June 01, 2009


WELCOME TO UV’s new home! The updated ‘About UV’ page reflects some of the changes around here. But to nutshell it,

  • UV is no longer associated with any organisation. It’s a free, independent entity and reflects its writers and readers. Right now, there are five regular contributors. We want to keep this group small and tight. But if you’re keen to join, do write in and we can talk. I continue to edit, administer and take care of general hygiene.
  • Guest contributions are more welcome than ever. AND we are now open to feminist art, apart from the regular essay-type blog posts. This can include short fiction, poetry, photographs, drawings / paintings or other forms of art that don’t cause the server to crash. Read the guidelines here.
  • UV is no longer a site only for ‘young’ feminists. It is a site for all Indian feminists. Partly, because we’re all getting older. Heh. But more, because most of us felt that the age-related construct was a bit nonsensical.
  • The site will retain the Indian feminist lens because so many issues are unique to us but we are open to contributions from feminists around the world. If you can write an article, draw a picture or leave a comment that enlightens or educates Indian women, we don’t really care where you live. We care about what you’re saying.

That’s it really. Please update your bookmarks and spread the word. Please tell us what you think of the new look. We’ll start posting tomorrow onwards but I’m going to keep this as a sticky for a week so just scroll down for the new posts.

Thank you and see you around! Hope you will continue to make the site as vibrant and lively as it has been so far. 🙂

15 comments to Welcome!

  • Sunil

    Love the new look. Any plans of having a discussion forum? Feministing’s had a lot of success with theirs!

  • Abi

    The new design is pretty neat — especailly the header art.

    Getting your own site is a great move. Congratulations!

  • Kudos to all the women associated with UV. I like this new look.

  • Anupama Raju

    Glad about the new look, especially the graphics. Equally glad about this space for Indian feminists. Hoping to contribute a poem or two.

  • welcome back:)independent? hmmm..i see that you now belong to one community.

  • Anindita Sengupta

    Sunil: Thank you! Yeah, I know…feministing.com’s community is quite vibrant. Haven’t really thought about that for UV mainly because it would need extra hands to moderate etc and right now, that’s not available. But in the future, who knows?

    Abi and Solilo: Thank you!

    Anupama: Glad you liked it. Do send poems!

    Kuffir: Thank you. And uh, am I missing something? Not sure what you mean…

  • Venky

    Congratulations, Anu and may the site grow from strength to strength….All the best!

  • Thanks for broadening the scope of Ultra Violet Anandita. To be frank, although I used to read UV from time to time, I did feel intimidated before by the young tag.:) The site looks great now! Cheers!

  • Anindita Sengupta

    Venky: Thank you! 🙂

    Rumjhum: Intimidated? Sheesh…well, no more of that. I hope you’re planning to write something!

  • Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women’s Support group

    Love the look of the new site. I’m part of the facebook group above, which is the support group for the original Consortium.

    Keep up the good work and your bloggers are welcome to post links.

  • I like the new look of the site. Looks more organised than the previous version. I hope this blog is updated on a regular basis. The pink logo for UV is a nice touch.

  • anindita,
    to start with, i’m uncomfortable with the idea of ultra violet being a member of a select community, whether invited or chosen. you were selected, others weren’t. much like in many parts of india some babies are chosen.

    two, having been selected, shall ultra violet now reflect ‘select’ views of the community it belongs to? i thought this blog is a stand against patriarchy of any kind.

    three, the community itself- i wonder if you’ve looked around. some of the community members have long, and consistently espoused exclusivist ideals, to put it mildly.

    the ideals one expects to find here at ultra violet are intrinsically universal, broadbased. if i were the joining kind and believed in the idea of ‘communities’, i’d apply to join the ‘ultra violet’ community if there was such a thing..your select community doesn’t inspire such confidence (for the reason mentioned above).

    if it were a mutual back-scratching arrangement with the filter blog (that filtered you into this community)- one’d understand it- you need to increase readership, hence the arrangement. there is no merger (or absorption of one entity into another), as they say in the world of business. and everyone knows that filter blogs indulge in filtering, so their content is always ingested with a pinch of salt. it’s not like you share their views, values totally. but you’ve chosen to merge, so to speak, into this community born out of a continuous process of distillation.

    as a reader, i come here to learn and be inspired. the excellent writers who blog here, many of them younger than me, have changed the way i’ve looked at things for a long time. but now, i find this community thing a little hard to digest. my protest, for whatever it’s worth.

  • Anindita Sengupta

    nemogbr, Andy: Thank you!

    kuffir: Ah, you mean the Desipundit community. It is, as you put it, a filtering arrangement. We feature their logo on our sidebar and in return, we can advert some of our posts, the ones we choose to, on their site. “there is no merger (or absorption of one entity into another)”. UV, in no way, reflects select views of the community or is associated with other members of that community. (I do like some of the other members though from what I’ve read of them — charukesi, abi and baradwaj rangan to be specific). BUT, UV does not reflect any views apart from the ones posted here by our regular and guest contributors.

    I am hearing you and recording your protest. It is a useful forum though to reach a large number of readers and make them aware of some of the issues that we’re concerned with. Precisely because a lot of their readers are not feminist, I find this even more important. What’s the point of constantly preaching to the converted? If the association affected our freedom in any way, it would cease to exist.

  • Sunitha

    I love this new home, it looks great!

  • This looks cool! kudos to all of you…

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