August 28, 2009

They must’ve known my grandparents

I drive by narrow lanes called eda in colloquial malayalam, the walls hoarded with large posters of Mohanlal and some teenager heroine (who won the National Award for Best Actress, I’m told, for carrying on precariously well as a mother of an eighteen year old, when she herself had but known eighteen mango- textured […]

August 23, 2009

An Independence Day Autocritique

INDIANS ACROSS THE WORLD celebrated their independence day with dampened fervour over the past week, to salvage nationalist pride out of the economics of infection and pathology of recession. While all this was happening, two incidents caught my attention.

First, was a talk show on CNN-IBN discussing whether independent India is open to homosexuality, […]

August 13, 2009

What is it that offends you?

RECENTLY, OVER AT at Feministe, guest blogger Ren did some frank speak about being a sex worker:

Well, personally, I am fond of the money and the way it allows me to set my own hours. I generally like most of my coworkers. I do dig my work attire way more than business casual […]

August 10, 2009

The Woman and the Mainstream Media

I’VE LOST COUNT of the number of times I’ve opened the morning newspaper to chance upon matrimonial pages that read almost exactly like this: “Wanted: Fair, slim, beautiful, convent educated woman.” I don’t fit this bill at all. And neither do most of my friends. But it does not affect me. I’m blessed because […]

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