April 14, 2012

Adrienne Rich: Where does strength come from?

A critical analysis of things as they are, wearing a gender lens — this is an important feminist preoccupation. It helps let the community of gender-watchers know what to look out for, what to take a view on and perhaps, also, what to oppose/rebel against.

But does it widen that community?

It does that […]

April 07, 2012

Misogyny in narratives of rape in Indian media




A newspaper report on the recent Gurgaon rape case concludes with the correspondent informing the readers that the victim was hired to “engage with male customers”. How is this piece of information relevant to the public at large? What does it really tell us about the crime? What it does, vaguely […]

April 06, 2012

News Flash: UV has a new team

Some weeks back, I had published a post here saying that I needed help with running Ultra Violet. The response has been fantastic and we now have a brand new team in place. Please go here for more details.

Contributed posts are welcome as always and still need to be sent to ultraviolet.editor@gmail.com.

For all […]

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