September 24, 2013

Event Announcement: Panel Discussion

          Reclaiming Rights: Challenging Gender-based Violence in South Asia Date and time: Wednesday, September 25, 2013; 6 to 8 pm Venue: International Development Exchange (IDEX), 333 Valencia St., Suite 250, San Francisco About the event: The Delhi and Mumbai gangrapes have garnered critical public attention, outrage, and mobilising in India […]

July 17, 2009

Retin A During Pregnancy

Retin A During Pregnancy, ACCORDING TO THE calendar Parsis follow, today is my birthday. It is an event only family and very close friends know about, 1000mg Retin A During Pregnancy, the more popular occasion being my date of birth next weekend. Of the seven people who wished me a Happy Birthday today, four followed it up with blessings for a good sasroo, Retin A During Pregnancy overseas, i.e. 50mg Retin A During Pregnancy, marital home/in-laws’ home. All were women above 50, all educated, 500mg Retin A During Pregnancy, all married themselves and surrounded by several singletons of their age who appear fairly happy and not about to kill themselves from the ignominy of not being part of a pair. (Parsis have the lowest rate of marriage in India, with significantly higher levels of social acceptance for those unhitched than most other Indian communities.)

Some years earlier, this act of wishing a sasroo upon me would have irked me no end, Retin A During Pregnancy. Retin A During Pregnancy australia, Now it must be old age and its consequent mellowing effects because today I was only mildly annoyed and half-amused that educated, supposedly liberal women in an urbane setting still think of the seeming security a husband and his family can offer as their foremost wish for me.

Oftentimes, Retin A During Pregnancy uk, it isn’t a well thought-out greeting, 40mg Retin A During Pregnancy, just a bouquet of lines trotted out over generations, dating back to an era when a marital home indeed meant security and the blessing of a stable life. My mother mentions with a touch of sentimentality (and she isn’t even a sentimental sort of person) that the “Now next year, 100mg Retin A During Pregnancy, celebrate your birthday in your sasroo” wish was bestowed upon her year after year by her own mother, 150mg Retin A During Pregnancy, despite knowing full well that her daughter was going nowhere until she finished her accounting degree (which she did at age 28).

I know they only mean well, all these women, Retin A During Pregnancy india, and I view them with a recently-found tolerance that has me quickly scanning my hair for any change in color. But I do wish they would realize that the best blessing they can possibly bestow on me is success and happiness in the face of life’s challenges and the ability to be my own safety net. And the freedom to choose my own path, even if it doesn’t lead to the much-exalted sasroo.


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July 16, 2009

Acidophilis Cipro

Apu Acidophilis Cipro, LATELY, I SEEM TO BE hearing a lot about the break-up of marriages and subsequent divorces. There was the Hiphop Grandmom writing on incompatible alliances and how they've led to the breakdown of marriages. Then, today, over at the F Word Blog, I read a piece on how British Tory party members want a provision for a 'three month cooling off' period in divorce cases. If you look at the comments section on HHG's piece as well, you will see one line of thought that couples are getting divorced "too easily" or for "frivolous" reasons.

In the last 3 years, 10mg Acidophilis Cipro, I've seen a number of people in my own circle applying for divorce. Now, the plural of anecdote is not data, but considering the friends I've seen and human nature and Indian society, I feel that people who are going in for a divorce are not doing so for frivolous reasons or on a whim. You may not agree with their specific reason, or you may think they should have tried harder, but whatever it is, I feel divorce is still a very hard route to take, not the easy way out.

Why, Acidophilis Cipro.

One. Marriage is still the holy grail. 40mg Acidophilis Cipro, However accomplished we are, whatever shape our careers may be in, marriage is still presented as pretty much the biggest thing in women's lives and it is drilled into our heads that a marriage is something we must keep at any cost. Because of this, most women will hesitate to think of divorce, unless the situation really calls for one.

Two. Marriage is not just about two individuals. In India at least, most marriages, Acidophilis Cipro canada, even 'love marriages' are not just between two individuals. Acidophilis Cipro, The family is involved in a big way, the wedding ceremony is a huge event and there are still very high personal and social costs to breaking it up (beginning with not getting your jewellery back to having your in-laws spread malicious rumours about you within the community, it all happens.) With so many people involved, the divorce can rarely be amicable. Not just that, chances are your own family will be the strongest voices urging you not to go in for a divorce. For people to disregard all that and go in for divorce - well, that says something about the marriage, doesn't it.

Three. Both for men and women (perhaps more so for the latter), 150mg Acidophilis Cipro, while 'divorcee' may not carry the kind of stigma it once did, its not exactly acceptable either. If the person wants to remarry and goes down the traditional arranged route again, in almost every case, they (esp. women) will need to look for a divorcee or a widower. Few single people would be willing to 'risk' going with someone who's been divorced once, Acidophilis Cipro. Having to marry a divorcee or a widower is not of course in itself a bad thing, but what I'm trying to say is - the choice basket for a divorcee, Acidophilis Cipro uk, esp a divorced woman gets considerably narrow.

Four. Economic dependence. Let's assume this is not an issue for many younger, well-off couples where both partners are working. But, if there are kids in the equation, Acidophilis Cipro paypal, it is highly likely that the woman would have either slowed down on the career track, lost a few years or given up her career altogether, all impacting her earnings. Acidophilis Cipro, It's not an easy decision to take, to go from a financially-secure-if-unhappy home to making your own way again, especially if you are at an age where restarting your career is difficult. Also, not all families allow women to work, so there will be many younger women who've simply never worked outside the home in their lives. What about poorer people. Here in fact, 250mg Acidophilis Cipro, women are more likely to be working and supporting the family, so they are not totally dependent. But, even today, few women own assets like farmland or property that can be a safety net. Plus, go back to point number three, Acidophilis Cipro.

Five. Post-purchase rationalization. Acidophilis Cipro craiglist, Not just in India, but everywhere in the world, people invest of themselves significantly in a marriage. If they've made the choice of partner themselves, they're likely to take some pride in it. And when there is pride in one's choice, there will always be some amount of post-purchase rationalization. He's not alcoholic, just someone who likes his drink, 50mg Acidophilis Cipro. Acidophilis Cipro, She will give up her career eventually. It's human nature to do this. People don't like to just abandon the choices they've made, because that says something about them. In the Indian context, in arranged marriages, this is one reason why parents are often so strongly in favour of working on the marriage. Acidophilis Cipro usa, Considering all of this, is it time we stopped thinking of those going in for divorces as silly people fighting because one person doesn't leave the toilet seat up. Let's acknowledge the reality of people's lives which is that marriages break down for a variety of reasons, few outsiders known the inside story, no one really asks for emotional upheaval in their lives and not every marriage is worth saving.

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