June 18, 2009

Feminist feed: links and a shout-out

India blacklisted for human trafficking.

Devaki Jain weighs in on the Women’s Bill.

Domestic abuse plagues India’s upper crust. What they mean is not only, but also.

Katha Pollitt on why different generations of feminists should stop fighting each other.

WTF news: Working women caused the global recession.

WTF news: The maid is to blame. The Shiney Ahuja case sure is bringing all those ugly class prejudices into the light.

And (drumroll)…

It’s time for Queer Pride again. The Pride Marches in different cities will be on Sunday, June 28, 2009. In Bangalore, the Karnataka Queer Habba has a bunch of events leading up to the march, which start this Sunday, June 21. Check out the Bengaluru Pride website for details. Details on Delhi Pride here and Chennai here.

6 comments to Feminist feed: links and a shout-out

  • Amber Hawk Swanson’s Realdoll™ explores the interplay between repulsion, desire and surrender: http://bit.ly/17Z8vG

  • This Shiney Ahuja case is really bugging me. I went to the ToI link you gave and read this article ‘Shiney finds some supporters’ – and guess who they are?! Shakti Kapoor, Aman Verma. Pillars of society wouldnt you say? And there is this guy, some Dale character, who is Ahuja’s friend who says that a man is ‘innocent until proven guilty’. What?!!! Correct me if I am wrong, but rape laws in India place the burden of proof on the accused. So, its upto to Shiney to prove that he DIDNT commit rape. And given the shoddy state of affairs, he might just do it. Apparently his confession cannot be admitted in court.

  • […] I have high expectations from TOI. I usually expect the worst, barf and move on. But Anu in her feminist site pointed us to this article about the Shiney Ahuja rape case and it really made me gag. Is this an […]

  • I wanted to take this chance to alert everyone that the person who has written this disgusting article on the Shiney Ahuja case in Times of India, someone called Kalpana Sharma, is not me. I am the journalist who has been with The Hindu for many years and am now independent. I still write a column in The Hindu, The Other Half, and now also write in other newspapers (although not Times of India) and websites. Short of making this kind of disclaimer in every forum I get, I don’t know how to ensure that readers don’t confuse me with my namesake. If anyone has ideas, please help! And read my latest column in The Hindu, scheduled to appear on June 28, if you want to read what I think of this issue.

  • Anindita Sengupta

    @Kalpana: I understand your horror. I also came across someone wondering if it was you and said that it couldn’t be. I’ll do a post linking to your column once it’s out. Just so our readers know.

  • ajai p mangattu

    i suggest Kalpana Sharma to do something legally to protect her identity at least in future. i don’t is it possible to establish a right over one’s name in print.

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