March 08, 2014

A Day for Half the World

SO IT’S INTERNATIONAL Women’s Day. The world’s 103rd, if slightly differing records are to be believed. On this day, your neighbourhood beauty parlor will throw in a paraffin manicure free with your hairstyle, and you’ll be bombarded with advertising that has suddenly woken up to the “celebration of women”. (You’ll be spared swathes […]

August 13, 2013

Brown in America

My sister was born 4 years before me and a few shades darker. Just enough to cross the color line in the United States. When she tried out for Tom Sawyer, they cast her as Injun Joe. It didn’t matter that she was a girl; she was the only brown kid in the cast. East […]

March 25, 2013

Dot, Not Feather: An American Desi in the Rocky Mountains

THEY CALL ME Indian. No, not that kind of Indian. Dot, not feather. This is the sort of thing a person of South Asian heritage gets used to being asked frequently in America. Insensitivity of those types of comments aside, there is certainly a lot one can hear about being Indian without knowing the reality, […]

January 17, 2013

Am I a Feminist?

[Editor’s note: This piece is the first of a series on Feminism & Humor that we look forward to sharing with you on Ultra Violet. Enjoy!–Dilnavaz Bamboat] I GREW UP IN India, as the only child of parents who did not expect me to observe any of the socially accepted behaviors for women. My parents […]

March 17, 2008

Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage

IT WAS DURING Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage, the anti-Mandal protests that many young, urban women from universities held up placards saying that an increase in reservation for the Dalit and OBC population would harm their chances of getting qualified men as husbands. During the riots in Mumbai after the Babri Masjid demolition and in the Gujarat pogrom, many Hindu women from right wing organisations actively aided the men in their attacks against Muslim women. 100mg Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage, These and other examples such as the burning of churches or the Kambalpalli incident speak volumes on how religious and caste identities are ‘markers of discrimination’ in our society. It makes me think about how gender intersects with these other identities, and how such interplay manifests in reality.

Identity politics has emerged as a core issue in many ongoing debates, 150mg Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage. For hitherto silenced communities like Dalits, Adivasis, minorities and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual) groups, the question of identity has become a crucial axis for political questions and social justice, Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage.

In the 70s and 80s, the women’s movement in India focused on mobilising women across caste, 250mg Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage, class and ethnic background against violence and discrimination. Women were seen as a single political category. So there was a universalising approach which held that all women were in powerless positions regardless of their background. But in fact, Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage us, women are placed in different locations in our social hierarchy. Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage, Social context and institutional structures around them play a large role in determining their rights. Their location determines their control and power over public and private resources, 500mg Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage, political participation, concepts of womanhood and notions about body, sexuality, work and family, Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage paypal. So we need to understand gender in conjunction with other identities that are important in the daily lives of women.

For instance, 200mg Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage, people are seeking discussions on categories within the 33% reserved seats for women in parliament. This has brought issues of caste and gender to the forefront. Those arguing for categorisation feel that if there is no reservation for Dalit and OBC women, the upper castes will dominate the political scene, Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage. Then, when BJP proposed a uniform civil code, Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage usa, many women’s groups protested because they feared that this would only exacerbate the marginalisation of women from minority communities. State-sponsored development projects often come under fire from Adivasi and environmental groups because they cause multiple displacements and loss of livelihood for women from the most powerless sections of society. Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage ebay, In a society like ours where there is such plurality of caste, community, languages, and economic backgrounds, 1000mg Amoxicillin Bronchitis Dosage, gender does not function in isolation. It is always intersecting with the other identities that define power and powerlessness. The question of who speaks assumes crucial importance. It is necessary to recognize and address the differences between various groups of women and to understand the specificity of experience. Exploring the categories of women, gender and feminism through this lens will perhaps extend the potential of what we can achieve in the future.

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