November 06, 2013

Event Announcement: Lecture

          New Perspectives on Sexual Offenses in India: Examining Laws and Public Discourse Date and time: Monday, November 11, 2013; 6.30 pm to 8 pm. Venue: Wiegan Room, Arts & Sciences Building, Santa Clara University, California About the event and lecturer:                   […]

September 24, 2013

Event Announcement: Panel Discussion

          Reclaiming Rights: Challenging Gender-based Violence in South Asia Date and time: Wednesday, September 25, 2013; 6 to 8 pm Venue: International Development Exchange (IDEX), 333 Valencia St., Suite 250, San Francisco About the event: The Delhi and Mumbai gangrapes have garnered critical public attention, outrage, and mobilising in India […]

September 16, 2013

We Shall Overcome

  THE RAPE OF THE 23-year old medical student, Ms. Jyoti Singh Pandey, in New Delhi in December 2012 outraged many around the world. Sadly, for those of us with ties to India, this crime, as horrific and shocking as it was, did not come as a complete surprise. More recently, the same act was […]

September 10, 2013

Always Around the Corner: Using Female Abuse to Sell

I RECENTLY RECEIVED a comment from a reader of another blog I write, stating that she didn’t believe patriarchy was such a menace in America. I read the comment, took a deep breath, and pondered on the gentlest possible way to dispel that notion without mailing her a dossier of statistics. Turns out I didn’t […]

January 26, 2013

“Man Prayer”

    I’VE SAID IT BEFORE and I’ll say it again: feminism cannot and should not exist without men. Here is a video titled “Man Prayer” for One Billion Rising, by Tony Stroebel, with words by Eve Ensler. I couldn’t help noticing, though, that the powerful sentiments were scripted by a woman. 😉 For […]

October 01, 2012

Violence Against Women Awareness Month

    In October, we kick off Violence Against Women (VAW) Awareness Month on the blogosphere. VAW Awareness Month began as a completely voluntary, yet cohesive online campaign in 2011, when a group of dedicated bloggers/volunteers decided to band together and raise awareness about this social anathema that isn’t going away in a hurry. […]

October 07, 2010

Prozac Kicked In

Prozac Kicked In, IN CHENNAI, the term “moral police” is too often a literal one.

Two relatively high-profile recent incidents cast the city’s police force in a frightening light, as enforcers of a deeply misogynistic worldview who go as far as to violate the law in order to uphold their principles.

In the first case, a married woman who was with a male friend at the Kotturpuram railway station was apprehended by a police officer, who then physically assaulted the friend in question and cast aspersions as to why the duo were together, Prozac Kicked In craiglist. When told that her husband was fully aware of this friendship, the officer threatened to make bystanders testify against her.

In the second instance, a 21-year old lesbian who had left home and subsequently been reported as a missing person by her parents voluntarily went to the Thiru-Vi-Ka police station to declare herself an adult operating under her own autonomy. She was detained for a day, and released only into the custody of a relative, Prozac Kicked In. 100mg Prozac Kicked In, Activists from the gay rights group Sangama, who were supporting her, were harassed.

The moral universe occupied by too many members of Chennai’s police force is a murky one, bolstered by a flawed understanding of “Tamil culture”, unchecked sexism, Prozac Kicked In india, and an abiding disrespect for the law itself.

But these are hardly isolated incidents. If anything, they have only served to reinforce what every woman in this city already knows: the police are more likely to harm than help. Prozac Kicked In, As journalist Chithira V put it to me, the security-heavy Gopalapuram neighbourhood – where the state’s CM resides – is a dangerous area, not in spite of but because of the presence of the police. Prozac Kicked In overseas, Even the 20 all-women police stations in the greater Chennai area cannot effectively address the daily threats and aggravation that take place in public spaces, by members of the force itself.

Chennai is a city of fear and loathing, and the deep distrust in its sanctioned protectors is not a phantasm of urban legend. The city’s profound conservatism is in conflict with the needs of a modernizing population, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the manner in which its police relegate law and ethics in favour of their private concepts of morality, Prozac Kicked In canada.

The misogyny of the police force finds an accomplice in the unresponsiveness of Chennai’s ordinary citizenry. These instances are too omnipresent to enumerate, but one in particular, also shared by Chithira V, illustrates this pervasive attitude to chilling accuracy: some weeks ago, three women were attacked by a man with a knife on Besant Nagar beach, Prozac Kicked In. When they scattered, screaming, the man calmly walked away unperturbed. 10mg Prozac Kicked In, None of the families or couples sitting near these women paid any attention to the skirmish. The women called the police; an officer arrived, rounded up two random men, and insisted that they were the attackers. The real attacker not only went unpunished, but surely orchestrated the attack expecting this, Prozac Kicked In japan. Prozac Kicked In, Even in a group of three, the women were – in the city’s understanding of this word – “alone”.

So deeply embedded is the belief that one must be vigilant of the vigilantes that many women go to lengths to avoid interactions with the police, even at their own peril. A friend who was being followed by an ex-boyfriend felt she could not approach the police if the stalking became more invasive, because her former relationship with him would surely be held against her, 750mg Prozac Kicked In, and render her a target for humiliation and harassment. I personally leave home well before dark whenever I have planned a night out; having been questioned twice by a policeman on a bike right in front of my apartment, I changed my schedule. This is only an inconvenience, but the sinister underpinnings behind why I had to do it are hard to ignore. When my parents enquired about what the policeman was doing, 1000mg Prozac Kicked In, they were told that a brothel was allegedly operating near the premises. There is no brothel here, as far as I know, but there is a women’s hostel. 20mg Prozac Kicked In,

An edited version originally appeared in The Sunday Guardian, New Delhi, on September 26 2010..

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February 02, 2009

Clomid Ovulation Signs

We Condemn Mangalore Pub Attack And Moral Policing Peace Procession Clomid Ovulation Signs, MG Road to Vidhan Soudha7th February 200910 AM to 12 PM

"Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." --Margaret Mead

No better prelude than the above one better describes the following arrangement of words or rather an invitation to you and your like minded friends and family members.

This day it is not enough to be a good human being; it is absolutely must to be a good citizen, Clomid Ovulation Signs australia. It is with sadness of highest order that the entire country heard and then saw the shocking footage of the attack and molestation of women in a pub in Mangalore by 40 goons of a right-wing political religious outfit. 1000mg Clomid Ovulation Signs, This soon after followed by the Karnataka CM?s categorical remarks on the ?pub culture. has just given aid to the agenda of such outfits, Clomid Ovulation Signs. We the citizens and the youth of this country strongly condemn this disrespect and moral ground taken by few men, including the Karnataka CM, Clomid Ovulation Signs india.

We the youth of this country feel obliged to state at this occasion and send awareness to the rest of the country and especially the political fraternity that we respect, Clomid Ovulation Signs japan, love, salute and also feel proud of our country, culture, 50mg Clomid Ovulation Signs, heritage and societal values. 20mg Clomid Ovulation Signs, However we request you to hear us out, understand us and give us an opportunity to keep our point of view in front of you. We as youth are always and will always be with our leaders as long as they understand us and are ready to be empathetic, Clomid Ovulation Signs usa. Clomid Ovulation Signs, With this very agenda we extend the invitation to you to be part of our initiative to convey our united message to the rest of the world by being part of the Peace Procession to be held on 7th February 2009, Saturday commencing from Trinity Church, M G Road and ending at Vidhan Soudha. We are also trying to schedule an appointment with the CM to present our perspective and clear the misconception they hold against our lifestyle. Clomid Ovulation Signs mexico, If you have it in you to be the change that you always thought of or even otherwise, then kindly contact us and be part of this parade and thus lay one more stone to the stronger foundation for our present and future.

Note: We do not endorse any political ideology nor are we into making any profit and this initiative is purely driven by few of us who have their hearts out to protest Mangalore attacks and moral policing leading to Talibanisation, Clomid Ovulation Signs us. We do not expect you to make any contribution other than your valuable time of few hours on Saturday. Clomid Ovulation Signs canada, We once again request you to participate in large numbers and spread the word among your friends and family. Please call or e-mail to be a part or to know more about the procession:

RSVP:Mobile: +91 9342210058E-mail: or genyindia@gmail.comPlease Share Your Comments on

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March 24, 2008

Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment

THAT VIOLENCE Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment, against women rarely grabs any attention except for in the presence of gruesomeness, sensationalism, drama and tragedy is already known. But more disturbing by far than the fact that the murder of a teenage tourist in Goa last month has been making headlines precisely due to its cocktail of all the above elements is the level of moral sanctimony that accompanies the media coverage, the ensuing debates, and even what are ostensibly the responses of those who knew Scarlett Keeling and her family.

On February 18, the body of 15-year old Scarlett Keeling, a British national, was found on a Goan beach. Police initially chalked up her death to drowning after consuming too much alcohol, 250mg Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment, despite evidence of severe bruising and rape. But investigations and post-mortem investigations revealed contradictory facts, as did eyewitness accounts by people who had seen the girl during her final hours. Scarlett had been in India with her mother Fiona MacKeown, MacKeown’s boyfriend, and her siblings. They were frequent visitors, and on this instance were on a six-month-long trip.

Allegations were quickly leveled against MacKeown for her negligence of Scarlett, Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment. Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment canada, The moral higher ground was quickly swamped by those chastising her for her irresponsible behaviour. One whiff of scandal led to another, and details about MacKeown’s private life were dug up. Scarlett’s diary entries were exposed in the media. The bottomline message was that somehow, by choosing to lead lifestyles that included partying, sex and substances, they had asked for the tragedy that befell them, Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment craiglist. Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment, Terms like “alleged murder” were popular, as though it could have been anything else, until today’s gruesome revelation: Scarlett was murdered by having her head held underwater for between five and ten minutes. She asphyxiated to death.

It is alarming to watch the cruelty of the media – from possibly every newspaper in the country to even NDTV’s usually fairly progressive We The People to the blogosphere – and what can be gauged of common opinion by it. Despite the horrifying brutality inflicted on a person who by Indian standards was still a child, and the overwhelming confusion and despair her loved ones are no doubt experiencing, the attacks made against the victim and the family censure them with only superficial demonstrations of sympathy. Political officials in Goa are calling for the revoking of MacKeown’s visa and a ban on her entering the country again, blaming her for maligning the image of the state. 40mg Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment, She has since gone into hiding, fearing for her life from both the drug mafia and state officials whom she has linked to them.

Scarlett’s boyfriend, an Indian citizen named Julio Lobo, has been taken for medical tests to see if he is “sexually active”. A DNA test of substances found on or in the victim’s body would not be unreasonable, but pray tell, what does his being or not being sexually active reveal about the horrific tragedy, Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment. Is it necessary, given that in her diary, Scarlett had written not only that she had sex with him, but that she felt he used her for it, Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment australia. Is there a test that proves sexual activity in males. Or is this like one of those repressed, backward ideas about broken hymens and being able to pee in a straight line. That this person’s private life is being pried into in a manner that is unlikely to shed any light on the senselessness of the incident is nothing more than one of the many ways in which the blame is being pinned on “the wanton Western way”. Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment, The boyfriend, we are to assume, has sinned by his affinity to this lifestyle of debauchery, which – we are also to assume – is imported to India by the likes of the Keeling family. But even that doesn’t quite crack it: Lobo is being tested not because of his character – but because of what the conclusiveness of science is meant to tell us about hers.

Lobo, in turn, Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment paypal, has retaliated by attacking MacKeown because she had been aware of Scarlett’s lifestyle (but she says Scarlett was neither a binge drinker not drug abuser, to her knowledge). This, too, is reprehensible. At 25 years old, a decade older than Scarlett, his relationship with her could amount to statutory rape, 50mg Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment. Clearly, prior to the murder, MacKeown’s liberal parenting style benefited him. His attempt to deflect attention from his actual law-breaking by ganging up against the bereaved mother with the rest of the patriarchy squad is sickening.

In other words, the condemning of the murdered girl, her family, her friends, their lifestyles and their choices is a typical misogynist response – the wicked woman gets her dues, Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment. And this time, there are not one but two “wicked women”: Fiona MacKeown, mother of not just the victim, Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment overseas, but of several more children of “varying paternity”, and Scarlett herself. That the women in question happen to be from the West (that corrupter of our chaste and virtuous ways of life!) is icing on the cake.

Rape, murder, the works – apparently, under the right (or wrong) circumstances, they can all be justified.

Make no mistake. What we see in the media today is not an enquiry into a crime, 100mg Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment. It is slut-shaming, plain and simple. Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment, The nation is not in shock because a 15 year old has been so brutally treated. Those are not the sounds of protest and outrage; they are the sounds of many hands rubbing in glee, so thrilled to be vindicated of their position that women who break the rules deserve what’s coming to them, and what’s coming to them is exactly what happened to Scarlett Keeling.

But what happened to Scarlett Keeling has nothing to do with if she had sex, if she did drugs, Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment india, if she drank. What happened to Scarlett Keeling has nothing to do with why her mother so frequently chose to travel to India or lived a bohemian, unconventional lifestyle. What happened to Scarlett Keeling has only one reason: some places in the world are not safe for women, not because of culture or tradition, but because of an absence of respect for them as individuals. India is one of them. India killed Scarlett Keeling – and every day, kills many less sensationalized individuals. That Fiona MacKeown has seen this is not delusion on her part.

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September 18, 2007

Clomid Success Rate

Clomid Success Rate, A WELL-KNOWN TV news channel in English had a Women’s Day special recently, asking the question ‘Do we still need feminism?’ As someone who has worked with the Karnataka police for the past few years on issues of violence against women and children (and is a feminist), I found it startling and disturbing, that so many participants on that talk show – including a senior woman police officer from Punjab – had no sense of the extraordinary moment of crisis we are in, as a country, as a ‘civilisation’, as a community of human beings.

India is missing from its population, over 50 million women and girl children (Census of India, 2001). ‘Missing’ because they are either killed (before birth, immediately after birth, or during their lifetime; one estimate says that five women die every day over dowry disputes) or are trafficked (for commercial sexual exploitation, labour and other activities). Fifty million is five crores, 50mg Clomid Success Rate, i.e. approximately the population of Karnataka; as I tell the police officers who participate in our workshops, there would be unimaginable worldwide horror if a bomb wiped out Karnataka tomorrow, but this ‘bomb’ of gender-based violence has been quietly exploding all over our country, in our homes or in a home near us, and there are very few who hear or see it. There is another ‘bomb’ that also exists: of those who are not killed, 40mg Clomid Success Rate, but who die many deaths in their every day living.

…What country, what civilisation, what humaneness. What future do we give ourselves, as citizens of the 21st century, if we cannot understand the depths of violence to which we subject so many of our women, Clomid Success Rate. Yes, we do live lives of seeming contradiction, Clomid Success Rate paypal, and that should not surprise us, or be an excuse for a lack of awareness. We need to acknowledge that for many women – perhaps you and me - the India of today contains a multitude of opportunities and possibilities. But at the same time, we need to acknowledge that for many more women – perhaps the unborn child next door or the abused woman down the road -- the India of today does not exist. Because they do not exist. They have been destroyed from the very landscape that is this country.

The Gender Sensitisation and People-Friendly Police Project Clomid Success Rate, is a joint partnership between the Karnataka State Police and UNICEF, with support from women’s and children’s organisations and committed individuals across the State. Over the past three years, 20mg Clomid Success Rate, we have trained over 3500 police officers, from over 500 police stations, on the issues of violence facing women and children, and the kind of sensitive, responsive policing that can help protect and support these women and children. Clomid Success Rate india, It may seem surprising, but many of these police officers – both men and women – are able to analyse for themselves, at the end of the workshops, exactly how we are socialised into individual prejudice and structural discrimination. That it is untrue that ‘women are women’s worst enemies’; after all, a system of patriarchy which privileges male ownership and control over assets, opportunities and values can be abused by and be abusive of, Clomid Success Rate craiglist, both men and women, though to varying degrees. Would a mother-in-law who has freedom, mobility and self-confidence as a human being -- not just as a ‘mother’ or a ‘wife’ -- oppress her daughter-in-law. Does every man want to be a police officer, Clomid Success Rate. What if he wants to be a Bharatanatyam dancer?

Men and women can also share other values: of equality, Clomid Success Rate canada, of dignity, of respect. At birth, we did not choose our homes, our parents, our language, our caste, Clomid Success Rate coupon, our religion, our names…or our bodies. How then, do we end up discriminating on the basis of these very identities as we grow older. The police officers who are willing to listen, Clomid Success Rate mexico, who become more conscious of the multiple levels of discrimination and violence that women face, who are willing to change, may never have heard this definition of feminism: ‘the politics that is committed to challenge and change the systemic injustice that women face because of their sex’. Yet they are feminist in their actions, and I applaud them.

This was first published in the March ('Women’s Day Special') issue of Sattva, an online magazine for 'realising equilibrium in social change'.


Anasuya Sengupta has worked for many years on issues of violence against women and children and police response, feminist advocacy and multi-generational leadership, 30mg Clomid Success Rate, and is passionately against fundamentalisms of all kinds. She's from Bengaluru, but temporarily living in Berkeley. Her personal website is here and she can be contacted at anasuya[at]sanmathi[dot]org..

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