August 02, 2013

The Myth of the Supermom

By Shazia Nigar

This year on Mother’s Day I came across a cartoon strip that I thought was appropriate for my mother. Two kids were peering into their mother’s closet in absolute awe. They had just discovered a ‘Superwoman’ costume in there. One of them says “ So that’s how she does it…” […]

July 10, 2008

Cialis Side Affect

I FOUND this Cialis Side Affect, news story about Indian "sanitation workers" (scavengers, if we avoid the euphemism) modelling in New York pretty bizarre. I do hope you'll read the article before proceeding to comment, Cialis Side Affect australia, but in a nutshell: 36 Indian sanitation workers were invited to a conference as part of the UN's International Year of Sanitation. In New York, they took part in a fashion show called Mission Sanitation, 100mg Cialis Side Affect, walking the ramp beside professional models.

Scavenging is deeply dehumanizing work, 20mg Cialis Side Affect, and an end to the profession would be truly welcome. But why modelling (not professionally, I must add, 500mg Cialis Side Affect, but as a novelty event)?

A particularly interesting part of the article:

The ceremony was especially poignant for Usha Chomar, Cialis Side Affect us, because she was unofficially crowned as princess of sanitation workers.

i don't think that modelling is necessarily un- or anti-feminist. But I also don't think that the simple juxtapositioning of a highly enviable profession and a highly undesirable one makes any real statement. I also do not believe that beauty pageants actually empower anyone at all, except perhaps the winners themselves, but in ways that are carefully orchestrated by the real power-holders, Cialis Side Affect. If half the promises made during pageants were actually kept, 50mg Cialis Side Affect, the world would be a much, 1000mg Cialis Side Affect, much different place.

Maybe my feminism is a bit old-school, but attending a UN conference and then "doing some modelling" sort of sounds like a big drop to me. Coming out of one of the most degrading professions in the world.., 200mg Cialis Side Affect. and then hitting the catwalk, Cialis Side Affect australia, en masse. Is that really activism or achievement. Or just another spin on that old oppression-chic cliche, 20mg Cialis Side Affect. I have no doubt that some of the participants must have really enjoyed the experience. But it's the motives of the organisers that I question. When will we stop treating underprivileged people -- of any background -- as pawns that add a touch of controlled reality and an ambience of altruism to otherwise extremely unrelated situations?

What do you think?


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