February 07, 2013

Not A Cactus

And if you are a woman you learn early, how to draw yourself in, and survive on very little water, in fact, a few drops of dew will do. Careful about smiles pulling them indoors if they happen to escape in the rain like errant children to dance, to soak, aimless paper boats. Wearing a […]

August 26, 2010

Zithromax Constipation

divya rajan Zithromax Constipation, Your scarf spoke nine tongues.
I failed to know the purpose, seek the language
of splinters, shards, Zithromax Constipation japan, lazy salsas.
I thought the skies bowed to you even
as they turned mauve. 30mg Zithromax Constipation, Awe
filled my lungs, I breathed.
Shards slow danced, I felt your smile, 20mg Zithromax Constipation.
It smelt of something else, Zithromax Constipation.
Your ducking shadows traded with liquid limelight.


"You were born to silence", Zithromax Constipation canada, sang whispers
of the one who bore me for ten crescent milk moons.
And so I breathed in the silence
of the damp Oaxacan earth,
the silence of nopals, moriche, 100mg Zithromax Constipation, cacao fields,
the silence of achiotes as they painted my soul
and I yearned for harvest;
the silence by the creek
after cowbirds flocked to nests, 250mg Zithromax Constipation, silence in the pauses of a distant merengue,
silence in the nook of an ancient
pottery tavern where gods were made
by hands.


Zithromax Constipation, I felt the cold of asbestos.
Much after, 50mg Zithromax Constipation, as I shuddered
on a sore bit of land
that reeked of sewage, puddles
of worm-infested waters
inching into my mouth, Zithromax Constipation coupon, slower than a drip, I dreamt
of barbed wires, nine unspoken red fire fangs, fumes
from a neighbor maquiladora, 150mg Zithromax Constipation. I even dreamt
of the kneader I was meant to be. My heart
felt the weight of silence. 1000mg Zithromax Constipation, ***

The above poem is an ekphrastic work inspired by artist Judithe Hernandez's work titled, The Border, exhibited at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago. More details about the Juarez- Chihuahua crisis can be viewed at The Juarez Project..

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January 19, 2010

Diflucan Dangerous Side Effects


Bertha & I Diflucan Dangerous Side Effects, Tonight I feel like Bertha Mason
with a fire and sadness in my soul.
I pace my room – this attic of madness –
it keeps me sane. I think it keeps me
whole, 750mg Diflucan Dangerous Side Effects, somehow. There’s no breeze
through the window, just an empty
vastness of night and shadow and
half-lights. And the knock on my door, Diflucan Dangerous Side Effects paypal,
well, it came before – today, 150mg Diflucan Dangerous Side Effects, tomorrow,
or never, who knows. Tonight I am
Bertha Mason, Diflucan Dangerous Side Effects. I see her in the mirror, Diflucan Dangerous Side Effects japan,
lifting her hand to strike the match,
to knock the lantern over. 10mg Diflucan Dangerous Side Effects, I wait for
the crackle and hiss of wood, the empty
kiss of lapping flames. Yet all around
me is darkness, darkness, 250mg Diflucan Dangerous Side Effects. What burns
is a fury for what’s come before
and will again.


To Sylvia Diflucan Dangerous Side Effects, When I put away Ariel
I cannot sleep, though
the night is as you describe
it – black, blue. With the moon, Diflucan Dangerous Side Effects india, a white knuckle and terribly
upset. Do you still brood
like a rook in winter,
somewhere behind flowering,
mystical clouds, Diflucan Dangerous Side Effects ebay. Or walk
a dark landscape beneath
gothic yew trees. Has the
terror come to life in death.
If so, you could not
have escaped, except for
the aged face in the mirror
that now lies forever youthful;
in the back of your poetry books, Diflucan Dangerous Side Effects. 1000mg Diflucan Dangerous Side Effects, I wonder if you still drag your
marble-heavy bag full of god.
If you still hate as much as you
used to. Or has it all magically
faded and made you pure as
a pane of ice. A gift to the stars, Diflucan Dangerous Side Effects coupon.
In the distance, I think I see Ariel
– the hurl of mud from hooves,
the brown arc of neck – and you
alongside, running towards morning.


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August 28, 2009

Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus

divya rajan

I drive by narrow lanes called eda Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus, in colloquial malayalam, the walls hoarded with large
posters of Mohanlal and some teenager heroine
(who won the National Award for Best Actress,
I'm told, for carrying on precariously well
as a mother of an eighteen year old, when
she herself had but known eighteen mango- textured
summers) with wisps of curls over elephantine
ears and a big, red bindi on her forehead. Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus craiglist, The car
rumbles over dead brown leaves, to be
composted; more leaves that'd borne
mid-life crises and just breathed last
beneath the tires and the smell of wet
earth rises to my nostrils, Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus japan. 200mg Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus, There's
another smell that's common in these
towns. The smell of unsmoked bidi leaves
caressed by nimble fingers of women, 750mg Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus, Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus overseas, young
and old, in factories overloaded with
women, Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus uk, Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus mexico, for they're cheaper, more reliable
and don't drink, 1000mg Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus. Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus coupon, All they do, is work
and smile and save money for their
daughters' and sisters' weddings to be
held under thatched, Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus australia, nameless roofs
with indistinct tharavad flavors. Their
smiles burst out, like pomegranates when
cut open, Diflucan Chronic Toenail Fungus. They must've known my grandparents.
Why else would they smile at me. My city
lips creak open like a two hundred year old
frozen fossil. A scarlet-less smile,
aching to be shed.


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November 20, 2007

Purchase Erythromycin And Oxytetracycline

Purchase Erythromycin And Oxytetracycline, Does all lust start andend like this. Don't get mewrong. I loved my wolf. Purchase Erythromycin And Oxytetracycline australia, I held him tethered likea pussycat. I nursedthe rumble in his bellywith hands gentle as a burglar's.
He lived on milkand blood and ocean, Purchase Erythromycin And Oxytetracycline. Hehad violets for his furs.

It's just that he wasbeginning to devour me.
He nuzzled me with claws, Purchase Erythromycin And Oxytetracycline uk,fondled me with fangssharp as yearningHe snaked a tongue sohungry in its kiss itturned my body to salt.

How do you douse adervish swirl. I asked. Purchase Erythromycin And Oxytetracycline usa, Devour it, you said.

So I fantasisedabout eating his balls,rolling them in semolinaseeds and roasting themgolden. Purchase Erythromycin And Oxytetracycline, I got blooddrunkon the thought of thecrisp tender cartilage of his ear,left to simmer in tequilaand cilantro. The dry teats turnedsweet when baked with cinnamonapplesauce, 20mg Purchase Erythromycin And Oxytetracycline, or drizzled with chocolate.
The tangy musk of austerely steamed eyelid.

I set traps.

Mine is the deepest void, Purchase Erythromycin And Oxytetracycline mexico, the deepest void you'll ever know.
And so I lured him to a well.
A wolf can drown in its ownwetness. But mine swamand lapped and doggypaddleduntil I waded back in to get him.

Mine is the darkest smoulder,the darkest smoulder you'll ever know, Purchase Erythromycin And Oxytetracycline.
And so I conspired to let him burn, Purchase Erythromycin And Oxytetracycline japan.
A wolf can poach in its own juices.
But mine danced on coals and leaptablaze, Purchase Erythromycin And Oxytetracycline canada, until I pussyfooted back in to get him.

I became desperate.
I preached to my wolfabout suicide, proselytizedabout reincarnation. Come backas a Purchase Erythromycin And Oxytetracycline, sleepy kitten, I said.
Come back as a hibernating bear, Purchase Erythromycin And Oxytetracycline overseas.
Come back as a snail with a flag trail of surrender.
But my love was indefatigable. 30mg Purchase Erythromycin And Oxytetracycline, It wasvolcano and oceanic tremor. It was a black lace bra andtoo much jazz at 3 a.m, Purchase Erythromycin And Oxytetracycline.
My love was as big as betrayal.
I pleaded and pleaded until

you finally looked up and said,You can only kill a wolfyou don't want to have, 50mg Purchase Erythromycin And Oxytetracycline,

and only then did I see that

your lovewas exactlythe size of two fists.


Sharanya Mannivannan was born in India in 1985, grew up elsewhere, and now divides her time between different dimensions of home and exile. She is working on her first novel, Constellation of Scars and her book of poems, Witchcraft, will appear in 2008. She can be found at http://sharanyamanivannan.blogspot.com

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