the streets and parks with a visceral sense of longing, Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine. 30mg Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, Is it possible to have discussions on the antithetical nature of global cities which discourage people from loitering in public space in an upmarket coffee-shop. What then, are all the contradictions I live with in this context.


3.         An aspiring loiterer writes the city

When we began to talk about safety to people – there was a kind of complicity – everyone assumed they knew just what we meant – this was not an idea that threatened anyone at any level. Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, As we engaged with this idea it became increasingly clear that safety was not going to take us anywhere radical. Attending a workshop on risk in the very edgy city of Johannesburg in 2004 was deeply transformative in offering a prism to engage with city space in a new and less constricting way. Risk provided the radical edge that safety could never have. When we began to talk of women's right to risk as opposed to petitions for safety – it put us in a completely different terrain that of rights rather than protectionism.

Loitering was the next leap of analysis and yes, faith. From the right to risk we moved to the idea that the only way women could access streets unconditionally was if all other marginal citizens could as well, Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine. That only if Dalits, 150mg Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, lower classes, Muslims, hawkers, bar dancers, sex workers and other loiterers of different hues can loiter will a politics of loitering be meaningful.

‘Why Loiter?’ is the title of the book I have co-written with Sameera Khan and Shilpa Ranade. Different people including other feminists often asked us, “but why loiter?” in tones of bewilderment, their contention being that loitering is debased kind of activity that offered little hope of liberation. 200mg Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, Subsequently in conversations with feminist activists particularly those who work with young women we’ve been challenged several times on the grounds that everyone loitering includes even those ‘others’ (often young men) who intimidate young women and inhibit their access thus in fact restricting the access of young women. Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, How does one think through this without dismissing these concerns and yet without once again returning to the unworkable politics of selective exclusion.

I’ve begun to think through this dilemma through the prism of unfriendly bodies asking what would it mean to conceive of the city as a hostile space and still want to access it.


4.         This City that is Not One

That Mumbai is a heterogeneous city is not news. The question is can we reflect on the city as a space of difference, even of unfriendly spaces and bodies that need to be negotiated. This idea is not really so radical for one might say with awful truth that many women are horribly unsafe at home, a space often of unfriendly bodies and speech and yet we don’t stop women from being there - in fact we urge them to be in that very space, Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine. What if we were to cast the presence of unfriendly bodies in the city in this same light. That is, what is the real risk posed by unfriendly bodies in public space - perhaps that there will be cat calls, verbal harassment, maybe stalking, Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine mexico, and perhaps even physical harassment. Can we choose, if we choose, to negotiate these. Is it possible for us to think of unfriendly bodies as being a hazard of public space rather than a deterrent. Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, When one talks to young women about the fears of sexual harassment in public space they articulate less of a fear of physical harm and more the anxiety that by continuing to access these spaces where they are sexually harassed, they are in fact courting a risk to their reputations. That their presence on streets where sexual harassment is certain reflects a certain kind of unbecoming “boldness” which indicates their unsuitability for an arranged marriage. They fear partly the young men but also the “community” who will “talk” thus cementing their reputations or more accurately lack thereof.

If we were to construct public space as more generally unfriendly, a space to be negotiated rather than be smoothly welcomed into would competing claims to public space look different. Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine canada, If we give up our warm and fuzzy notions of the public would young women’s access to public space be built on different assumptions.

For one we would be compelled to acknowledge that the utopia where everybody in public space likes everybody does not exist, Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine. It is unlikely to ever exist. Can we work within these limitations, even embrace them. I would like to suggest that diverse spaces populated by diverse peoples are not a law and order problem, they are very possibly part of the solution.

Loitering is not unambiguously inclusive. Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, It needs both careful reflection and a certain irreverent attitude towards order. It needs a commitment to a certain messiness of streets and a willingness to embrace serendipity, and a belief that pleasure in the city is an important component of citizenship.


5.         This City that is nevertheless Mine

Writing about Bombay for me is a little like writing about myself – it is in many ways a profoundly narcissistic act, 40mg Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine. In fact much of my research and writing engages my own lifeworlds and so I am both participant and participant observer, roles that give me an exciting insider-outsider position that I sometimes methodologically struggle with.

Bombay/ Bambai/ Mumbai – if I must belong to a place I belong to this city, Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine. Even as I write this, I am profoundly aware that it is a deep privilege to choose to belong to my city rather than the nation. Its fractured, hierarchical, iniquitous ways shame me. Its edginess, its streets, 100mg Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, its sheer velocity seduces me.

What does it mean to write this city of mine not with the certainty of a flaneur but with the tentativeness of a loiterer. Goldhart Near Fatal Acute Colchicine, Not as a detached observer but as someone who seeks to belong, perhaps even to stake claim. Not in solitude but as part of a disparate crowd whom I may not know and who might even make me anxious. What does it mean to inhabit a writing practice of hope.

As I write I seek to articulate a practice of a politics of justice for the most number or people and populations in my city. I write not to make statements but to ask questions. I write in the hope of sharing this journey with other feminists /loiterers/ writers. I write for the sheer pleasure of being part of conversations about the city.



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August 31, 2010

Mardel Tetracycline


THE RECENT Michael Arrington post on why women mustn't blame men for their lower numbers in technology Mardel Tetracycline, is eliciting reactions, fast and furious. While I don't think Arrington's tone helps, I am not going to get into the subject here. Instead, I'd like to refer you to Shefaly Yogendra's excellent post, "Women in tech: What gives?", where she puts forth many actionable ideas on what we can do to get more women into science and technology, Mardel Tetracycline india.

In India, interesting women in science and technology per se is not such a difficult problem. A lot of women study both the basic and applied sciences, and at entry level, 50mg Mardel Tetracycline, the number of women in these professions is not poor, even it is not equal. Yet, as we move up the organizational charts, fewer women are in the picture, until, when one comes to the highest levels such as CEOs and board members, Mardel Tetracycline uk, few women are left. A big part of the reason is of course that a large number of women drop out of the corporate world in their late 20s and early 30s - to have children and raise a family.

Few companies make it easy for women to rejoin and most workplaces are structured in such a way that women have to "choose", Mardel Tetracycline. So, yes, Mardel Tetracycline overseas, one of the systemic changes that is needed are more flexible workplaces, attuned to the needs of a diverse workforce.

But, career empowerment is not going to happen only through systemic changes. Empowerment needs to begin at home. While we can ask governments to ensure fair working conditions and suitable maternity leave, 40mg Mardel Tetracycline, while we can ask companies to have more flexible workplaces, what are we doing at home. Mardel Tetracycline, As Shefaly says in her post, "For women already in the workplace, it is important to recognise that before we can negotiate harder and better deals for ourselves at work and outside our homes, we first need to negotiate better and fairer deals for ourselves at home. With the men in our lives."

Not all the work on inclusive workplaces will help if women still bear all the burden for housework and childcare. In conversations with many new mothers, 150mg Mardel Tetracycline, one of the things I've observed is that if she wants to get back to work, finding suitable childcare is still "her" problem, as though the husband had nothing to do with the baby being there. Studies innumerable show that women, including those who have a career, do far more than their fair share of housework, Mardel Tetracycline australia. I also know that many women opt out the informal networking that helps further careers. While I respect that mothers want to spend time with their children, career growth requires such networking, Mardel Tetracycline. Why is the idea of a man watching over his kids alone still so alien to us.

Unless this changes, unless the men in our lives start accepting equal responsibility for children, Mardel Tetracycline canada, workplace efforts will not help. Taking off time for PTA meetings and doctor's visits, staying home with a sick child, getting home early because the wife has a networking event that evening, doing your share of household chores - unless men take up all these seriously, companies will continue to see women's needs for family time as "special needs", 250mg Mardel Tetracycline.

When 70% of the workforce, men, start demanding the space to do these - that's when truly inclusive workplaces will happen. Mardel Tetracycline, Why would men demand these. Current definitions of masculinity do not really place a premium on nurturing, 10mg Mardel Tetracycline, so only a few men will demand them spontaneously. Many others, who are fundamentally decent people can perhaps be brought to realize the importance of their spouses' careers. In the Indian scenario, where few people really know much about their spouses before marriage, can women negotiate such fairness.

That remains to be seen, but it is empowerment at home that will drive the empowerment at the workplace.

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May 25, 2010

Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia

oishik Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, HERE'S A PART IMAGINARY, part real email thread of conversations among faculty members at an elite law university in India. Two developments are being discussed simultaneously – one is a weekly cricket match, and the second is the establishment of a women-only Women’s Law Society. The names of participants in the conversation have been changed to maintain anonymity. I have identified the professors as male and female to pronounce the genderedness of the conversation.

The Initiation

Dear students and colleagues,

I am emailing to inform you that I will be taking the lead to organise a weekly 20-overs-a-side cricket match with tennis ball (our facilities don’t allow hard ball cricket yet) each Saturday morning, between 9 AM and 1 PM. We need at least 22 players for a proper 11-a-side contest, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia. The idea is to mix students, faculty members and some campus-based non-teaching staff members in creating two teams on the spot every Saturday morning and to play with the gusto and spirit that die hard lovers of the game thrive on!.

So, please RSVP about your participation in this Saturday morning’s inaugural game to me. I hope to hear back from at least 22 of you so that we can have a rollicking start!. The plan is to make this Saturday morning tennis ball match a regular fixture that students and faculty will look forward to as a form of bonding, competing and… of course, exercising. Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, Cheers,

Prof. Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia australia, A (male)


Dear Prof. A,

This sounds very exciting. I wonder too whether some bonding experience might also be organized that would enable the inclusion of female students and faculty, particularly considering that not only is sports generally played by men - but cricket in particular.

I am sure regulating female participates to the sidelines was never the intent - but nonetheless the side effect. I also understand how central cricket is to Indian culture, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia. I hope to engage all faculty in this challenge.


Prof. B (female)


Dear all,

I completely second Prof. Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, B. Even the most declaredly gender neural spaces and categories – especially something like sports – turns male by default – so much so for cricket.


Prof. C (male)


Dear all:

I’m excited to hear about Prof. A’s cricket plans. I won’t be able to make it this Saturday, but I’m looking forward to being a part of it from time to time on future Saturdays, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia. I don’t think there’s a gender issue with having regular cricket games on campus, 50mg Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia. Prof. A’s initial email made it clear that all students were welcome.

I understand there was recently an all-female meeting of the Women’s Law Society (WLS), and a decision to only allow female students in the future. Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, I don’t know that there’s any automatic problem with that, although it raises some serious concerns. This may be an area where there is room for discussion and formulation of a non-discrimination policy. At many universities, official student groups are not allowed to exclude any members of the student body based on sex, race, religion, etc. We may want to consider a policy here.

In any event, at this stage in the development of our university, it is important to foster a wide variety of student initiatives, to ensure that there are activities that appeal to a diversity of student interests. To that end, I am excited about both of these recent initiatives and I look forward to hearing about many more in the weeks and months to come, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia. Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia canada, Regards,

Prof. D (male)


The Instigation

Dear Prof. B,

Very valid concerns indeed. The cricket we are planning will be competitive and fast, i.e. Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, all male in likely composition. How about the Women's Society you are forming getting together and deciding on sporting or other activities that can involve female students and staff over the weekend. I wish your endeavour good outcomes, especially considering that you are an athlete yourself.


Prof. A (male)


Dear all:

Speaking from personal opinion:  I don't think anyone's slamming Prof. A for his love of cricket, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia. I think the issue was more about disparate effect and institutional sensitivity. E.g., if the cricket match is the primary informal means of interaction between students and faculty, then we need to think about additional options, 10mg Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia.

Regarding the WLS, there are reasons of disparate effect and unique perspective that militate towards varying degrees of exclusion-- as in almost all racial and religious societies. In my opinion, until the legal profession and educational system changes, arguments of reverse discrimination are misdirected, and take focus away from the purposes of such groups as the WLS. Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, That said, any critical inquiry remains an important safeguard.


Prof. E (male)


Dear all:

If more of us had been witness to the first meeting of the WLS (though that might have defeated the point), perhaps this discussion would have taken a different turn.  Luckily for me, since our research centre called the first meeting to session, I was able to attend it.  I was surprised at our large turnout, considering it was after a long day of classes and immediately after another meeting.  I was also surprised at the participation of every student in the room, 200mg Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, something I have never quite been able to accomplish in the classroom.  And, I was surprised at what had drawn them to the meeting.  The students were so relieved, it seemed, to finally have a safe forum to discuss what had been going on in their lives, and on campus. They talked about the attitudes of male classmates and how the male students always assume females can’t do things, and that males can.  They talked about how they wanted to show the male students how prejudiced they sounded, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia.

It is important for female students to have a space to meet, without judgment or interference.  Unfortunately, as Prof. E noted, we are in a society and a profession prone to exclusion.  The WLS is one way to help mitigate this.  Another is to foster an environment where females are included in the activities which bond faculty and students.  As someone who spent years being excluded from corporate golf, whiskey, and after-after parties, I can attest to this from experience:  what happens outside the classroom (or the boardroom) inevitably drives what happens in it.   If we exclude female students both from bonding activities and from even bonding together, we are fostering the patriarchy outside and inside the academic setting.

I think it is important to have stronger faculty-student relationships, as the first meeting of the WLS taught me.  I saw students who had never spoken up in class in an entirely new light.  I am sure a cricket match would work towards this too, 250mg Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, for some people.  I just want to make sure that those whom it doesn’t work for, and those whom it might actually work against (those excluded for not being fast or competitive enough), have spaces and activities that do work for them as well.  And that when the cricket does happen, it is done in a spirit of inclusion by welcoming (as opposed to allowing) anyone to play. Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, Regards,

Prof. F (female)


Dear Prof. F,

Thank you for your email.  While I recognize and appreciate Prof. D’s point that many law schools have adopted policies that prohibit discrimination based on race, sex, religion etc. with respect to membership of student organizations, I want to share with you my experience in private practice.  Large law firms, recognizing both the importance of gender diversity and the business potential of senior female attorneys, have adopted a number of women’s initiatives to foster the professional development of women in big law.  These initiatives are generally available only to women for the reasons that Prof. E and Prof, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia. F have already recognized- namely, 150mg Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, current systems of professional and business development take place in traditionally male spaces.  Some the largest U.S. law firms have recognized that while keeping organizational initiatives open to all members of the organization is an ideal goal, the realities of the organizational environment necessitate certain gender specific initiatives in order to attain the ultimate goal of greater inclusion of women in the senior attorney ranks.

If the goal of our university is to provide an education to Indian students that allows them to compete on a global basis, there is no way to escape the critical component of providing an educational space that empowers the female students to compete with their male counterparts, within India or globally.  It certainly is not a given, and I don’t think there was any suggestion by any faculty member, that such an educational space must exclude male students.  Rather, the realities of the university environment at this point in time may suggest that such an educational space for the female students is best created by the WLS that includes only women.  For example, the university has an uneven the ratio of male to female students, female students grapple with a cultural and familial context that may not be supportive of their professional ambitions, female students don’t have upper class/senior students to whom they may look for guidance, and, based on Prof. Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, F’s email, until WLS, female students had not had a forum to discuss their experiences on campus.  As these things change, perhaps in the future the WLS can be opened to both male and female students.  However, at this point, it may be premature to take a context-neutral, gender-neutral stance on the WLS.


Prof, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia india. G (female)


Dear all:

Ah, now we are speaking. One mention of gender and you can see how things shake up – that’s the power of subversion. Apart from the WLS providing a much needed safe/ non-judgmental space for women on campus, it disturbs the neatness with which we want to go on with our lives within a ‘global’ space, seduced by the promise of emancipation.  It’s the old, still unresolved debate on special rights/ privileges vs, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia. equal rights/ privileges. No space or policy can be gender-neutral or non-discriminatory if the very structure and architecture of that space/ policy is not. And our university is no exception – by the sheer imbalance in the male to female ratio of faculty, students, admin staff, construction workers, service providers.

This of course is not the only marker as Profs. Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, F and G have convincingly pointed out. As I mentioned in my last mail, 40mg Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, even declaredly gender/ caste/ sexuality/ disability/ race/ religion-neutral spaces are by default male/ Brahmin/ heterosexual/ abled/ white/ Hindu, and there is an almost unquestioning internalization of that fact – it disciplines us so smoothly that we don’t even recognize it.

Talk of non-discrimination in a space that is structurally unequal will only reinforce the gender hierarchy. I see no reason why the WLS should be looked at as an exclusive space – rather it’s the first step towards turning our university inclusive – making it substantively equal for its women students. It’s not factionalism, it’s solidarity. The very fact that WLS’ formation, or a move to include women students in the gender-neutral Saturday cricket fixtures unsettles us (surprisingly only men!) means that a hierarchy was already in operation, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia. As Foucault has eminently reminded us, resistance to power, is what makes us recognize it. The WLS has done exactly that.

Having said that, as a feminist deeply committed to queering any form of essentialism – I’d like conveners of the WLS to respond to my question about whether a Hijra student can be accommodated within the WLS. This is a question with much larger purport than the WLS itself – of whether we are on the slippery slopes of biological determinism when we create women-only spaces to undo the gender hierarchy which in itself is predicated on biological determinism. Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, How powerful is our subversion if we continue to operate within the binaries of male/ female. Are we subscribing to another hierarchy which places gender above sexuality on the arc of historical disadvantage.

Looking forward to more unsettling discussions.

In solidarity,

Prof, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia uk. C (male)


The Closure

Um… excuse me. Could you guys with your subtle post-essentialist analysis and managerial double-speak please stop trying to bring sense into this, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia. I am still hoping to see a grudge match between Profs. A (male) and B (female). If Prof. B wins, the women of our university get to be free of their oppressive masters. Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia, If Prof. A wins, we’ll join the British Raj again, wear white for the rest of the year and pay “triple lagaan.” No. Arm wrestling. Push ups. Why am I the only one laughing.


Prof, Proper Dosage Of Tetracycline For Chlamydia. H (male)


P.S.; No one continued the thread beyond this email. The cricket matches have become a hit – though participation of female students is negligible. The WLS meets every week. On the occasion of the 100 years of International Women’s Day they organized the screening of Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Deathproof’. Was it a feminist film. You need to watch it to find out.

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September 17, 2009

Take Diflucan During Or After Antibiotics

...YOU MAY WANT TO take a look at this invite:

Zubaan invite copy Take Diflucan During Or After Antibiotics, Anyone want to get me that yummy t-shirt in red?  :mrgreen:. Take Diflucan During Or After Antibiotics australia. 40mg Take Diflucan During Or After Antibiotics. Take Diflucan During Or After Antibiotics uk. Take Diflucan During Or After Antibiotics us. Take Diflucan During Or After Antibiotics japan. Take Diflucan During Or After Antibiotics canada. 10mg Take Diflucan During Or After Antibiotics. 200mg Take Diflucan During Or After Antibiotics. 250mg Take Diflucan During Or After Antibiotics. Take Diflucan During Or After Antibiotics usa.

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July 17, 2008

Buy Acomplia Without Prescription

ApuA FEW DAYS AGO Buy Acomplia Without Prescription, , when I thought about the conflict parents face when their daughters become "too liberal", I was really thinking from my own perspective as an educated, young, urban professional. When a commenter mentioned that liberalism does not yet extend to accepting choices such as homosexuality, I was, at first, a bit startled. This was because, frankly, Buy Acomplia Without Prescription overseas, I had not thought about the issues faced by people different from me. Though I do support the rights of people to their own sexual preference, I honestly hadn't given it much thought. In a sense, I am guilty of looking at the holy grail of equal rights through a very narrow prism.

Of course, this is partly because one tends to identify with causes where one has personally experienced the problems at hand, Buy Acomplia Without Prescription. So I have experienced harassment on the street by virtue of being a woman. I have experienced a boss telling me that lower raises shouldn't matter so much to women, since "yours is a second income, 200mg Buy Acomplia Without Prescription, anyway!" But even if I have not experienced other kinds of oppression, I should know that they exist, shouldn't I.

As someone born into an upper caste family, I have never known what it means to be considered "low" because of my caste. Once, Buy Acomplia Without Prescription craiglist, when I visited my grandmother's village, I  went to the Dalit basti, which was set apart from the rest of the village. Buy Acomplia Without Prescription, Here, I talked to many Dalit women, some of whom were startled at my sitting down with them comfortably. Some of them even tried to prevent me. I felt good about not heeding such distinctions and I was surprised that they still had such practices. It didn't occur to me that they were the ones who could face problems for interacting too closely with an upper-caste city girl who would leave the next day.

As someone born into a middle-class family, I have never faced challenges to my education, 10mg Buy Acomplia Without Prescription. How do I understand the plight of a poor family, where any child is unlikely to be sent to school, and a girl child, even less likely, Buy Acomplia Without Prescription. When I talk about challenges at the workplace, my focus is on white collar occupations. A large portion of Indian women, however, are poorly-paid labour in the unorganized sector in hazardous working conditions.

As a heterosexual woman, Buy Acomplia Without Prescription canada, I had my own challenges in choosing to marry a man outside of my own caste and linguistic group. If I am honest, I must admit that when I think of the right to choose a partner, I largely think of issues where women are coerced or forced into marriages they don't want. Buy Acomplia Without Prescription, (And yes, emotionally blackmailing your daughter until she gives in also falls in this category). The rights of non-heterosexual people don't figure as strongly on my mind, although I believe that Article 377 is a law that has no place in any civilized country.

Is my feminism too narrowly defined. I don't think it is worthless; even if people like me are a relatively elite group, Buy Acomplia Without Prescription uk, our concerns are not invalid. Further, changes in a small group can act as a catalyst or inspiration for others. Yet, I do believe that feminists like me need to start looking at a broader agenda, Buy Acomplia Without Prescription. I don't mean this as a criticism of anyone else; it is simply something that I would like to do.

For one thing, in terms of sheer numbers, Buy Acomplia Without Prescription usa, this English-educated, reasonably affluent, upper caste group is a very small part of our country's women. So unless we as writers, activists, funders -- whatever role we choose to play -- address the concerns of a larger group, real change will be slow to happen. It is important to recognise that women are affected in ways beyond gender alone, Buy Acomplia Without Prescription paypal. Remember the witch-hunting of Dalit women? Buy Acomplia Without Prescription, This was the result of a dangerous cocktail -- a casteist, hierarchical society together with gender oppression.

Another reason is that feminism as a movement is unlikely to gain support and respect, and in fact, will lose respect if it overlooks these concerns. In the last few months, there has been a huge controversy in the Western blogosphere, regarding the appropriation of material from a black feminist's blog. 50mg Buy Acomplia Without Prescription, One of the outcomes was many women of colour feeling that the "mainstream" feminist movement never really includes their concerns, which often are at an intersection of gender and race. So a feminist movement certainly cannot be exclusive and risk losing some of its best supporters. We have enough unreasonable critics as it is, who persist in viewing feminists as evil, men-hating, power-hungry women, Buy Acomplia Without Prescription.

Finally, this is a moral issue as well. If we fight only the discrimination that affects us, are we not guilty of opportunism. If we believe that discrimination is wrong on principle, 30mg Buy Acomplia Without Prescription, we need to be aware of it in all its forms and campaign against them as well.

*This may be very familiar to those feminists who have already proceeded much further on this path than me. It is more from my personal experience and my own feeling of being restricted to a narrow field of vision. For those more enlightened women (and men), who already practise this, I raise my (metaphorical) hat!.

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May 23, 2008

Retin A Shine Control

WESTERN FEMINIST Retin A Shine Control, movements in the early 1970s confronted an uncomfortable truth: the notion that God was male dominated every aspect of religion. As feminist philosopher Mary Daly summed up, “If God is male, then the male is God.” The question of gender, 50mg Retin A Shine Control, religion and faith has been a very contentious one. Feminists have looked into histories of ancient civilizations and various religious traditions to understand different notions of power, 750mg Retin A Shine Control, and they have despaired that religion and tradition are so entangled with patriarchy that they can never be a source of liberation.

Faith and religion mediate many of the value systems and roles defined for women by various social institutions. Feminist critiques have often pointed out that religious texts, spaces and structures are largely male dominated and women’s lives within these spiritual spaces are shaped and controlled by male-centric processes within communities, Retin A Shine Control overseas. Spirituality, as we all know, is popularly explained as transcendence to a greater reality which is beyond daily, mundane realities, Retin A Shine Control. But whatever its transcendental nature, it is grounded in the social realities of the time in which it is practiced and taught. Retin A Shine Control paypal, Be it established religion or smaller sects, they have been shaped and propagated in a social and cultural context. They have a vested world view—one that includes images of women largely created by men.

And yet, Retin A Shine Control canada, on the other hand, some effort has gone into understanding the experiences and works of women who took the spiritual path. Retin A Shine Control, In a society where there is an overwhelming expectation for women to marry and procreate, women renouncers and spiritual leaders are not easily accepted and even called deviant. Retin A Shine Control usa, We have several examples throughout history like Akka Mahadevi, Meerabai and Lalladevi who were socially ostracized. These women subverted many popular notions of womanhood. It is valuable to understand how gender gets constructed and operated in such instances, Retin A Shine Control ebay. Nuns, Yoginis, Retin A Shine Control us, Saints and Singers: Women's Renunciation in South Asia edited by Meena Khandelwal, Sondra Hausner and Ann Grodzins Gold, and published by Zubaan, is a very interesting exploration of this, 100mg Retin A Shine Control.

The book chronicles the experiences of women renouncers from diverse traditions and faiths. Using their experiences as a basis, 30mg Retin A Shine Control, it talks about issues and questions around gender, faith and communities. The book is a moving and fascinating account of women in spirituality negotiating "the rocky terrains of desire, attachment, family, sexuality, ego and expectation.” It’s easy to call religion just another product of patriarchy and forget about it but harder—and more important—to engage with religion and keenly listen to women who are inside it…. Read the book.

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March 17, 2008

Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage

IT WAS DURING Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage, the anti-Mandal protests that many young, urban women from universities held up placards saying that an increase in reservation for the Dalit and OBC population would harm their chances of getting qualified men as husbands. During the riots in Mumbai after the Babri Masjid demolition and in the Gujarat pogrom, many Hindu women from right wing organisations actively aided the men in their attacks against Muslim women. 100mg Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage, These and other examples such as the burning of churches or the Kambalpalli incident speak volumes on how religious and caste identities are ‘markers of discrimination’ in our society. It makes me think about how gender intersects with these other identities, and how such interplay manifests in reality.

Identity politics has emerged as a core issue in many ongoing debates, 150mg Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage. For hitherto silenced communities like Dalits, Adivasis, minorities and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual) groups, the question of identity has become a crucial axis for political questions and social justice, Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage.

In the 70s and 80s, the women’s movement in India focused on mobilising women across caste, 250mg Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage, class and ethnic background against violence and discrimination. Women were seen as a single political category. So there was a universalising approach which held that all women were in powerless positions regardless of their background. But in fact, Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage us, women are placed in different locations in our social hierarchy. Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage, Social context and institutional structures around them play a large role in determining their rights. Their location determines their control and power over public and private resources, 500mg Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage, political participation, concepts of womanhood and notions about body, sexuality, work and family, Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage paypal. So we need to understand gender in conjunction with other identities that are important in the daily lives of women.

For instance, 200mg Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage, people are seeking discussions on categories within the 33% reserved seats for women in parliament. This has brought issues of caste and gender to the forefront. Those arguing for categorisation feel that if there is no reservation for Dalit and OBC women, the upper castes will dominate the political scene, Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage. Then, when BJP proposed a uniform civil code, Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage usa, many women’s groups protested because they feared that this would only exacerbate the marginalisation of women from minority communities. State-sponsored development projects often come under fire from Adivasi and environmental groups because they cause multiple displacements and loss of livelihood for women from the most powerless sections of society. Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage ebay, In a society like ours where there is such plurality of caste, community, languages, and economic backgrounds, 1000mg Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage, gender does not function in isolation. It is always intersecting with the other identities that define power and powerlessness. The question of who speaks assumes crucial importance. It is necessary to recognize and address the differences between various groups of women and to understand the specificity of experience. Exploring the categories of women, gender and feminism through this lens will perhaps extend the potential of what we can achieve in the future.

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