Write for UV

Ultra Violet writers can come from anywhere and be anything. As long as you're saying something interesting and useful for feminists in the country, we'd be happy to post it as a guest contribution. Currently, you can contribute:
  • personal essays
  • non-fiction essays
  • reviews of feminist art, books, movies, plays etc
  • reviews of mainstream art, books, movies, plays etc from a  feminist POV
  • commentary on media
  • interviews with eminent feminists
The above types of submissions will be edited for coherence and grammar, if necessary. We're also open to featuring original feminist art under these heads:
  • poetry
  • short fiction (under 2000 words)
  • drawings and paintings (scanned)
  • photographs
Art works will not be edited. Whatever the form, the content must be relevant to the lives of women. Previously published works are welcome as long as you hold the copyright. At this point, Ultra Violet has no funds and no earnings. All the writing, editing, design and coding is done on a voluntary basis. So unfortunately, no payment. Send pitches or submissions to editor[at]ultraviolet.in