November 05, 2012

A Short Enraged Note on Consent and Coercion

“And so we decided not to go to CASH since we’d all been drinking”, the 23 year old concluded her story about why she and some friends were not taking a case of sexual harassment by a classmate to her University’s Committee Against Sexual Harassment (CASH). Thank you Government of Maharashtra! This is what happens […]

April 20, 2009

Flagyl Tablets

Anindita Sengupta Flagyl Tablets, THE PEOPLE'S Union for Civil Liberties, Karnataka (PUCL-K), has put together a very comprehensive report on Cultural Policing in Dakshin Kannada. The fact-finding team (which included our contributor Usha BN) traveled to Mangalore and conducted extensive interviews with key groups, activists, academics and the police, Flagyl Tablets australia. The report provides interesting background information on Dakshin Kannada as a region, looks at the current climate of fear and lawlessness, Flagyl Tablets usa, and examines the multiple factors involved in this. It points out some very interesting things -- the intersection of communalisation and criminalisation, cultural policing as 'social apartheid' and the role of the media, police, 50mg Flagyl Tablets, civil society. Read / download the entire report for free. Please spread the word widely as well by pasting extracts on your blogs or websites if possible, Flagyl Tablets. 200mg Flagyl Tablets, Excerpts:

As one observer, who has been covering the events in Dakshina Kannada, put it, “Today saffron is the colour of power, Flagyl Tablets us. You just walk around with a big red tilak and see how people treat you. Right from the shop keeper to the bus conductor to the policeman, Flagyl Tablets craiglist, everybody gives you respect. Without the tilak you are nothing, with the tilak you become a power structure.” Munir Kattipalya of the DYFI echoes this sentiment when he says, “This district is not only communalized but also progressively criminalized.”

What is indicated by such statements is that there is a strong link between communalization and criminalization, Flagyl Tablets coupon. Flagyl Tablets, It is precisely because the state has chosen not to act when criminal activities are perpetrated under the garb of religion that criminal elements now feel that they have the sanction to perpetrate violence and Cultural Policing in Dakshina Kannada other forms of intimidation by using the garb of religion. This possibly explains the proliferation of vigilante groups in Dakshina Kannada.

Cultural policing in turn leads to forms of ‘social apartheid.’ By ‘social apartheid,’ what we mean is a policing of community boundaries through laying down what manners of dress and what manners of expression are appropriate for each selfenclosed community. Flagyl Tablets paypal, The conventional understanding of apartheid as it was practiced in South Africa refers to a structure of segregation of the people of South Africa through law. By social apartheid, we mean a practice of segregating communities on the basis of religion and gender by self-styled vigilante groups as well as prescribing appropriate behaviour and conduct for the separate communities. Social apartheid is successful only because it has the implicit support of the state, 250mg Flagyl Tablets, and hence enjoys immunity for its patently lawless actions. It is important to stress that social apartheid is not just about segregating communities but it is equally concerned about the culture, Flagyl Tablets ebay, dress, and deportment of individuals within the community.

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February 12, 2009

Is Retin A Used For Wrinkles

Is Retin A Used For Wrinkles, AISA and AIPWA organised protest on Valentine's day in Delhi.
Say NO to the 'Morality Police'.

On February 13, on the eve of

Rajendra Yadav, Arundhati Roy, teachers and students of DU, Is Retin A Used For Wrinkles us, Jamia Millia, JNU, activists of cultural and women's groups
'Love in Our Times'
with poetry, music, Is Retin A Used For Wrinkles mexico, readings
Vivekananda Statue, Arts Faculty, Delhi University, 12 noon

On February 14,
Gather to
Celebrate Our Right to Live and Love in Freedom.
Come with Banners, 50mg Is Retin A Used For Wrinkles, Placards, Songs, Skits
to march at public spaces in and around the North Campus and Kamla Nagar market
Assemble at Vivekananda Statue, Arts Faculty, Is Retin A Used For Wrinkles usa, Delhi University, 11 am

Dear friends,
The Sangh's moral police brigade has been intensifying its assault on individual liberties and particularly on women's freedoms. The assault in the Mangalore pub was the latest in the series of attacks by the Sanghi Taliban – many of them on friendships and relationships (especially inter-religious ones) between women and men, on women's freedom to interact with men in public spaces (not just pubs, but even schools, 200mg Is Retin A Used For Wrinkles, colleges, buses, streets, restaurants etc...). Is Retin A Used For Wrinkles india, More sinister is the fact that even leaders of the Congress, Chief Ministers of several states and worst of all, a member of the NCW, also lent their voice to the Sangh-inspired smokescreen of the imagined dangers of 'pub culture,' 'women wearing semi-nude clothing' and 'boys and girls walking hand in hand.'
These assaults in the name of 'morality,' of course, Is Retin A Used For Wrinkles australia, resonate with many other attacks in our society – the killings of inter-caste couples in the name of 'honour', the tragedies of same-sex couples committing suicide, the draconian Article 377 in our law books, the many voices that, 250mg Is Retin A Used For Wrinkles, when a woman is raped, declare that she herself – thanks to her clothes, her lifestyle, her being at the 'wrong place, wrong time' – is guilty...
This Valentine's Day, 30mg Is Retin A Used For Wrinkles, as the saffron brigade openly declares its agenda of vandalism and violence, we hope you'll join us for some defiant celebration – of our right to live and love freely, of freedom of expression and women's hard-won rights, of all our ongoing struggles for a better, 750mg Is Retin A Used For Wrinkles, freer world.

All India Students' Association (AISA)
All India Progressive Women's Association (AIPWA)

Contact: Pooja, AISA DU, (9968321240),
Kavita, AIPWA, (9868112252).

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April 21, 2008

When Was Erythromycin Discovered

GIVEN ALL THE advantages of having the National Commission for Women (NCW) and the State Commissions for Women When Was Erythromycin Discovered, (SCW), what can one make of a news story such as ‘Operation Park’. The SCW Orissa, with cameramen and police in tow, went to a city park in Bhubaneshwar and descended on the boys and girls sitting there, When Was Erythromycin Discovered mexico. The girls were roundly lectured and told that they should be sitting in class rather than wasting their time. They were also told that they could be victims of ‘cheat-rape’ cases. When Was Erythromycin Discovered uk, The news reports also quote the SCW Chairperson as saying she could not imagine how young boys and girls can be involved in such nasty and abhorrent activities in the open. Sounds familiar, When Was Erythromycin Discovered.

In fact, it is identical to the moral policing by the Shiv Sainik/Bajrang Dal brigade rampaging on Valentines Day and the DPI’s agitation against cinestar Khushboo’s remarks on premarital sex and virginity. The reactions have become so common by groups like this that one almost expects it off them now, 1000mg When Was Erythromycin Discovered, but to see a SCW behave in the same fashion is downright scary. Apparently the Bhubaneshwar police too felt the same way and quickly distanced themselves from the incident. When Was Erythromycin Discovered japan, Bhubaneshwar Deputy Commissioner of Police Amitabh Thakur even went on record saying “I don’t think when grown up boys and girls meet in parks, there is any problem. When Was Erythromycin Discovered, There is no joint operation with the SCW.” Talk about role reversal.

The mandate of the NCW is to uphold constitutional and legal rights guaranteed to women, recommend amendments for the same, 150mg When Was Erythromycin Discovered, take up cases of violations of women’s right and take suo moto notice of non implementation of such laws and policies that deprive women’s rights. The Commission was welcomed by NGO’s and other activists as a nodal point within the government machinery which will work towards addressing various women’s issues and upholding our rights. When Was Erythromycin Discovered ebay, But it is shocking that a Commission set up to uphold the rights of women has indulged in such a blatant and embarrassing display of hypocrisy, ignorance and a warped sense of morality. It would be funny if it were not so serious.

The logic provided by the SCW was that they want to prevent incidents of rape, unwed motherhood and trafficking of girls by increasing awareness amongst girls, When Was Erythromycin Discovered. The SCW thought the best way to do this was to shock them out of their wits on camera (which the Chairperson benevolently and thankfully decided against airing!), 30mg When Was Erythromycin Discovered. What did they achieve besides embarrassing and frightening a bunch of young people who were made to feel like criminals for no good reason.

Not that there is a lack of issues for the SCW to solve in Orissa. 750mg When Was Erythromycin Discovered, As per the National Crime Records Bureau 2006, Orissa is among the states to have reported the highest number of cases relating to importation of girls (relates to trafficking and prostitution). When Was Erythromycin Discovered, Witch hunting is a serious problem especially in the tribal regions of the state. Maternal mortality rates in the state continue to be among the highest in the country. These are just a few indicators, 20mg When Was Erythromycin Discovered. The SCW has a whole range of serious concerns that it should be actively pursuing. This is what it has been conceptualised and set up for. It is responsible to the women of the state and needs to step up to its duties immediately, When Was Erythromycin Discovered. When Was Erythromycin Discovered us, The SCW’s actions are only symptomatic of a larger problem. There is a lack of will and motivation across most such bodies. This coupled with frequent changes in leadership and political appointments take a lot away from what is expected of them. The Commissions also have their powers limited to only making recommendations. When Was Erythromycin Discovered, One way of addressing this problem would be to ensure that the leadership within these Commissions is chosen from women who have proven themselves -- those who have actively worked on women’s concerns and who come with a strong progressive perspective. There also needs to be a system of accountability within such Commissions to ensure that incidents such as ‘Operation Park’ never occur again. Appointees should also undergo capacity building on gender issues, campaigning and advocacy, among other things.

The potential of the NCW and the SCWs is huge and a good amount of work has been done ranging from ensuring implementation of the new anti domestic violence act, setting up Parivarik Mahila Lok Adalats and the campaign on legislating for the anti sexual harassment at the workplace law. It is quite a shame when bad judgment and lack of perspective brings disrepute to such an institution.

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