December 13, 2013

On the SC judgement on Sec 377: Statement from TISS teachers

It is with deep shock and disappointment that we received the regressive judgment of the Supreme Court dated 11-12-13, on the reading down of Section 377 of the IPC related to the rights of queer (lesbian bisexual gay and transgender…) people in this country, which reverted the decriminalisation of non-normative sexualities following the Delhi High […]

September 16, 2013

We Shall Overcome

  THE RAPE OF THE 23-year old medical student, Ms. Jyoti Singh Pandey, in New Delhi in December 2012 outraged many around the world. Sadly, for those of us with ties to India, this crime, as horrific and shocking as it was, did not come as a complete surprise. More recently, the same act was […]

July 05, 2013

Abhi Aur Safar Baaki Hai

By Kalpana Khare

(This is the fourth of a series of posts written from the experiences at CREA of implementing a program called “Count Me IN! It’s My Body: Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Young Girls through Sports”. The first, second, and third posts are available here. CREA is […]

April 24, 2013

Ta(l)king sex beyond English

This is the second of a series of posts written from the experiences at CREA of implementing a program called “Count Me IN! It’s My Body: Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Young Girls through Sports”. CREA is a feminist human rights organization based in Delhi (   (Take fifteen seconds for each […]

April 06, 2013

On sexuality education: an interview with TARSHI

TARSHI (Talking about Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues) is a Delhi-based NGO that works on sexuality with an affirmative and rights-based approach. It runs an infoline on topics related to sexual and reproductive health, HIV, contraceptive choices, sexual and gender identities, violence, safety and pleasure. The organisation is also involved in training, advocacy and research. […]

February 07, 2013

Not A Cactus

And if you are a woman you learn early, how to draw yourself in, and survive on very little water, in fact, a few drops of dew will do. Careful about smiles pulling them indoors if they happen to escape in the rain like errant children to dance, to soak, aimless paper boats. Wearing a […]

January 03, 2013

The Grey Zone: Censorship and Consent

I confess. I signed the online petition requesting a Gurgaon hotel to cancel Honey Singh’s New Year’s Eve performance. Even as I signed I felt a twinge of anxiety at asking to censor a performer. It was a peculiar moment. A brutal sexual assault had ended the life of a young woman despite a brave […]

May 30, 2010

Can Tetracycline Be Taken With Atripla

Apu Can Tetracycline Be Taken With Atripla, GOOD GIRLS DON'T TALK to Boys. And vice versa, although an exception may be made for good boys who are simply lured by bad girls.

Recently, I came across this new item that talked about a young girl in a Chennai engineering college who killed herself because she was ticked off for talking to a boy. It wasn't just the scolding she received which precipitated the suicide, 10mg Can Tetracycline Be Taken With Atripla, but the fear that her parents would have been informed of her heinous crime - talking to a boy. 150mg Can Tetracycline Be Taken With Atripla, Strangely, this new item did not shock me. For those of us who have spent many years in Chennai, 30mg Can Tetracycline Be Taken With Atripla, the ultra-conservatism of its colleges, Can Tetracycline Be Taken With Atripla overseas, especially those offering professional courses, is no news. For years now, 100mg Can Tetracycline Be Taken With Atripla, many such colleges have enforced rigid, Can Tetracycline Be Taken With Atripla usa, gender-segregation policies. Some of their diktats include no conversation between male and female students and separate seating areas on college buses and in classrooms, Can Tetracycline Be Taken With Atripla. Lecturers are asked to strictly enforce these policies and some colleges, like the one in this instance, Can Tetracycline Be Taken With Atripla craiglist, have even installed cameras to monitor students. Can Tetracycline Be Taken With Atripla mexico, All this is done in the name of 'preventing distraction' and asking students to 'focus on studies'. The fact that college administrators deem 18-20 year olds as incapable of managing their own academic work without coercion, says something about the quality of education these colleges impart, Can Tetracycline Be Taken With Atripla coupon. Surely, Can Tetracycline Be Taken With Atripla us, if they had any confidence in the calibre of their own teaching and infrastructure, they would be confident of enabling students, not coercing them. Can Tetracycline Be Taken With Atripla, Beyond that, there is a deep-rooted fear of 'children getting spoilt', and of course, interaction with the opposite sex is held to be the root of all spoiling. Dig deep enough, and at the base is the fear of young people making independent decisions on their own lives - decisions that could challenge long-held beliefs about marrying within the boundaries of caste and social status. Rein the girls in long enough (until they finish studying) and get them married soon after (so that they don't have time to fall in love with the 'wrong' person). College authorities are not isolated tyrants - many are the parents I've seen supporting them enthusiastically in their gender-segregation drive.

As young people in India begin making their own decisions - whether it is in the matter of careers or partners, the ire of those in authority becomes manifest. Haryanvi Khap Panchayats and Chennai professional college administrators bear a closer resemblance to each other than may be obvious.

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April 30, 2010

How Long Diflucan System


I JUST ATTENDED the Queer Nazariya film festival How Long Diflucan System, in Bombay and I loved the experience. In the discussion about queer communities, law and culture, 500mg How Long Diflucan System, Ponni Arasu, 50mg How Long Diflucan System, a gay rights activist from Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore, spoke of the need for the queer community in India to redefine itself and its goals after the groundbreaking Delhi High Court judgment against Section 377 of the Indian Constitution which criminalizes homosexuality, 750mg How Long Diflucan System. In some senses only the idea of being queer can actually encompass the reality of sexual processes. How Long Diflucan System craiglist, Sex is funny and inescapably queer. I've been a part of the amorphous queer community in Bangalore (via workshops at Sangama) and have witnessed the Queer Azadi city marches (vicariously for various reasons) and then the subsequent mobilization around 377. It feels like a beautiful journey and we have a long way to go, How Long Diflucan System.

I have claims to this cause, 100mg How Long Diflucan System, as does everybody. How Long Diflucan System ebay, None of us can deny that issues of love and sexuality are wrapped up with belonging and community, and that acceptance is a prerequisite to survival. As a feminist, How Long Diflucan System uk, I have a problem with patriarchal and hetero-normative sexual mores. How Long Diflucan System us, I feel resuscitated and enlivened by such spaces where there is no barrier on love or the exchange of it. How Long Diflucan System, I thought that the films represented a raw and challenging new post-modern body of work set to redefine norms of seeing, of sex and sexuality, of history and culture. If you want to see where relationships are going in the future then this movement is one of the places to look at. Among the films that stood out were Rex Vs Singh by Ali Kazimi, How Long Diflucan System usa, Richard Fung and John Greyson, How Long Diflucan System india, Proteus by John Greyson and Jack Lewis and Journey into Kafiristan by Fosco Dubini and Donatello Dubini. The novel series Fucking Different by producer Kristian Peterson which featured work by LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi and transsexual) film-makers on LGBT issues was entertaining.

Curators Smriti Nevatia and Sophie Parisse need to be congratulated  not just for the engaging fare but also for the pertinent concerns that came through: queer activism in the developing world and the need to engage with larger struggles for identity and self determination and against racism and fundamentalisms, religious and otherwise. Aesthetically, queer practices and perspectives create fresh and new ways of expressing and celebrating sexuality, and the films managed to achieve this.

To us.

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June 12, 2009

Zithromax Causing Hypertension

Zithromax Causing Hypertension, ONE OF INDIA'S most beloved writers, Kamala Das, passed away after a long illness on the morning of May 31  2009. A poet and memoirist, Zithromax Causing Hypertension mexico, 250mg Zithromax Causing Hypertension, she died at the age of 75, after a long and conflicted career, Zithromax Causing Hypertension overseas. Zithromax Causing Hypertension ebay, Predictably, many of the obituaries focused on the more controversial aspects of her writing and life, Zithromax Causing Hypertension craiglist, 50mg Zithromax Causing Hypertension, particularly where sexuality was concerned, including this one in The Hindu and this one in the New York Times, 100mg Zithromax Causing Hypertension. Zithromax Causing Hypertension coupon, But as with all lionized public figures, the tendency to reduce a complicated life and body of work to a few choice elements does little justice to the figure her/himself, Zithromax Causing Hypertension uk. Zithromax Causing Hypertension craiglist, Without further comment, then, here is a short documentary in which Das reads and discusses her poems and their inspirations.


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