December 27, 2012

Why I Write

When I was ten years old, I began writing The Great American Novel. A year later, having achieved over 100 handwritten pages in childish elementary-school script, I got stuck in a corner of the plot from which I couldn’t extricate myself and, in disgust, chucked the whole thing in the wastebasket. (This was before recycling.)


December 27, 2012

Not your maa-behen: A nation of victims

The Delhi bus rape survivor and I are about the same age and she studies in my hometown. Like many of you, I am clenching my jaw and my fists as I follow realtime coverage of the Delhi gang rape in a weird masochistic frenzy. There are sharp and insightful analyses of sexual violence, structural […]

December 25, 2012

A Short Note Responding to the Responses to the Ongoing Anti Rape Protests in Delhi

By G. Arunima

The ongoing anti rape protests in Delhi has provoked many responses amongst most of us, and often these are inconsistent. I see no problem with that. The statement issued by the ‘Progressive Women’s Groups and Individuals’ reflects the concerns many of us have about treating this incident as exceptional, or about the […]

December 23, 2012

The Facebook Group

For those on Facebook, we are posting links related to the Delhi gang-rape on the Ultra Violet group page. So please do join and share your thoughts. This is the link:



December 11, 2012

Bringing together young women craving a feminist space

It is difficult to explain feminist politics to a patriarchal world. Beyond Women’s Studies classrooms and feminist circles, a ton of tags are given to us because we are vocal about our oppression. Arguing makes us bitches, not laughing at sexist jokes makes us humourless, being independent makes us rude, and being liberated makes us […]

December 04, 2012

Event Announcement: Presentation


Dalits in America: Rendering Caste Visible in the Diaspora

Date & Time: Thursday, December 6, 2012; 7 pm

Venue: History Corner (Bldg 200), Room 203, Stanford University,

450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA

About the event:

“Caste exists wherever Indians exist and … manifests itself in a myriad of ways,” writes Thenmozhi Soundararajan […]

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