February 07, 2013

Not A Cactus

And if you are a woman you learn early, how to draw yourself in, and survive on very little water, in fact, a few drops of dew will do.

Careful about smiles pulling them indoors if they happen to escape in the rain like errant children to dance, to soak, aimless paper boats.

Wearing a […]

August 26, 2010

The weight of silence

Your scarf spoke nine tongues. I failed to know the purpose, seek the language of splinters, shards, lazy salsas. I thought the skies bowed to you even as they turned mauve. Awe filled my lungs, I breathed. Shards slow danced, I felt your smile. It smelt of something else. Your ducking shadows traded with […]

January 19, 2010

Two Poems

Bertha & I

Tonight I feel like Bertha Mason with a fire and sadness in my soul. I pace my room – this attic of madness – it keeps me sane. I think it keeps me whole, somehow. There’s no breeze through the window, just an empty vastness of night and shadow and half-lights. […]

August 28, 2009

They must’ve known my grandparents

I drive by narrow lanes called eda in colloquial malayalam, the walls hoarded with large posters of Mohanlal and some teenager heroine (who won the National Award for Best Actress, I’m told, for carrying on precariously well as a mother of an eighteen year old, when she herself had but known eighteen mango- textured […]

November 20, 2007

How to Eat A Wolf

Does all lust start and end like this? Don’t get me wrong. I loved my wolf. I held him tethered like a pussycat. I nursed the rumble in his belly with hands gentle as a burglar’s. He lived on milk and blood and ocean. He had violets for his furs.


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