April 24, 2013

Event Announcement: Talk

        Women and Democratic Movements in India: Changing Dynamics, Altered Perspectives Date & time: Tuesday, April 30, 2013; 1 pm Venue: Encina Hall West, Room 208, Stanford University, 616 Serra St., Stanford, CA About the event & the speaker: Fee: This event is free and open to the […]

February 05, 2013

Mumbai Rising

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yebYB1q_oFE   Women are rising to protest, to dance, to heal, to reclaim, to flaunt, to bloom, against violence, against cruelty… Join us at Mumbai Rising on 14 February 2013. Where: Bandra Amphitheatre, Bandstand, Mumbai. When: 5.30 – 8.30 PM. This video was made for Mumbai Rising as part of One Billion Rising by the […]

March 06, 2009

Use Of Colchicine

Anindita Sengupta Use Of Colchicine, SOME OF YOU have asked how you can help in the campaign against the attacks on women in Mangalore and Bangalore. Running a poster campaign in your neighborhood, Use Of Colchicine us, 250mg Use Of Colchicine, college or office is a quick and easy way.  Here are some posters I've received from different organizations. Click on the download link to get a large-size version which you can print out, 200mg Use Of Colchicine. 750mg Use Of Colchicine, Make copies and put them up wherever you can.

These are from Maraa, Use Of Colchicine uk. 150mg Use Of Colchicine, I think its very cool that they're creating material in different languages.






And here's an e-poster from the people at Pink Chaddi Campaign, Use Of Colchicine uk. 30mg Use Of Colchicine, Send to everyone. :)


, 1000mg Use Of Colchicine. Use Of Colchicine india.

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February 28, 2009

Lumigan And Chills Or Cold

Lumigan And Chills Or Cold, THE ATTACKS have not stopped. I have received at least three emails about attacks on women in Bangalore for wearing jeans / drinking / being free individuals.

One victim has blogged about the horrific incident:

And as soon as they turn around in protest, Lumigan And Chills Or Cold japan, the car doors are flung open, and a stream of 4-5 rabid men run out towards these women, screaming obscenities in Hindi and Kannada against women in general, fists flailing, 250mg Lumigan And Chills Or Cold. Some of us who came in running at the sound of the screaming brakes now stand in the middle in defense of our women, and then blows start raining down. 100mg Lumigan And Chills Or Cold, One of the goons make a couple of calls over the cellphone, and in seconds a stream of other equally rabid goondas land up. They gun straight for the women, and everyone – a few well-meaning bystanders, acquaintances who know us from the restaurant, basically everyone who tries to help the women – starts getting thoroughly beaten up, Lumigan And Chills Or Cold.

Women are kicked in the groin, punched in the stomach, Lumigan And Chills Or Cold mexico, slapped across the face, grabbed everywhere, 200mg Lumigan And Chills Or Cold, abused constantly. Men are smashed up professionally, blows aimed at livers, groins, Lumigan And Chills Or Cold ebay, kidneys and nose. A friend is hit repeatedly on the head by a stone until he passes out in a flood of blood.

The Hindu carried a story about three attacks:
The second incident took place on Tuesday at 10 a.m., Lumigan And Chills Or Cold us, when a 28-year-old woman on her way to Kormangala was accosted by four men near RBANM’s College in Ulsoor. “Four men got off an SUV and started screaming at me. Lumigan And Chills Or Cold, They tugged at my clothes in front of at least eight mute spectators. One of them even pulled my shrug off, scratched my neck and hit my ear, 750mg Lumigan And Chills Or Cold,” she told The Hindu on condition of anonymity. She said that the four were all aged between 25 and 35. Lumigan And Chills Or Cold paypal, “When I said I would call the police, one of them offered me his mobile phone and told me to go right ahead. They saw an airline tag on my bag, got more aggravated and called me an outsider, 20mg Lumigan And Chills Or Cold,” she said. “One of them said I must be part of the pink chaddi campaign.” Fortunately, an army van passed by and two soldiers ordered the men to stop harassing the woman.

Different groups are planning protest marches for March 7 and 8, Lumigan And Chills Or Cold. More details here as soon as I have them. And I'll leave you with what Nisha Susan at the Pink Chaddi Campaign says:
For every one of you who sat about bemoaning the lack of 'real' action over the last month because 'chaddis are not enough', please come to Bangalore and join the action. The rest of you lovely people for whom sending chaddis was only one way of protesting, jump in. This promises to be fun because no one, least of the government, is expecting People Like Us to care at all. Shouldn't we give them a pleasant post-Valentine surprise?

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February 17, 2009

Retin A Wrinkle Complaint

IT'S BEEN AMUSING Retin A Wrinkle Complaint, to see the uproar around the Pink Chaddi Campaign over the last few days, with some of the 'finest journalistic minds in the country' pitching in with their opinions. This piece, ironically called 'What Lies Beneath', by Sagarika Ghose in Hindustan Times was particularly baffling, shallow as a frying pan and about as full of noise. I wish one could ignore such vapidity, but the piece was also disturbing at many levels. Some of us sent a rejoinder to HT. Unsurprisingly, 40mg Retin A Wrinkle Complaint, they neither acknowledged it, nor responded. 

Ghose starts off targeting the Pink Chaddi Campaign because according to her, “sending pink underwear to perverts is pretty undignified” -- and moves on to urge “India's young” to “emulate Sarojini Naidu and Jawaharlal Nehru”, instead of  “trying to be like characters from Sex In The City”.

While her patronizing tone does a disservice to many of us, it also tars the unfortunate women attacked in Mangalore with the same brush and trivializes their pain, Retin A Wrinkle Complaint.

The women, who in her zeal to talk about class divides, Ghose seems to have forgotten. Apart from the odd mention, they barely figure in her post. She ignores the fact that this incident was symptomatic of a larger pattern of gender-based violence, 20mg Retin A Wrinkle Complaint. As Aparna Singh, a freelance writer in Bangalore, points out: “If elite and westernised lifestyles is the only thing drawing out anger from an underclass, how come this anger was only directed at women. Retin A Wrinkle Complaint, What about elite and westernised men. While class certainly plays a role, the fact is that women stepping into certain areas ‘designated’ for men is not taken well.”

Ghose completely sidesteps this to argue that “this is a class war expressed through culture.” A valid point, and one that deserves careful thought. Unfortunately, 10mg Retin A Wrinkle Complaint, Ghose seems incapable of giving it that. Her solution to this problem is garbled and confusing. She says: “We must learn from the Nehruvians of the 40s and 50s who were incredibly westernised, but deeply rooted; many of whom were rich but lived modest, tasteful lives. They drank, smoked and romanced, yet were discreet and embodied a tradition of Indian elitism that was rooted in excellence.”

And what is her definition of “excellence”, Retin A Wrinkle Complaint. What must India’s youth do to earn the right to “drink, smoke and romance”. Ghose is exacting on this count. She explains: “C. Rajagopalachari was considered a scholar in three language, Retin A Wrinkle Complaint uk. Retin A Wrinkle Complaint, Rukmini Devi Arundale may have been deeply influenced by the Theosophical Movement but dedicated her life to reviving Indian dance and music by founding the Kalakshetra academy. Sarojini Naidu’s favourite poet was Shelley but she took pride in the fact that she could speak Urdu, Telugu and Bengali.”

Firstly, Ghose has no proof that young people frequenting pubs do not know three or four languages. Here, in the south, many are proficient in their mother tongues and know two or three languages besides English. Many are also -- whether she believes it or not -- reasonably close to their families, go to temples, Retin A Wrinkle Complaint japan, have learned Carnatic classical music. Does this qualify as ‘excellence’ enough or do they also need to run dance schools in their spare time.

Secondly, why should any adult have to prove anything to anyone to enjoy simple recreation, Retin A Wrinkle Complaint. Is Ghose suggesting that hard-working, independent young people whip out scholarly credentials before entering a pub. Should they need to prove their moral discretion before kissing.

And to whom. A bunch of goons who rampage like beasts. Retin A Wrinkle Complaint, Or self-styled social theorists at media houses (which, don't forget, spend hours of airtime drooling over the latest sensation).

Apart from these gemmy suggestions, she has no constructive ideas on how the debate on class and culture should be taken forward. Ammu Joseph, Retin A Wrinkle Complaint canada, noted feminist writer and journalist, agrees that the class element cannot be denied but points out what Ghose misses. “Class divides are shifting. For example, there may not be much class difference between Sene activists and call centre workers, who often belong to very lower middle class families even though they have now been catapulted into a different socio-economic and maybe even cultural space via their jobs.”

Feminist researcher and author Sumi Krishna adds, “Ghose’s blithe conclusion that this is a ‘class war expressed through culture’ seems to be based on hearsay rather than grounded in the complexities of southern-coastal Karnataka. It is true that rapid socio-economic changes have heightened the gap between rich and poor, and that this has been exploited by the saffron fringe to incite violence, but this violence has been directed against religious and sexual minorities, and women of all classes, Retin A Wrinkle Complaint. It is not class concerns that drive the Bajrang Dal, 100mg Retin A Wrinkle Complaint, Ram Sene and other groups but communal mind-sets and regressive attitudes to Indian women and to Indian cultures. The range of protests in Bangalore and elsewhere by women’s rights activists, by organisations of dalits and slum-dwellers, by IT people and academics, reflects that this is not a fight about the ‘pub drinking’ elite lifestyles of privileged urban women but about fundamentalism and gendered violence.”

Joseph also questions the hypocrisy of Ghose’s statement about the IPL auction being a “stark exhibition of glamour and wealth, in an economy where 500,000 workers have just lost their jobs, was an unabashed spectacle of rootless elitism.”

“How much air time does CNN-IBN give to blue-collar workers or unorganised labourers who've lost their jobs thanks to the downturn in the economy. Or to any of the other life and death issues with which millions of Indians are grappling every day?” she asks.

As Senior Editor of CNN-IBN, Retin A Wrinkle Complaint usa, perhaps Ghose should start with cleaning up her own house. Retin A Wrinkle Complaint, In criticizing the Pink Chaddi Campaign, she also forgets something fundamental – the need to have a voice. While larger changes have to be wrought through dialogue, and will take time, there is a threat that needs to be addressed right now. Goons are beating up people in broad daylight for engaging in perfectly legal activities. People are afraid of going out, going to a mall, holding hands in public. 750mg Retin A Wrinkle Complaint, This is a threat to individual freedom and a mockery of the law. This must be protested, Retin A Wrinkle Complaint. Loudly and strongly. The mode of protest is really incidental as long as it’s legal –- which sending pink panties certainly is.

Dilnavaz Bamboat, pediatric therapist and founder member of India Helps, points out that Ghose is “missing (or refusing to see) the point about protest activism: Often, it's not the actual object used to resist but the symbolism behind it, and even more importantly, merely the spirit of objection that movements wish to invoke.”

Comparing it to the protests in New York against the war in Iraq, she says, Retin A Wrinkle Complaint australia, “I knew that George Bush gave two hoots about a non-resident like me and my roughly-made arm band, but it wasn't about marching or bands as much as it was about voices raised in protest and millions of people finding a way to say ‘this is just not on’….whether we're throwing bricks, underwear or mini-skirted chicken legs at Muthalik, Ghose has failed to realize that the first step is cohesive protest.”

Or perhaps, from her vantage point in the ivory tower offices of CNN-IBN, she sees no need for it.

***And here's another response to the piece that sounds out its hollowness.

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February 12, 2009

Aching Legs With Cipro Use

DEFEND THE RIGHT TO LOVE Aching Legs With Cipro Use, Date: Saturday, February 14, 2009
Time: 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Location: Mahatma Gandhi Statue on MG Road at 12 o'clock. We will walk through MG road and Brigade road

The recent incidents of fundamentalist violence in many parts of Karnataka has led to the curbing of freedoms of common people. 1000mg Aching Legs With Cipro Use, One of the point of attacks has been to curb the right of people to have friends and lovers across communities. A fixed and divisive idea of Indian culture is being thrust upon us. While we resist this violence, Aching Legs With Cipro Use craiglist, we also need to clearly state that we see love as a basic human right which must be defended from attack by fundamentalists of all hues.

The idea of love which cuts across all boundaries, is part of every culture around the globe, Aching Legs With Cipro Use. 100mg Aching Legs With Cipro Use, The stories of Heer - Ranjha, Nala - Damayanti, Dushyanta - Shakuntale, Aching Legs With Cipro Use canada, Krishna, Aching Legs With Cipro Use ebay, Rukmini, Romeo-Juliet and even John and Abhishek in Dostana are some among the many.

It is time for us to send a strong message to those who say that the 'right to love' is not part of our culture, 10mg Aching Legs With Cipro Use. They speak from a position of ignorance of a rich history of Love which is an integral part of our culture. Aching Legs With Cipro Use paypal, Please Join us to celebrate this precious right. Aching Legs With Cipro Use, Lets stand in solidarity and strengthen the choices and lives of those who love.... unabashedly.

Lets come together to celebrate love and send a message to those who propagate hate, 500mg Aching Legs With Cipro Use.

All you need to do is wear something RED OR PINK and meet us at Mahatma Gandhi Statue on MG Road at 12 o'clock. 20mg Aching Legs With Cipro Use, We will walk through MG road and Brigade road. If you don't catch us at the Gandhi Statue look for us, we'll be painting the town red.., Aching Legs With Cipro Use. and pink. Join us with friends, Aching Legs With Cipro Use uk, family and lovers.

Time: 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM

Date: Valentine's Day, 14th February, 2009.

For further details contact:

9448043941 Jagadeesh

9886182458 Ponni

9980010933 Arvind.

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February 09, 2009

Erythromycin Generic

IT'S COOL. Erythromycin Generic, It's cheeky. It's clever. 750mg Erythromycin Generic, I'm talking about the Pink Chaddi Campaign. Women all over the country are gathering pink chaddis and sending them to Muthalik as a Valentine's Day present. The plan is to strike disgust in the teensy little non-heart of our chief moral guardian -- and to loudly assert the fact that the bogeymen of morality, Erythromycin Generic ebay, dignity, 150mg Erythromycin Generic, chastity etc cannot be used to take our freedom away. Gifting panties may seem like a softer option than dung bombing his house but it makes a strong statement on our collective lack of 'shame', the one quality he's trying so desperately to instill in us, Erythromycin Generic.

And apparently, the organisers have planned a press conference to announce this because the point is also to generate talk, Erythromycin Generic paypal. By cleverly using the media, 40mg Erythromycin Generic, these hoodlums have been spreading their propaganda far and wide. Time to pay them back in their own coin, what, Erythromycin Generic coupon.

So, Erythromycin Generic canada, pitch in with your pantie power. The collection point is:

BANGALOREThe Pink Chaddi Campaign,C/O Alternate Law Forum, Erythromycin Generic usa,122/4 Infantry Road(opposite Infantry Wedding House)Bangalore 560001Karnataka

Contact person: Nithin (9886081269)

UPDATE --  ALF is no longer accepting chaddis. 500mg Erythromycin Generic, You need to send them directly to Mr Muthalik:

Pramod Muthalik,
Sri Rama Sene Office
No. 11, 200mg Erythromycin Generic, Behind New Bus Stand,
Gokhul road,
Lakshmi park,
PIN 580030

Oh, as an aside, female underwear has been used as ammunition before.

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February 02, 2009

Diflucan Topical

Diflucan Topical, Students of Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore, have organized a choreographed demonstration against the mangalore attacks and the statements that made after that. This walk is on Sunday, 8th Feb, Diflucan Topical craiglist, 4 pm onwards.


In light of the recent violence that took place against women in Mangalore and the statements that were made thereafter, its time to say, I am, 10mg Diflucan Topical. Indian culture is being defined, strained and subverted by many elements other than ourselves. Diflucan Topical india, In an attempt to induce the spirit of freedom, choice and non-violence we invite people from all spheres to join us on a walk on Sunday, the 8th of February, 4 pm onwards, Diflucan Topical australia. “I am an Indian, this is my culture” is the initial adopted slogan that we hope people will wear in the form of tags or banners, Diflucan Topical. The walk will start from Rest House Road Park, through brigade road, 100mg Diflucan Topical, MG road and end at Cubbon Park. There will be two stops on the way, one at Levis Square on brigade road and the other at Barton centre on MG road. During these pauses (that will last about 5 to 10 minutes) and at the end of the walk at Cubbon Park every participant will get into any position that they feel most free in (sit/stand/lean/crouch/lie

etc.) as a symbol of disapproval of the occurrence of violence and curbing the freedom of expression, Diflucan Topical japan. We speak of development and progress, but the struggle for basic freedom and acts of appalling violence, Diflucan Topical mexico, raise the question- Where is India headed. Join us to collectively declare our diverse culture.LINK FOR THE ROUTE MAP: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Bangalore,+India&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=28.529345,78.75&ie=UTF8&ll=12.975871, Diflucan Topical overseas,77.610083&spn=0.017104,0.038452&z=15

Please do forward this invite to as people as you can.


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February 02, 2009

Zithromax In Pregnancy

Protest against Assault on Women in Mangalore Pub and State Inaction Zithromax In Pregnancy, We condemn the brutal assault by members of the Sri Ram Sene on young women in a pub in Mangalore, Karnataka, on Saturday, 24 January 2009. We are shocked by the response of the State administration, 200mg Zithromax In Pregnancy, 250mg Zithromax In Pregnancy, police, and political leadership, 150mg Zithromax In Pregnancy, 100mg Zithromax In Pregnancy, some of whom have dismissed this as a 'minor incident', while others have blatantly justified the violence, Zithromax In Pregnancy craiglist. 30mg Zithromax In Pregnancy, We believe that such threats to the democratic freedom and human rights of citizens, cannot be treated as 'minor', Zithromax In Pregnancy coupon. 40mg Zithromax In Pregnancy, This incident, and the unabashed justifications of it are part of a larger trend to curb the freedoms of women in the name of a regressive and distorted notion of Indian culture and tradition, Zithromax In Pregnancy paypal. 500mg Zithromax In Pregnancy, To strongly condemn the disturbing trend of violence against women and 'moral policing' as a means to enforce a particularly regressive interpretation of culture, there will be a protest on Tuesday 3rd February, outside Karnatak Bhavan, Chanakyapuri (near Samrat hotel), Delhi, at 3 pm.

Jagori, Nirantar, Saheli, Sama.

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