February 02, 2009

Protest against Mangalore incident in Delhi

Protest against Assault on Women in Mangalore Pub and State Inaction

We condemn the brutal assault by members of the Sri Ram Sene on young women in a pub in Mangalore, Karnataka, on Saturday, 24 January 2009. We are shocked by the response of the State administration, police, and political leadership, some of whom have dismissed this as a ‘minor incident’, while others have blatantly justified the violence. We believe that such threats to the democratic freedom and human rights of citizens, cannot be treated as ‘minor’. This incident, and the unabashed justifications of it are part of a larger trend to curb the freedoms of women in the name of a regressive and distorted notion of Indian culture and tradition.

To strongly condemn the disturbing trend of violence against women and ‘moral policing’ as a means to enforce a particularly regressive interpretation of culture, there will be a protest on Tuesday 3rd February, outside Karnatak Bhavan, Chanakyapuri (near Samrat hotel), Delhi, at 3 pm.

Jagori, Nirantar, Saheli, Sama

10 comments to Protest against Mangalore incident in Delhi

  • Oodles of support to you. Let me know how I can sign this and also ask like minded friends to sign this.

    Also if you know any friends in Bangalore please ask them to join a peace rally on 7th feb in Bangalore, as I do not have your e-mail ID please visit the blog to read the invitation. Kindly ask pepole to join.

    But one genuine expression. Karnataka CM isn’t worth giving a letter……one of the most useless CM’s I have seen in history, who is a blemish on the democracy for outrightly dismissing the respect for women via his inaction on Mangalore pub attacks.

    My ID is indraneelbm@yahoo.com and can contact me at 9342210058….politicians and business guys stay away please

  • PS

    Any encroachment on Right to free speech and freedom of movement are to be vehemently opposed. However the recent spar between NCW’s Nirmala Venkatesh and WCD’s Renuka Chowdhary shows that the movement has got political colors already.

  • Nirmala Gupta

    I whole heartedly support those men who has the courage to teach a lesson to those prostitutes in the Pub.
    Is there any joint statement to support those real men of our society.In coming days i am very sure that this kind of real soldiers who wants to guarded our culture will increase in numbers

  • Above comment seem to suggest that the spat between NCWs Nirmala’s venkatesh and Renuka Chowdhary is not at all political. It is unfortunate that on this there are women like Nirmala Venkatesh who have no sense of what they are taking, they are not mere ndividuals but represent larger section of women. How dare she submit a report showing lax in the security with no mention what so ever against culprits. I am proud that our country has citizens like Renuka Chowdhary who can take Nirmala Venkatesh and the like at task for tarnishing womenhood.

  • PS

    Nirmala Venkatesh’s report has been nixed by the chairperson Ms. Girija Vyas. But Ms. Venkatesh is a member of the NCW, a senior member, that too. So how can the two be fighting? Moreover the person who went to see the actual site of incident is Ms. Venkatesh so how can Ms, Vyas write off her report as rubbish? Does she have secondary source of information? If yes, then why didn’t she disclose that she is actually sending another secret team to the site for investigation. And why is WCD Minister saying that the report by Ms. Venkatesh is wrong? On what basis? Ms. Venkatesh said that the report hasn’t been sent to WCD at all.
    What if this is all an elaborate cover-up? Is it possible that there really was some kind of prostitution ring operating inside that club??
    Valid questions to be asked and need answers. Only a thorough and impartial investigation by police can resolve this. Of course if partisan organizations start to paint the issue to in their benefit then we would probably never see the true picture.
    Hooliganism is unacceptable and so is the freedom of movement and pursuit of happiness. From what I read, even men were beaten by the activists. Why not have sympathy for them too?

  • Anonymous

    Kudos to Ms Venkatesh. she has the courage of conviction. sadly she could not be bought by money or influnced as other members…this exposes the ulterior motives of Congress and seudo-secular parties, renuka chaudhary…all the attacks on churches are aimed at Nov elections. 1000 bomb attacks, scores of innocent hindus died over last decade, but only Malegaon hits the news….



    I am an ordinary guy from a middle class family with my wife & a son. All my life, I was taught to respect the woman kind by my parents & also by my Nani, who is no more & I did so & in return I got their unconditional love & support during my thick & thin….!!

    It is this woman I speak which has made me what I am today…they gave me rich values…a decent standing in the society….& a lovable family…all because there was always a woman behind each episode..in the guise of a mother..as a sister…as a friend & as a wife….!!

    I have also learnt that women are more trustworthy & loyal when speaking in general & I have great respect & trust in them ….!!!

    I feel very disturbed when the so called moral brigade goes down forcing their no good “jungle values” on the common man & woman…I say so a Hindu & as a brahmin & also as a citizen of this country….I hope these fanatics would come to their senses soon cuz India is a land where women was always liberated like no other nation in the world perhaps. This is a country where even in the past ,woman had the right to choose their husbands in swamwar…& no power or the so called moral brigade can ever take that freedom away from the woman kind in this country……Amen.

    Long Live Women


  • karan

    people taking about moral Indian values, listen up, why you want that people should behave according to you, you can’t force people to your ideology of life, and people in a democracy are free to chose what they like. who are you to tell them what is right or wrong ??

    you have a ideology, keep it to yourself, why force others to follow it.

    and i have immense knowledge of religion and spirituality, saints always say that never force anyone to your ideology even if it’s right, life is a personal journey he will learn himself what is right or wrong.

    i feel sorry for girls there, its a gender assault, we are
    living in a man dominated society and women seems to
    have no rights or free will, they are forced to live in a particular way by so called men.

  • Suman Mukherjee

    To me, being overly reactionary to acts like these is playing in the hands of the perpetrators.

    To me, it is not a matter of respecting or disrespecting womanhood. What feminists profess is often not arguably the most respectful of outlooks towards women (e.g. Ram/Lakshman vis-a-vis Hirimbha). And on the flip side, even the most infamous violator of woman integrity has often upheld high standards in their behaviour towards women (e.g. Ravana vis-a-vis Sita/Mandodori). So I decline to blindly follow and admire what self-proclaimed feminists profess.

    To me, acts like these are a matter of cheap publicity. An act out of desparation to achieve quick familiarity amongst masses. An attempt to paint themselves as the flag-bearer of righteousness in a world of wolves and foxes. A psychological refuge for those who haven’t had the means or opportunity to achieve or earn the grapes they desired and are upto calling them sour.

    Economic inequity brings a sense of deprivation and jealousy in the fore of human psychology which then seeks to destroy what was sought but couldn’t be achieved or earned. But to do so without a sense of guilt is perhaps not humane. So taking refuge in an ideological excuse is perhaps psychologically the most enlightening way out. This is where “religion” (I mean, rituals without spirituality), “leftist-extremism” (I mean, altruistic politics without objectivity) and “organised criminal worlds” (I mean the unjust world of justice) play home to the refuge seekers, not as unoften for their own evangelical ambitions, as for genuine compassion.

    Hold on. I am not advocating inaction as a solution to issues like these. But reactions like these should be sharp and short, legally binding and without any media glare. For, one click of shutterbag and one para of news item and the objectivity of the perpetrators is achieved.

  • Raakin

    On that day in Mangalore not only women but even men were
    beaten up,but media was more intrstd in showing only women
    being beaten.i personally met a victim(a guy called
    suresh),he was the most severely wounded among the
    victims.That too some scratches on his right hand and a
    small wound in his back.This incident shows how the media is
    controlled by christians and this issue is used to cover up
    the conversion activities taking place in mangalore and
    whole of India.Renuka a christian puppet.Ek hindu ka dushman ek hindu hi hain.
    This just clears the point that media is a controlled by congress party and the missionaries,because such an issue is raised so high only due to the attacks on church in mangalore recently(no one cares about the harrassment and mental truama that christian missionaries give to a person whom they intend to convert)(i have tasted it),christians are cunning people,they are shameless loosers,they have always lost but never admitted to it,they have lost to islam before but used the media to cover it(Islam will defeat the loosers again)
    Cunning christians use this issue to cover the conversion issue.

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