September 14, 2009

Two Poems

Iris and the sun

Iris thought of the sun as a stain on the sky; it spread so keenly when it set, perhaps the lake was blotting paper.

Why she paid to sit in a boat, no one knows. The oars scratched at the surface — relentless nibs –, disturbed the hulking dusk-yellow

ever so […]

July 29, 2009

Two Poems

Silk or the reason for my madness

here’s the reason for my madness -chef emeril, food network

The world is changing for me opening up unravelling like the strings of a cocoon silk smooth silk I had tied around myself

covered myself with like a shell of bees and guzzling honey from my soul smooth […]

March 09, 2009

“Frida To Sharanya”

Sleep wherever is most convenient for you. Whoever and whatever is left in the morning, take home. Be kind. All the world is yours for the taking, long as you know that your little heart is theirs for the breaking. Leave lipstick on their china and on your letters. Make […]

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