February 12, 2009

Fri and Sat: Protests in Delhi

AISA and AIPWA organised protest on Valentine’s day in Delhi.
Say NO to the ‘Morality Police’!

On February 13, on the eve of

Rajendra Yadav, Arundhati Roy, teachers and students of DU, Jamia Millia, JNU, activists of cultural and women’s groups
‘Love in Our Times’
with poetry, music, readings
Vivekananda Statue, Arts Faculty, Delhi University, 12 noon

On February 14,
Gather to
Celebrate Our Right to Live and Love in Freedom!
Come with Banners, Placards, Songs, Skits
to march at public spaces in and around the North Campus and Kamla Nagar market
Assemble at Vivekananda Statue, Arts Faculty, Delhi University, 11 am

Dear friends,
The Sangh’s moral police brigade has been intensifying its assault on individual liberties and particularly on women’s freedoms. The assault in the Mangalore pub was the latest in the series of attacks by the Sanghi Taliban – many of them on friendships and relationships (especially inter-religious ones) between women and men, on women’s freedom to interact with men in public spaces (not just pubs, but even schools, colleges, buses, streets, restaurants etc…). More sinister is the fact that even leaders of the Congress, Chief Ministers of several states and worst of all, a member of the NCW, also lent their voice to the Sangh-inspired smokescreen of the imagined dangers of ‘pub culture,’ ‘women wearing semi-nude clothing’ and ‘boys and girls walking hand in hand.’
These assaults in the name of ‘morality,’ of course, resonate with many other attacks in our society – the killings of inter-caste couples in the name of ‘honour’, the tragedies of same-sex couples committing suicide, the draconian Article 377 in our law books, the many voices that, when a woman is raped, declare that she herself – thanks to her clothes, her lifestyle, her being at the ‘wrong place, wrong time’ – is guilty…
This Valentine’s Day, as the saffron brigade openly declares its agenda of vandalism and violence, we hope you’ll join us for some defiant celebration – of our right to live and love freely, of freedom of expression and women’s hard-won rights, of all our ongoing struggles for a better, freer world.

All India Students’ Association (AISA)
All India Progressive Women’s Association (AIPWA)

Contact: Pooja, AISA DU, (9968321240),
Kavita, AIPWA, (9868112252)

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