October 01, 2012

Violence Against Women Awareness Month

    In October, we kick off Violence Against Women (VAW) Awareness Month on the blogosphere. VAW Awareness Month began as a completely voluntary, yet cohesive online campaign in 2011, when a group of dedicated bloggers/volunteers decided to band together and raise awareness about this social anathema that isn’t going away in a hurry. […]

October 07, 2010

Prozac Kicked In

Prozac Kicked In, IN CHENNAI, the term “moral police” is too often a literal one.

Two relatively high-profile recent incidents cast the city’s police force in a frightening light, as enforcers of a deeply misogynistic worldview who go as far as to violate the law in order to uphold their principles.

In the first case, a married woman who was with a male friend at the Kotturpuram railway station was apprehended by a police officer, who then physically assaulted the friend in question and cast aspersions as to why the duo were together, Prozac Kicked In craiglist. When told that her husband was fully aware of this friendship, the officer threatened to make bystanders testify against her.

In the second instance, a 21-year old lesbian who had left home and subsequently been reported as a missing person by her parents voluntarily went to the Thiru-Vi-Ka police station to declare herself an adult operating under her own autonomy. She was detained for a day, and released only into the custody of a relative, Prozac Kicked In. 100mg Prozac Kicked In, Activists from the gay rights group Sangama, who were supporting her, were harassed.

The moral universe occupied by too many members of Chennai’s police force is a murky one, bolstered by a flawed understanding of “Tamil culture”, unchecked sexism, Prozac Kicked In india, and an abiding disrespect for the law itself.

But these are hardly isolated incidents. If anything, they have only served to reinforce what every woman in this city already knows: the police are more likely to harm than help. Prozac Kicked In, As journalist Chithira V put it to me, the security-heavy Gopalapuram neighbourhood – where the state’s CM resides – is a dangerous area, not in spite of but because of the presence of the police. Prozac Kicked In overseas, Even the 20 all-women police stations in the greater Chennai area cannot effectively address the daily threats and aggravation that take place in public spaces, by members of the force itself.

Chennai is a city of fear and loathing, and the deep distrust in its sanctioned protectors is not a phantasm of urban legend. The city’s profound conservatism is in conflict with the needs of a modernizing population, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the manner in which its police relegate law and ethics in favour of their private concepts of morality, Prozac Kicked In canada.

The misogyny of the police force finds an accomplice in the unresponsiveness of Chennai’s ordinary citizenry. These instances are too omnipresent to enumerate, but one in particular, also shared by Chithira V, illustrates this pervasive attitude to chilling accuracy: some weeks ago, three women were attacked by a man with a knife on Besant Nagar beach, Prozac Kicked In. When they scattered, screaming, the man calmly walked away unperturbed. 10mg Prozac Kicked In, None of the families or couples sitting near these women paid any attention to the skirmish. The women called the police; an officer arrived, rounded up two random men, and insisted that they were the attackers. The real attacker not only went unpunished, but surely orchestrated the attack expecting this, Prozac Kicked In japan. Prozac Kicked In, Even in a group of three, the women were – in the city’s understanding of this word – “alone”.

So deeply embedded is the belief that one must be vigilant of the vigilantes that many women go to lengths to avoid interactions with the police, even at their own peril. A friend who was being followed by an ex-boyfriend felt she could not approach the police if the stalking became more invasive, because her former relationship with him would surely be held against her, 750mg Prozac Kicked In, and render her a target for humiliation and harassment. I personally leave home well before dark whenever I have planned a night out; having been questioned twice by a policeman on a bike right in front of my apartment, I changed my schedule. This is only an inconvenience, but the sinister underpinnings behind why I had to do it are hard to ignore. When my parents enquired about what the policeman was doing, 1000mg Prozac Kicked In, they were told that a brothel was allegedly operating near the premises. There is no brothel here, as far as I know, but there is a women’s hostel. 20mg Prozac Kicked In,

An edited version originally appeared in The Sunday Guardian, New Delhi, on September 26 2010..

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October 16, 2009

Birth Defects And Clomid

To Get Myself Some Water

Birth Defects And Clomid, ~Translated from Ellen Lai's 'Grassland', written in Chinese

Our love toils about one period.
On the bloody and lusty grassland
You transform me into your self-pitied crippled rabbit. 50mg Birth Defects And Clomid, When you finally discard everything you have
That is inside your permanently bulging equipment,
You turn your back
And ride towards the flat horizon

On a white horse
Whose tail is momentarily dyed pink.
Your horse clip-clops on the flatland, Birth Defects And Clomid us.
Your horse remains no more.

I am still bleeding, and my inner thighs are sore, Birth Defects And Clomid. 1000mg Birth Defects And Clomid, I hop to the muddy river
To get myself some water.
That reflection of mine is startling:
She's a ghostly ancient whore.

First published in Hutt


The Fisherman’s Wife

The Summer shower comes down
as mercilessly as running horses on full speed, 20mg Birth Defects And Clomid.
The afternoon news reports again that there’s no news
about the lost fishing vessel of late. Birth Defects And Clomid, ‘It’s okay, he’ll be back.’ They keep telling her. Birth Defects And Clomid uk, They keep telling themselves to keep telling her.

Tonight, she leaves home and mounts the pier
on her palms and knees, Birth Defects And Clomid australia, without help
from her husband, 250mg Birth Defects And Clomid, presumably lost in the sea.
Before departure, he said it would be
a marvellous genesis, Birth Defects And Clomid paypal.

To the salted wind and the salted rain
she serves herself. By the morning
she knows he isn’t returning, Birth Defects And Clomid. Birth Defects And Clomid uk, The white-haired waves loom high,
clutching tight the wet air.

Sleepless, 100mg Birth Defects And Clomid, tired, she curses,
wails to the open sea like a dog being butchered;
but soon no voice comes to her.
She’s turned into a mad statue,
forced to wait for the impossible
come back.

First published in Qarrtsiluni


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September 17, 2009

Take Diflucan During Or After Antibiotics

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Zubaan invite copy Take Diflucan During Or After Antibiotics, Anyone want to get me that yummy t-shirt in red?  :mrgreen:. Take Diflucan During Or After Antibiotics australia. 40mg Take Diflucan During Or After Antibiotics. Take Diflucan During Or After Antibiotics uk. Take Diflucan During Or After Antibiotics us. Take Diflucan During Or After Antibiotics japan. Take Diflucan During Or After Antibiotics canada. 10mg Take Diflucan During Or After Antibiotics. 200mg Take Diflucan During Or After Antibiotics. 250mg Take Diflucan During Or After Antibiotics. Take Diflucan During Or After Antibiotics usa.

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July 17, 2009

Retin A During Pregnancy

Retin A During Pregnancy, ACCORDING TO THE calendar Parsis follow, today is my birthday. It is an event only family and very close friends know about, 1000mg Retin A During Pregnancy, the more popular occasion being my date of birth next weekend. Of the seven people who wished me a Happy Birthday today, four followed it up with blessings for a good sasroo, Retin A During Pregnancy overseas, i.e. 50mg Retin A During Pregnancy, marital home/in-laws’ home. All were women above 50, all educated, 500mg Retin A During Pregnancy, all married themselves and surrounded by several singletons of their age who appear fairly happy and not about to kill themselves from the ignominy of not being part of a pair. (Parsis have the lowest rate of marriage in India, with significantly higher levels of social acceptance for those unhitched than most other Indian communities.)

Some years earlier, this act of wishing a sasroo upon me would have irked me no end, Retin A During Pregnancy. Retin A During Pregnancy australia, Now it must be old age and its consequent mellowing effects because today I was only mildly annoyed and half-amused that educated, supposedly liberal women in an urbane setting still think of the seeming security a husband and his family can offer as their foremost wish for me.

Oftentimes, Retin A During Pregnancy uk, it isn’t a well thought-out greeting, 40mg Retin A During Pregnancy, just a bouquet of lines trotted out over generations, dating back to an era when a marital home indeed meant security and the blessing of a stable life. My mother mentions with a touch of sentimentality (and she isn’t even a sentimental sort of person) that the “Now next year, 100mg Retin A During Pregnancy, celebrate your birthday in your sasroo” wish was bestowed upon her year after year by her own mother, 150mg Retin A During Pregnancy, despite knowing full well that her daughter was going nowhere until she finished her accounting degree (which she did at age 28).

I know they only mean well, all these women, Retin A During Pregnancy india, and I view them with a recently-found tolerance that has me quickly scanning my hair for any change in color. But I do wish they would realize that the best blessing they can possibly bestow on me is success and happiness in the face of life’s challenges and the ability to be my own safety net. And the freedom to choose my own path, even if it doesn’t lead to the much-exalted sasroo.


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July 06, 2009

Clomid And Endometriosis

Meena Kandasamy Clomid And Endometriosis, RECENTLY, I PARTICIPATED in the launch function of a documentary film Pottu about the hardships and social humiliation faced by widows and deserted women in Tamil Nadu. Produced by the Kalangarai Trust which works among the widows in the southern district of Nagappattinam (particularly in Vedaranyam, Sirkaali and Poompuhaar), the 50-minute documentary attempts to describe the torture that widows are forced to undergo in the name of tradition. The documentary started off with a young girl's story: the gaudy ceremony surrounding puberty, her early marriage (to prevent the chance of the family name getting “spoiled” if she were to be left “free”), the dowry that her parents are forced to pay, Clomid And Endometriosis ebay, the hard work that she is forced to do in her husband's home, his alcoholism and domestic violence, his death and finally, her enforced widowhood. Although Pottu seemed to make of every cinematic cliché, Clomid And Endometriosis coupon, some issues highlighted by the documentary deserve to be taken up for debate.

Bangle-breaking ceremonies (where all the symbols of marriage: the red kumkum mark (pottu), the thaali (mangalsutra) are removed) are notoriously common in Tamil Nadu's southern villages. In fact, these ceremonies are conducted before dawn, when even the gods are supposedly sleeping, because such a merciless sight is capable of disturbing even them, Clomid And Endometriosis.

Not only is a woman forced to undergo emotional agony because of her husband's absence, but she is also forced to face social humiliation. The things that society puts forward as symbols of femininity and desirability are snatched away overnight. Widows are systematically kept out of social functions (celebration of menarche or marriage), Clomid And Endometriosis india, they are stigmatized and heaped with abuse and they are denied all decision making at the family level. They are also denied civil rights--commonly-held beliefs discriminate widows by virtue of their being considered "inauspicious". Clomid And Endometriosis, Tamil proverbs say that to see a widow early in the morning effectively ruins a day, and so on.

Yesterday, the women who were the driving force behind the documentary Pottu, got together and announced that soon they would be hosting the first international conference of widows, 1000mg Clomid And Endometriosis, destitute and deserted women. They have two demands: laws to prosecute people who abuse widows in degrading terms and social, economic, legal rehabilitation for the widows.

There are several reasons why such a project has emerged from Tamil Nadu. According to a statistics by the Kalangarai Trust approximately 10% of the households in the state are headed by widows, and that 24% of the widows live alone, 100mg Clomid And Endometriosis. Majority of the widows are mothers of the head of the household, Clomid And Endometriosis. Their study also shows that the highest concentration of widows (8.06% of the general population) in Tamil Nadu arises from two categories of widows particular to the southern-coastal districts of the state: Tsunami widows and widows of men who have succumbed to HIV/AIDS. A large number of them work as daily wage labourers.

Tamil widows face a particular problem because of the manner in which their language subjugates them. The English word widow has an equivalent masculine form widower (which might carry fewer negative connotations may be, but at least a word exists). There's no equivalent masculine form for the word vidhavai Clomid And Endometriosis, (widow) in Tamil. 10mg Clomid And Endometriosis, On the other hand, in popular practice, a just-widowed man is humorously referred to as the pudhu maapillai (new bridegroom)--perhaps enshrining the fact that he would soon be married to someone.

Widowhood is also becoming a problem that cuts across cultures. No longer are Hindu widows alone subjected to such torment. Even a religion like Islam, where there's no bar on widow remarriage, Clomid And Endometriosis usa, is being influenced by local practices. At the documentary release function, a Muslim woman lamented how her own community was now following these meaningless practices which has historically plagued the Hindu religion, Clomid And Endometriosis.

The efforts of William Benetick and Raja Rammohun Roy put an end to the Sati system in 1829. The Widow Remarriage Act was passed in 1856. Another hundred years later, the Child Marriage Restraint Act came into place. Clomid And Endometriosis us, Every reformer and every revolutionary on the Indian soil has voiced about the condition of widows: Phule opened a home for widows and abandoned children, Dr. Clomid And Endometriosis, Ambedkar traced the roots of the sati system in the necessity to maintain/preserve the endogamous caste structure, Periyar argued for widow remarriage. Even a middle-of-the-road traditionalist reformer like Gandhi condemned the practice of widowhood in no uncertain terms. Pandita Ramabai became an icon by speaking out against the heinous nature of imposed widowhood.

Today, as women fight against gender injustice and social indignity, they are forced to confront several challenges: how to oppose cultural facets that alienate widows, 250mg Clomid And Endometriosis, how to create alternative cultural symbols that don't differentiate between women, how to develop a policy framework not only for widows but also for single women in India and especially how to fight against a hypocritical system where the oppressor is not someone from the outside, but one’s own blood, one’s own family. Perhaps this is one area where there is no dearth of Hindi/Tamil films that describe the plight, Clomid And Endometriosis overseas, but there is a paucity of public debate and discussion.

(p.s.: Women members of this organization demanded (rightfully of course) that they should be allowed to wear bangles, wear flowers, and above all, wear the pottu. However, every 'invited' speaker pointed out that all women should unite to throw away the markers of marriage and/or femininity such as the bangles/flowers/pottu/thaali and so on. All of us might agree that these are decisions which women should take as individuals, and not just as a category, but then, what's your take on this?).

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January 29, 2009

What Is Erythromycin Ophthalmic

What Is Erythromycin Ophthalmic, We fear for lives of women in this state… is the Government listening. Is there a Government in this State at all. Or is it only a political party whose highest priority is its own regressive right wing agenda, which violates the responsibility of governance.

In one of its latest acts of bigotry and intolerance, members of the Sri Rama Sene and the Bajrang Dal barged into a lounge bar on Balmatta road in Mangalore and viciously attacked the girls who were present there. Their crime: Firstly they were indecently dressed and second, despite being Hindu, 100mg What Is Erythromycin Ophthalmic, they were daring to socialise with Muslim boys. Prasad Attavar, State Deputy Convener of the Sri Ram Sene said that it was “a spontaneous reaction against women, who flouted traditional Indian norms of decency.”

And what was the spontaneous response from the government to this absolutely uncultured act of violence against young girls in the name of culture, What Is Erythromycin Ophthalmic. Not surprisingly a studied silence from the powers that be and total inaction and apathy from the subservient police force in South Canara.

It took two days of repeated broadcast by national and local channels and some public noise from the opposition to provoke a damage control exercise by some of the representatives of the government including the Chief Minister and Home Minister that was not only ineffectual and weak but also callous and careless.

Stop politicising the issue, you predictably said. Is this kind of deliberate intimidation and oppression in the name of religion and culture that has become the norm in Mangalore and South Canara not an outright political act to consolidate your power and authority in the state, we wonder. What Is Erythromycin Ophthalmic, The attackers have been picked up for questioning, to examine their motives, you said. Can any motive justify this act of brutality against innocent youngsters, we ask.

It was a spontaneous reaction to the deterioration in our values that is offending our sensibilities you concluded, What Is Erythromycin Ophthalmic mexico. If this was a spontaneous reaction, God save us and our sensibilities from such planned and premeditated attacks.

Seventeen of the assaulters have been arrested we hear from TV news. But the legal advisor to the Sri Rama Sene, Dinakar Shetty whom the TV news channels had no difficulty at all in finding for interviews, is still absconding the police say… Do you expect us to believe this. Especially when the police, particularly in this part of the state which is the stronghold of the saffron lobby, has been repeatedly turning a blind eye to all acts of violence that are being committed against Christians and Muslims in the name of tradition and culture by these very groups since 2007, What Is Erythromycin Ophthalmic.

What is the culture that these goon organisations are claiming to protect. What Is Erythromycin Ophthalmic us, Is beating and molesting women in public places in order to control and make them conform to their own perverted notion of decency a traditional Indian value. How is this any different from the moral policing that the Taliban does in Pakistan and Afghanistan and what right wing Islamic groups do in Kashmir.

Is it a traditional Indian value to burn women at the rate of almost 3 – 4 women a day in the city of Bangalore in cases of “unnatural” deaths of women in marriage. What Is Erythromycin Ophthalmic, Or preventing them from even being born in the increasing incidence of sex selective abortions, such that the sex ratios are becoming seriously imbalanced in regions like Mandya. Or selling women into the trafficking industry or marriage market from poverty struck regions in North Karnataka to states like Haryana where the female population is on the decline. Perhaps the moral police think that practices like dowry, female foeticide and trafficking of women are part of the same glorious tradition like Sati, the burning of widows on the husband’s pyre, which we remember, a former BJP Chief Minister upheld as part of Hindu culture, 250mg What Is Erythromycin Ophthalmic.

Speaking at the session named Inclusive Growth in Karnataka – Challenges and Strategies of the 24th India Economic Summit, jointly organised by the World Economic Forum and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in New Delhi, the Chief Minister B.S.Yeddyurappa had stated that his government would focus on improving safety and security of women, and improve their political environment towards this objective. Is letting goons take law in to their own hands to “correct” women who dare come out into the public arena and intimidate them into staying within the confines of their homes your idea of improving the political environment and making it more inclusive Mr.Yeddyurappa.

Mr Advani, one of the leaders projected by his party as a chief contender for Prime Ministership of India should BJP come in to power, has very rightly said in his portal www.lkadvani.in about women …“They must be treated with respect and dignity both at home and in the public sphere, What Is Erythromycin Ophthalmic. Few things outrage me more than reports of atrocities on women. Hence, What Is Erythromycin Ophthalmic craiglist, my understanding of security envisages a situation in which our sisters and daughters feel safe to travel anywhere and at anytime without any fear or apprehension.” Does Mr. Advani know that 30 students of the St Marthas education institute were attacked when they were on an excursion to Mysore only because the girls happened to be Hindu and some of the boys Muslim. Does he endorse the tacit support that State Government is giving to the goon culture of Shri Ramsena and Bajrang Dal, in anticipation that it will bring the party electoral gains in the upcoming general elections. What Is Erythromycin Ophthalmic, Just like what Mr. Modi did in Gujarat.

If women are visible and active in so many fields of public arena including political spaces, it is not due to concern or action by the self-serving political parties that are ruling either at the center or in states, but due to hard struggles waged at every front including home, work, 40mg What Is Erythromycin Ophthalmic, community, religion and politics by countless women over the past many decades. We have had to fight every inch of the way and will not be cowed down by cheap goonda tactics. We will begin to teach all those misled mindsets with perverted ideas of good women and bad women what women are and what they can do to transform the world – starting from our own families once again, if need be.

As women who have always borne the brunt of fundamentalist cultures within the home and the community, we refuse to silently witness the brutal assaults on our pluralistic and open cultures in the name of language, tradition, religion and region that are spreading through our land, What Is Erythromycin Ophthalmic. We refuse to endorse this deeply divisive political culture that is going to leave behind a legacy of hatred ad intolerance for the coming generations.

We, 10mg What Is Erythromycin Ophthalmic, organisations working to protect the human rights of women, do not just condemn the activities of the groups that are now proudly and shamelessly claiming the responsibility for the attacks on the women in Mangalore. We demand that you, the government takes responsibility for these repeated violations against the life and dignity of women in this State. If there is any vestige of concern and shame is left in the ruling circles in this State, you would take immediate steps to prevent further such attacks by goons in the name of religion or traditional values.

If this is not possible and the matter is out of your hands, then have the decency to publicly declare that protecting women from the Saffron versions of Taliban squads is not within your capacity and let the public honestly decide the nature of governance they require.

26th January 2009

Signatories: Vimochana, 500mg What Is Erythromycin Ophthalmic, Hengasara Hakkina Sangha, Namma Manasa, Alternative Law Forum, SICHREM, Mahila Karmikara Munnade, GAATWU, Dalit Bahujan Chaluvali, What Is Erythromycin Ophthalmic canada, Visthar, Samanatha Mahila Vedike, Navajagruthi Mahila, Samanatha Sainika Dala, Openspace, Sadhana Mahila Gumpu, Karnataka Sex Workers Union, Sangama, LESBIT, What Is Erythromycin Ophthalmic ebay, SAMARA, Karnataka Sexuality Minorities Forum, Global Concerns-India, National Youth Foundation, CIEDS, Human Rights Law Network-Karnataka, Pedestrian Pictures, PUCL-K .

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March 24, 2008

Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment

THAT VIOLENCE Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment, against women rarely grabs any attention except for in the presence of gruesomeness, sensationalism, drama and tragedy is already known. But more disturbing by far than the fact that the murder of a teenage tourist in Goa last month has been making headlines precisely due to its cocktail of all the above elements is the level of moral sanctimony that accompanies the media coverage, the ensuing debates, and even what are ostensibly the responses of those who knew Scarlett Keeling and her family.

On February 18, the body of 15-year old Scarlett Keeling, a British national, was found on a Goan beach. Police initially chalked up her death to drowning after consuming too much alcohol, 250mg Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment, despite evidence of severe bruising and rape. But investigations and post-mortem investigations revealed contradictory facts, as did eyewitness accounts by people who had seen the girl during her final hours. Scarlett had been in India with her mother Fiona MacKeown, MacKeown’s boyfriend, and her siblings. They were frequent visitors, and on this instance were on a six-month-long trip.

Allegations were quickly leveled against MacKeown for her negligence of Scarlett, Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment. Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment canada, The moral higher ground was quickly swamped by those chastising her for her irresponsible behaviour. One whiff of scandal led to another, and details about MacKeown’s private life were dug up. Scarlett’s diary entries were exposed in the media. The bottomline message was that somehow, by choosing to lead lifestyles that included partying, sex and substances, they had asked for the tragedy that befell them, Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment craiglist. Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment, Terms like “alleged murder” were popular, as though it could have been anything else, until today’s gruesome revelation: Scarlett was murdered by having her head held underwater for between five and ten minutes. She asphyxiated to death.

It is alarming to watch the cruelty of the media – from possibly every newspaper in the country to even NDTV’s usually fairly progressive We The People to the blogosphere – and what can be gauged of common opinion by it. Despite the horrifying brutality inflicted on a person who by Indian standards was still a child, and the overwhelming confusion and despair her loved ones are no doubt experiencing, the attacks made against the victim and the family censure them with only superficial demonstrations of sympathy. Political officials in Goa are calling for the revoking of MacKeown’s visa and a ban on her entering the country again, blaming her for maligning the image of the state. 40mg Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment, She has since gone into hiding, fearing for her life from both the drug mafia and state officials whom she has linked to them.

Scarlett’s boyfriend, an Indian citizen named Julio Lobo, has been taken for medical tests to see if he is “sexually active”. A DNA test of substances found on or in the victim’s body would not be unreasonable, but pray tell, what does his being or not being sexually active reveal about the horrific tragedy, Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment. Is it necessary, given that in her diary, Scarlett had written not only that she had sex with him, but that she felt he used her for it, Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment australia. Is there a test that proves sexual activity in males. Or is this like one of those repressed, backward ideas about broken hymens and being able to pee in a straight line. That this person’s private life is being pried into in a manner that is unlikely to shed any light on the senselessness of the incident is nothing more than one of the many ways in which the blame is being pinned on “the wanton Western way”. Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment, The boyfriend, we are to assume, has sinned by his affinity to this lifestyle of debauchery, which – we are also to assume – is imported to India by the likes of the Keeling family. But even that doesn’t quite crack it: Lobo is being tested not because of his character – but because of what the conclusiveness of science is meant to tell us about hers.

Lobo, in turn, Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment paypal, has retaliated by attacking MacKeown because she had been aware of Scarlett’s lifestyle (but she says Scarlett was neither a binge drinker not drug abuser, to her knowledge). This, too, is reprehensible. At 25 years old, a decade older than Scarlett, his relationship with her could amount to statutory rape, 50mg Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment. Clearly, prior to the murder, MacKeown’s liberal parenting style benefited him. His attempt to deflect attention from his actual law-breaking by ganging up against the bereaved mother with the rest of the patriarchy squad is sickening.

In other words, the condemning of the murdered girl, her family, her friends, their lifestyles and their choices is a typical misogynist response – the wicked woman gets her dues, Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment. And this time, there are not one but two “wicked women”: Fiona MacKeown, mother of not just the victim, Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment overseas, but of several more children of “varying paternity”, and Scarlett herself. That the women in question happen to be from the West (that corrupter of our chaste and virtuous ways of life!) is icing on the cake.

Rape, murder, the works – apparently, under the right (or wrong) circumstances, they can all be justified.

Make no mistake. What we see in the media today is not an enquiry into a crime, 100mg Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment. It is slut-shaming, plain and simple. Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment, The nation is not in shock because a 15 year old has been so brutally treated. Those are not the sounds of protest and outrage; they are the sounds of many hands rubbing in glee, so thrilled to be vindicated of their position that women who break the rules deserve what’s coming to them, and what’s coming to them is exactly what happened to Scarlett Keeling.

But what happened to Scarlett Keeling has nothing to do with if she had sex, if she did drugs, Newborn Erythromycin Eye Ointment india, if she drank. What happened to Scarlett Keeling has nothing to do with why her mother so frequently chose to travel to India or lived a bohemian, unconventional lifestyle. What happened to Scarlett Keeling has only one reason: some places in the world are not safe for women, not because of culture or tradition, but because of an absence of respect for them as individuals. India is one of them. India killed Scarlett Keeling – and every day, kills many less sensationalized individuals. That Fiona MacKeown has seen this is not delusion on her part.

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November 29, 2007

Flagyl 400

THERE IS A STORY Flagyl 400, about a Sufi saint who used to wander the city streets and people around him called him a madman. One day, he was wandering the streets near the palace on a donkey. He suddenly got off and walked up to a board in front of the palace, 500mg Flagyl 400. The board said: ‘This palace is built by the king’. The saint erased the word 'king' and replaced it with 'donkeys' so that it read ‘This palace was built by donkeys’. People were outraged and pounced on him but the saint was trying to make a simple point, Flagyl 400. Flagyl 400 ebay, The donkeys who had carried stones to build the palace had not been mentioned on the board.

This story has a special meaning to many of us because it resembles the history that we have read -- and continue to read -- in our classrooms. What would history look like from the donkeys’ point of view. My first encounter with women in history was in social studies class during early school days when I was introduced to the achievements of brave queens who fought ‘just like men’: Jhansi Rani Lakshmi Bai and Onake Obavva, 250mg Flagyl 400. Flagyl 400, These were accidental cases of women doing remarkable jobs. I soon discovered women either made special appearances in history books, or were not there at all. 750mg Flagyl 400, So I started wondering what happened to all the women who lived in those times. What happened to women who were not queens or did not go to the battlefields. What happened to all the women who worked their entire lives to keep empires going. Their absence implied that they had done nothing worth mentioning, Flagyl 400.

The fact is that women have also been actively involved in the making of history, Flagyl 400 canada. But their contributions, wisdom and knowledge are largely unwritten. 1000mg Flagyl 400, Women are never seen as active participants who influence -- and are influenced -- by the ethos of the times. Mainstream history has not only marginalised women’s lives, their interactions and contributions, but also mythologised them according to the agenda of the (usually male) historians, 10mg Flagyl 400. Flagyl 400, They are used to prop up a a male-centered view of women’s lives where women ‘contribute’ to the main agenda, which is defined by forces outside them.

There is a real need for women’s history, a history in their own voices and from their viewpoint. Flagyl 400 australia, Feminists have talked about the significance of rewriting history from the woman’s point of view. Recording oral history is one of the ways to do this. What would women want to say about their own lives. How different would it be from what we have read in history books, Flagyl 400. Besides providing a rich social document, 200mg Flagyl 400, this would also be a way of subverting the distorted images of women perpetrated by a biased, patriarchal culture and articulate what has been silenced and unspoken. Flagyl 400 japan, Susie Tharu and K Lalitha in their remarkable book Women Writing in India talk about Bangalore's Nagaratnamma who in 1910 reprinted Radhika Santwanam, a poetry collection of 18th century Telugu poet Muddupalani. The book was criticised by critics like Kandukuri Veeresalingam, who is known as the father of social reform in Andhra Pradesh. He felt that the book was distasteful as "it has crude description of sex". Flagyl 400, He also said "Muddupalani is an adulteress, she was born into a community of prostitutes."

Nagaratnamma retorted asking him how he could denounce a poet because she was a prostitute when several great men have written about sex more crudely and not been dismissed similarly. Then, the British were convinced that the book "would endanger the moral health of the society." All copies of the book were seized and cases booked against Nagaratnamma for printing obscene material.

We seldom know of women like Muddupalani and Nagaratnamma as they are comfortably excluded when history is being written. I wonder how many others like Nagratnamma we would find if we started looking for them in earnest....

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October 07, 2007

Zithromax Effects

FEMINISTS USUALLY Zithromax Effects, get bad press. Who wants to listen to a bunch of whiny women who bitch and moan even when it’s not that time of the month. And those of us who do identify with the feminist cause find ourselves defending behaviors and battling misconceptions and stereotypes because we feel the need to make it clear that “it’s not what we’re about”.

Then really, what are we about. 1000mg Zithromax Effects, A group of people who are comfortably off in life and can afford the luxury of time and space to complain. Are feminists the ones you see wearing intentionally plunging necklines and demanding equal rights over cappuccino, Zithromax Effects. Or is it time we looked outward through the floor-to-ceiling walls of our local ‘cool place to hang out’ and played Spot the Feminist in the real world.

Savita Dhumak is your everyday working class woman, with her hair neatly pulled back in a bun, her bangles matching her saree for the day. She works at my preschool, Zithromax Effects mexico, attending to the children, should they need help in the restroom or the paddle pool or getting changed. Twenty years ago, in a move that shocked her community in Jamnagar, 50mg Zithromax Effects, Gujarat, Savita married a man she loved. Zithromax Effects, That he did not belong to her ethnic community was second in the list of crimes she had committed, the first being what she patiently explains as her "love marriage".

Being the eldest in a family of four children, she set the worst possible example then, but today, all is fine and dandy, Zithromax Effects uk, and she is warmly accepted each time she takes a trip back home. She is proud of her husband’s position as caretaker in a Cabinet Minister’s bungalow in South Bombay and has raised her daughters to follow their minds. But she is no less proud of the work she does with children. Now, Zithromax Effects overseas, if you have fleshed her out as aggressive, opinionated and intimidating, it’s time to use White-Out.

What strikes me most about her each time I see her is the dignity she carries herself with, even while scurrying about with a bunch of multicolored balls, Zithromax Effects. And the respect she accords to each person she interacts with, regardless of age and status. Her humility teaches me lessons every day and there are times when I am ashamed of my unwarranted cocky behavior, Zithromax Effects us. She has clearly not let her choices inflate her sense of self, but instead lives by them through dedicated action. She is articulate, certainly. Zithromax Effects, But never oppressively so. Zithromax Effects coupon, A woman who didn’t make it past high school, she has a keen sense of private and public space and the definitive parts she occupies in both. I may sound over the top when I say that her existence is a joy to watch, but she intrigues me. I want to hear her story, celebrate her fortitude, Zithromax Effects paypal, and not have to piece together the woman she is from the snatches of information I cull from our conversations.

But then I remind myself, this isn’t just about me. It is a lesson to be imbibed and I’ve already been trying: to look around and watch out for feminists where I least expect to find them, Zithromax Effects. But maybe it isn’t time to go looking for feminists with a microscope just yet. Zithromax Effects usa, I first need to free my blinkered mind and acknowledge that feminists exist everywhere. They may not blog like I do, or apply for a Ph.D. degree because I can, but their message is in their actions. They’re out there, 40mg Zithromax Effects, for sure. It is up to me to gulp down that cappuccino, settle the bill, and step out onto the bustling street again.

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